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Neigh! The €2 Penneys Unicorn Tears Dupe and Unicorn Brushes!

You know the deal with dupes nowadays. Years ago, it was pure divine magic when a cheaper product managed to emulate and sometimes even surpass a product that was at least twice the price. Nowadays, brands make a living reproducing products that look like higher end purchases, similar to me buying Tesco Weetabix instead of the real thing when we’re on a tight food budget. I’m not going to dissect the whole trend of making such similar copies, but you get good copies and you get down right stinkers. Therefore I don’t cover a lot of dupes posts but this one kind of fell in my lap. For full disclosure, Penneys sent me a voucher to buy some of their makeup of my choice at my leisure and review what I fancied. Yes, I know this is stupidly jammy but it also makes a lot more sense review wise than sending me products blind as it means I can zoom in on products I’m really interested in. So I have a few reviews coming up and these are the first because hey, they’re pretty gorgeous.

The Too Faced Unicorn Tears lipstick is €22 and currently sold out and I’d been busy admiring it online when I discovered this in Penneys by accident. I’m sure loads of you may already know how good an alternative this is but I didn’t so I was delighted. They look the same in the tube, with a greeny, otherworldly hue. I haven’t tried the Too Faced version but I’ve seen enough pictures to see that it swatches as a holographic purple. So does this dirt cheap version but it’s more grounded, with a more relaxed blue holographic edge on top of a bright purple base. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still out there and you wouldn’t stick it on running down to pick up a pint of milk (or maybe you would) but it’s more wearable than the Too Faced version from what I can see.

Lipsticks like this are fun but for me, they’re fantastic, bold, products that will be oohed and aahed at but used very little. In that sense, a €2 version is therefore the absolute olympic winner here for me and if you’re on a tight budget, you honestly can’t go wrong with it. It feels smooth on, doesn’t dry out the lips, has a comfortable satin finish and even has a slight dark pink tint that’ll stain your lips. It’s a guilt free treat basically so if you’ve been hankering after the Too Faced version, treat yo self!

 I also picked up their unicorn inspired brushes which I think everyone is going to go crazy for because they’re pretty as a picture and are just €9 for 5 brushes and a little metallic bag to stick them in. At this price, they’re a seriously good gift for younger girls just starting their dizzying descent into the world of beauty or as a fun bargain for everyone and anyone else. I’m picky about my brushes and like to stick to what I know so I wasn’t sure how I’d find these. At worst, I was expecting harsh bristly brushes that were more like scratching posts, but I was pleasantly surprised if not aghast at how good they were. No, these aren’t going to replace your latest and greatest brushes from Sigma, Zoeva, Real Techniques or whoever you favour, but they’re not a bad little bunch. The eye brushes weren’t quite shite but weren’t great but they could do the job and are soft enough.  The face brushes weren’t bad though and felt pleasant on my skin and were easy to use and I’ve been using them for blush, highlight and powder. As I said, you’re not buying this set to complete the ultimate brush collection, you’re buying these for a bit of fun and at €9, they’re cheap and as fun as you like and will make a great pressie for any beauty obsessive.

So if you fancy a little holographic or unicorn flavoured treat, you can get everything here for €11. At that rate you might as well add a pair of pyjamas, a multipack of socks and make a day of it!

*Samples featured but zero b******t

So girls are either of these catching your fancy?


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  • thesundaygirluk

    I can’t believe these were a primark find – they really have upped their game x

  • Those brushes! They look fantastic and so much fun! They’d make an ideal gift for a fellow beauty junkie!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Ah the brushes are so pretty! I really love them xx

  • Ah brilliant, I need to try some of their liners and sheet masks next!

  • That’s cool, maybe there will be another mythological animal for new inspiration in a few months, dragons or Bigfoot haha!

  • It’s an unusual one but I think we’ve hit peak Unicorn in the beauty world! Something else will come along in a few months to replace it!

  • Ah that’s great and at least they’re a great price too!

  • Yeah for something fun I think the price is right here!

  • Yeah the Too Faced one looks quite magical but I think this version looks more wearable!

  • I don’t understand the hype on the unicorn brushes at all, maybe I feel like I’m too old for it? LOL! The lipstick however I find this dupe to be prettier than the To Faced one!

    • Haha it’s definitely not for everyone and I wouldn’t be insane over it but I like when it’s cheap and cheerful like this!

  • The brushes and lipstick are beautiful! My jaw literally dropped when I seen the lipstick swatch! X

  • fashion for lunch

    They are sooooo pretty!!!!!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Oh those brushes are incredible to look at and so cute x

  • These are so cute!! X

  • Makeup Musings

    OMG DYING!!!!!!!! I need this in my life!!! They are SOOOO pretty!!!

  • I’ve been buying my unicorn brushes on eBay! They’re so cheap xx