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Summer Blushes

Sometimes I just get the urge to pair a load of pretty products together in a post because, well, look at them! Today is all about summery blushes because the improving weather has me stepping away from nudes and roses and embracing pinks and peaches. There’s so many lovely releases out there and I’m touching on a few of them today if you fancy a wee splurge and a nudge in the right direction!

Clinique Blushes in Peach and Plum Pop // Admittedly, these aren’t new but Clinique recently sent them to me again and I rediscovered them. I fell in love with these when they were originally released a few years back and used them to death, only (as is a problem for many beauty addicts I imagine) to fall in love with other new releases down the line and slowly forget about them. They shouldn’t be forgotten about though as they’re one of the nicest Clinique products in their arsenal. Perfect for summer, they’re creamy but dry down to a soft powder finish, the colours are bang on and can be applied subtly or layered for more punch and, although it’s not a necessity, the fact the embossing and formulation of these blushes are firm and so well made means that the beautiful design will last even after repeated uses which is a nice little bonus. Buy here for €20.95

Benefit Galifornia // Benefit are at their best when they’re knocking out a good brow or blush product so I was really excited to try Galifornia. Ignoring the smatter of golden glitter on top which will disappear after one use, the blush underneath is lovely. It’s not quite what I imagined in my head and is far more of a warmly pink toned coral than an peachy toned one, but this means I have nothing quite like it in my stash. Pale ladies like myself may want to go lightly when applying this but the great colour payoff and finish means it’ll work well for a huge range of skin tones and last forever (which is good when it’s so pricey). The heavy scent may not be for everyone but you must know by this stage I love an ol’ gimmick so I like it. The finish is very smooth and satin soft on and it’ll last really well, even in the heat, so it’s a perfect summer option. From Benefit stands or online here for €34

Isadora Perfect Blush in Poppy Peach // I reviewed these a while back here and they’re a great little buy that may possibly fly under your radar unless big mouths like myself mention them a lot. These are fool-proof and have a whiff of a good NARS blush about them. They’re so beautiful and flattering and the pitch perfect colours make one of these a brilliant buy that will last through the hot summer days without melting or sinking into pores. It’s currently on sale for €10 here

Anna Sui Face Colour 001 // Anna Sui are responsible for some of the prettiest beauty products out there but as we don’t have a stand to fawn over, they’re slightly easier to forget about. Thankfully, ASOS stock them (approx €21) and I had to try one of their new Face Colour blushes. This is the lightest shade (Cotton Candy) and it’s more of a correcting powder/highlighter rather than a blush. It’s a little unusual and I’ve struggled to fit it into my routine properly. If you like matte radiance and you’re very pale, this is the kind of thing you’ll love but I need a little more glow in my life. I’d like to try one of the deeper shades now that’s firmly in blush territory but alas, I’ll just have to wait. These can also be used as eye colours if you used a brighter incarnation than this so they’re multi use if you latch on to the right shades. It’s also worth noting that these don’t come with a case so unless you already have one, there’s no way of closing this so you need to keep the packaging to protect it. Of course this means I’ve dented it several times so I find the faffing around and not giving cases a pain in the arse and a shame considering how pretty and intricate the product itself is. Buy Anna Sui online here

So girls, any blushes here catching your eye?

*Samples featured but no b******t


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  • What a gorgeous selection, I’m using the benefit Blush at the minute and it’s so gorgeous x

  • thesundaygirluk

    I love poppy peach – it is so subtle!

  • Dorota Gornicka

    You are right, sometimes I just take my collection oht and admire all the pretty packaging and embroidery! I love GALifornia, my favouite shade as of late!

  • All are catching my eye! Need to go through my drawer to remind me that I already have a bazillion of these shades and DO NOT need to buy any more…

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • fashion for lunch

    I loved galifornia soooooo much!! The smell of it!!!! So good

  • I love the look of galifornia. Looks like it gives a nice glow as well as a bit of colour. So pretty! X

  • I love GALifornia and how pretty is the Anna Sui x

  • Katie

    Benefit blushes are some of my favorites, I can’t wait to get my hands on Galifornia!

    Beauty From Katie

  • These are all such beautiful blushes! Corals are my favourite kind of blushes all year round

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • I need to try Galifornia! I was worried it would be a glittery mess because it looks so similar with a Physician Formula blush that I owned but good to know the glitter goes away after one use.

  • I love Galifornia! Peach Pop looks right up my street! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway