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Stila Matte N Metal Palette

Everyone has been going coo coo bananas over the latest Stila release, or more specifically, the liquid metal eyeshadows from the latest collection.  I haven’t tried them myself but they do look bloody gorgeous, giving a huge injection of metallic, sparkly colour in a range of pitch perfect shades. So as there’s enough expert voices giving you their two cents on which shade to opt for I am instead shining a wee spotlight on another beauty from the same collection which has been standing awkwardly in the shadows whispering ‘I’m gorgeous too, love me’! And here it is – the Matte n Metals Palette.

There’s a good mix of 6 matte and 6 shimmer eyeshadows here with pinks, creams and some nice rich metallic shades, all housed in a pretty checkboard style palette. The pigmentation is grand across the board (weakest on the black shade) but the overall finish here is sheer and subtle and that will either float your boat or sink it entirely Titanic style.  The formulation is smooth but powdery and I found every time I used this palette I had to cleanup my face a bit afterwards which was a pain in the arse. On the upside, they blended well and lasted the day with zero creasing. I love a subtle eye, so a palette like this works well for me but I think it would struggle to have the right amount of vibrancy for darker skin tones or for anyone who just loves a really rich metallic finish. Even though I’ve been reaching for it a good bit,  Urban Decay and MAC have spoiled me in the eyeshadow department lately and this can’t match them for quality.  Frankly, if you adore a shimmering metallic shade that can be seen a mile away, you will be bitterly disappointed here. This is a sheer palette that’ll work for pale skin and those who love a subtle look and even though I tick both those boxes, I’m still finding it slightly lacking considering it’s €50.

If you fancy taking the plunge, the Matte n Metals Palette is available from ASOS here for approx. €50

*Samples but no b******t

So girls have you tried anything from the latest Stila collection?


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  • thesundaygirluk

    The shades are so beautiful aren’t they! I love stila

  • Pallets are a complete waste on me- partly because of time and the fact that I don’t navigate them very well. I do love buying them and playing with the easy ‘light’ colours xx siobhan

  • This looks good but will stick to their other Stila offerings x

  • Love the shades within the palette, they look beautiful! It’s a shame that they’re not as pigmented or long lasting as the Urban Decay shadows. So disappointing x

  • fashion for lunch

    This palette looks super wearable! I want it as it would be a great base for when I’m wearing liquid liner!

  • I want it for all the reasons that disappoint you, I think it is such a nice palette x

  • My thoughts exactly!

  • Very disappointing for the price! I adore the Eyes Are The Window Soul palette from Stila & Into The Light so I do rate their eyeshadows but they are a very under-rated brand xx


    • It’s grand just not great and it’s too pricey to not be higher quality!

  • Such a pity, for that price you’d expect better pigmentation. I’m dying to try the glitters too, it’s just deciding what shade to get!

    • I know I’d love to try one and see what the hype is all about!

  • I was so tempted to purchase this as soon as it was launched but for some reason I decided to wait and check for reviews first and true enough, they were so mixed. Thank you for the honest review, Yav!

  • I am just obsessed with Stila palettes! I got the window to the Soul palette and love it

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • It looks very pretty but I agree that Stila’s eyeshadows are not the best on the market. And there’ s nothing really exciting with this palette, we’ve seen already SO many neutral palettes! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • I love my neutrals but agree they have to be something special in a very saturated market!!

  • Hm no. I don’t think that one will be for me. But your introduction of the silent whisper gave me so much protective feel, I almost am tempted to buy it just because I don’t want it to feel left out.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • For €50 I would find that disappointing and would want it to pack a bit of punch! I really liked the “Eyes are the Window” Palette – Spirit but have noticed that the shadows have gotten stiffer in the pan over time so I don’t use it as much now. X

    • Yeah I like Stila as a brand but I felt a bit underwhelmed with this!