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Update! Going from Brown to Blonde at PREEN

So I’m back blogging! I took the summer as my first proper break in 5 years and I have to say, I loved every single minute of it. Lar was off from teaching so we took Oscar out every day and had loads of fun and then stayed up late watching movies every night. I have to admit, it’s lovely to be back blogging but sometimes you need to take a step back to recharge and see if you still want to do it. Luckily, here I am and I’m raring to go again!

So I’m restarting the posts not with something makeup related (don’t worry there’s PLENTY of that to come) but with my hair which has been a work in progress, well since forever, but has been in the hands of the team at PREEN since December. I did a post when I visited them initially but after another few visits my hair has progressed a lot and it definitely warranted another post.

In case you’ve forgotten, by the time I got to PREEN late last year my hair was a bit knackered. My former hairdresser always took great care of it and was fantastic but as I’d got married last year I’d had more hair related ventures than before and by the year’s close I had balayage that was growing out and hair that had become sensitive and an orange brown from getting too much colour as I was a divil for dying it at home a lot. Oh and I’d had my extensions removed so my hair wasn’t in the best shape from too much styling to try and tame it. My goal was to go blonde and that’s slowly where PREEN have been taking me. And before you (rightly) ask, yes my appointments are free. It’s one of the few big blogging perks I get and I feel a bit dickish having to say it but it’s a huge thing that I NEVER take for granted. You should also (hopefully) know at this stage something free doesn’t guarantee more than a thank you from me. If I wasn’t happy there I would have run for the hills because I’m careful with my hair and I don’t want it to look like shite.

So since December, Suzi (head colourist) and Katherine (owner and in charge of chopping my locks) have been taking care of me at the Dame Street salon. They’re a no nonsense duo and I like that. They make no big promises. They don’t lie about how quickly or easily my hair will reach its dream destination. Suzi was very honest about what sort of blond I could achieve with my natural hair colour and Katherine advised me not to get extensions again when I was planning them as my hair was still in a jock and in need of months more TLC. I appreciate the honesty and I also appreciate the job they’ve been doing. Going from brown to blonde isn’t easy, especially when I have too much old colour that needs to be grown out. You can see in the progression photos below that every time my hair has been coloured it’s taken a step in the right direction.

Blonde is no piece of cake and I had forgotten that it’s high maintenance hair. I’d been blonde for years but after that I was brown for years and very used to just chucking an at home dye on the roots and seeing what happened. Blonde hair is more tempermental, highlights take more care and achieving that perfect blonde isn’t instant or foolproof. I wanted lowlights one of the times but realised my hair just doesn’t dig anything but bleach at the moment so I won’t be doing that again. I realised that great shampoos make a huge difference at home to how your hair looks longterm. But I feel in the right hands and I’m thrilled with where my hair is heading. I’ll update again before Christmas but it’s safe to say I’m happier with my hair than I have been in a very long time and I’m so glad I discovered a salon that I feel so happy with.

My must haves for newly blond hair? Matrix Colour Obsessed shampoo is the best I’ve tried and makes an enormous difference to the tone of my hair long term. It’s also very reasonable on Feel Unique where I order it (link here if you’re interested) but is better than anything else I’ve tried. After that a kick ass conditioner (Pureology are excellent) will do the trick and I’m a divil for buying the small deep conditioners you normally get with box dyes that they now sell separately in Boots as they’re brilliant and cheap.

If you’re fed up with your hair, you can check out more about the salon and the great team at PREEN here or call them at 01 670 8080

So ladies have you undergone any big colour changes yourself or what do you do colour wise?


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  • I don’t think I’ll ever go blond, mainly because the bleaching would probably destroy my hair. And I am way to lazy to maintain coloured hair.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

  • I have been blond for many years, but recently decided to embrace my ashy tones and stop bleaching. As you said, blond hair is high maintenance and I just don´t want to do it at the moment anymore. But I guess I will feel differently again next summer.