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What were your Childhood Obsessions?

childhood in ireland obsessionsYou see a lot of comments about the fact girls nowadays go straight from kid life into glamorous teenage life with no room left for that horrifically awkward stage where you had no idea what your body was doing and made style and makeup choices that the mere thought of now makes you shudder. Anyway that reminded me of all sorts of weird little things I was obsessed with from about 12 onwards until I became a party going teenager and finally came out the other side unscathed and (if I do say so myself) a pretty well rounded person. So I thought I’d share my weird little kid obsessions with you and hopefully, regardless of where you’re from, you could share your weird childhood obsessions that you thought were everything when you were a kid.

Fancy Paper // Can we take a moment to appreciate fancy paper? If you were a child in Ireland in the 90’s you had to have succumbed to the wonderful, mysterious ways of a fancy slip of paper. It was coloured, it often had a little drawing on it and it was altogether magical. You never wrote on them, you just kept them in pristine condition and then swapped them with your mates in class. I actually wish I still had mine.

Waistcoats // Don’t ask me why, they were never even remotely cool or in fashion but I became mildly obsessed with waistcoats and had as many as a pro snooker player. I don’t think anyone else wore them but I always seemed to have one on with a polo neck underneath.

Velvet Hats // Again, they didn’t come into fashion I just got a slight love of hats and had a favourite velvet black one that I refused to take off, even indoors, even in restaurants. Of course this gave me a magical nest of hair underneath which would be itchy and greasy by the end of the day but it was worth it to feel so supremely in love with my jaunty hats.

Bindhis // I’m assuming this was started by Gwen Stefani around the Don’t Speak time but I adored bindhis and would wear them all the time, which considering how crappily they lasted, meant I got through a lot of them and never once looked as cool as Gwen. I still can’t look as cool as Gwen so nothing has changed there.

Rimmel Sunshimmer // I wish I’d never discovered this because as a teenager I thought the only way to look glamorous was with as much tan as humanly possible. Forget the orange hands, forget that it once took me a week of baths to scrub all the layers I’d built up of it off, it was the fact I never really did my face with any sort of long term tan and so relied on something that washes off like Sunshimmer, which would undoubtedly disappear from my top lip first in hot weather leaving me with essentially a white moustache and orange face in school, which I would try and cover up in the toilets with another layer of the stuff. The actual shame. Maybe that’s why I never wear tan now.

The X-Files // Finally, The X-Files was a huge part of my childhood. I was genuinely obsessed with it for a long time, once even drawing a big X on my arm in Tipp-ex in primary school (I know). I still have a huge stash of magazines, comics, videos and other merchandise in the back of a wardrobe because I don’t know what the hell to do with it but maybe one day I’ll be able to sell them for a fortune. I even went to a convention once in the UK with my dad! Morto, but I was a kid and obsessions like that are always gas fun at the time even if they slightly embarrass you now. As I grew up, my obsession waned but I’m really looking forward to the new series coming out and seeing whether it still holds up after all these years.

Ok girls fill me in on your glorious, horrendous childhood quirks, what did you get up to?

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  • Defo Fancy Paper and X-Files for me too! (although I don’t think I was allowed to watch it so I had to be sneaky!) I was obsessed with anything that was on The Den, Tomagatchis, Spice Girls and Adidas button up tracksuit pants. Omg the 90s were dire!

    Emma x

    • Ah The Den was great! I wanted to be Ginger Spice, cringe at it now!

  • Siobhan Mary Leonard

    Oh God my whole class at school were obsessed with the refills at the Body Shop … White musk… Dewberry! We sprayed that stuff so much… Xxsiobhan

  • SharonCoffee Gal

    Omg ! All.the.fancy.paper!! Also still have my collection of rubbers ! Posters of Wham, smash hits magazine, The Hotline on 2Fm every evening & TV programme, 90210. Oh the memories 🙂

    • Ah brilliant! I still love stationary have you seen the cool rubbers in Penneys and Paperchase in Arnotts??

  • I was pretty obsessed with The Backstreet boys…

  • nikki Smith

    This is why I hate the 90s revival well clothes anyway (I like the 90s brown lips) it reminds me of an age of being awkward and naive as well as reminding me how old I am now! I get the velvet hats I had one too I think was cos I watched blossom. I loved the show My So called life, boy meets world, party of 5 , heartbreak high, dawnsons creek, buffy. My fave film was Romeo & juilet with Leonard’s dicaprio.

    • Oh god yeah Love is all around was played on the radio every hour for what felt like 2 years!!

  • Fancy paper, rubbers, pencils, stickers – had a big box full of stationery! I collected Pogs too and Puppy in my Pocket and Polly Pocket. I loved books then too, Goosebumps, Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High – wanted to go to an American High School so bad!! Remember the book versions of TV shows? Buffy and Dawson’s Creek! I liked Trolls too. There is a reason I now own several hundred nail polishes, swear to god 80s babies were just born hoarders…

    • I loved Polly Pocket I think I’d still play with it! Had loads of pogs too! Loved all those books I went from Goosebumps to Point Horror and then to Stephen King!

  • Jess

    ohmygod waistcoats, i literally just threw mine out. I blame Girls Aloud for that obsession tbh.
    My obsessions were Sneak magazine, those god awful suede coats with fur on the lining (very delboy) and hair mascara. http://www.jesskadenise.com x

  • Danielle Beautyblog

    Oh fancy paper was the best! I had a little notebook I got in the card shop that had teddies and my name on! Way too pretty to actually use!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  • Definitely fancy papers! I had a collection of it and I kept buying more and more constantly! Also I loved watching Dawson’s Creek!


  • OMG, bindhis and The X-Files for sure! And like you, Gwen Stefani was the one who influenced me to wear it but I never pulled it off. I was the dorky girl who tried to loo cool and failed miserably.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Loved this post. For me my obsessions were lipglosses but not normal ones I had to get ones that came in odd packaging etc. I was also obsessed with 5ive i met them in Cardiff one day and my life was made haha as for TV shows it was friends, fr ted, one tree hill and sabrina the teenage witch I even collected her magazine.

    • I still adore Sabrina, follow her on Instagram and she’s still the exact same!

      • nikki Smith

        Do you watch her show Melissa and Joey?

        • Yeah don’t like it as much though, just end up watching Sabrina again!

    • nikki Smith

      My friend lived above two of the 5ive guys in Richmond/kew in London. She said they were as noisy as hell! I was like you tell me this now they’ve moved out? I could have accidently (not) bumped into them !

    • Ah that’s brilliant!

  • Donna Hennessy

    Fancy paper! I loved collecting this and swapping it in school. I also fell victim to the Sunshimmer.

    • Ah sunshimmer took many girls down in their teenage years!!

  • Sinead Ganley

    OMG the fancy paper. I loved the fancy paper and think I actually had the one in the photo. As you said wish I still had mine!!!

  • Ann-Marie Callaghan

    J17 magazine was my bible! Loved movies like clueless and 10 things I hate about you. You could not miss an episode of Friends or Fr. Ted. Watching Top 30 Hits and making mix tapes. Wore a waistcoat for my confirmation with a purple satin shirt!

    • Yes for waistcoats!! Actually I had a few satin shirts too! I still adore Friends and Father Ted….