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Spring/Summer Budget Beauty Buys

My god, there’s so much new budget beauty hurtling towards us. Honestly, we’re spoilt for choice. If you feel an itch only a rummage on a makeup stand can scratch but didn’t have the funds for my luxury Spring/Summer buys post earlier this week, hopefully this will help make up your mind about a lot of budget friendly products currently out. Some is good, some is mediocre but there are a few gems worth investing in.
Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara// I have a slight love/hate relationship with this mascara. The wand is plastic with exceptionally tiny bristles on a curved applicator and I find my lashes were either perfectly big and bold or completely overloaded with product when I used this. The brush is good for getting right to the root of lashes but the formula is just too clumpy for my preferred look. Once on, it makes my lashes stand out, it doesn’t smudge or flake but is easy to take off at the end of the day. I’m just not digging it. €8.65 here

LOV Cream and Powder Eyeshadows // I was sent both a gorgeous looking powder eyeshadow and a brand new cream version. The eyeshadows are nice, especially the powder eyeshow in Merlot Divine (€6.95) which is beautifully smooth and pigmented and has loads of shimmer which makes it as fancy as bedamned. It’s a gorgeous little buy and I want to pick up some more of these after trying this. The cream eyeshadows (this shade is Metal Rose – €8.99) are absolutely grand, I’m just not a huge lover of cream eyeshadows in general. Still I gave this a good go and it was easy to apply with my fingers, sheer but with a nice sheen and it didn’t crease but it did fade and would definitely benefit from a primer in this heat. If you haven’t tried anything from the brand yet, the powder eyeshadows are a great place to start. Available from Lloyds, Shaws Department Store, Cara and McCauleys nationwide 

Max Factor Colour Elixir Universal Liner and Velvet Matte Lipsticks // The liner is such strange, it’s clear and I’ve spent far too long staring at my lips up close to see if it actually did anything. After much consideration, I’ve decided it’s a waste of money so don’t bother. Thankfully, the lipsticks are lovely, in a wide range of colours in a lightweight finish. You’ll find at least one shade you like and they’re a really pretty buy for a tenner, especially the reds. Buy for €6.99 here for the liner and €9.59 for the lipsticks here

L’Oreal Matte Addiction Lipsticks and Infallible Total Cover Concealing Palette// Now these are nice. From the subtle leopard print black packaging to the great shades and formulation, these are going to be a hit. Similar to Max Factor, they’re punching well above their weight with great shades and a lovely, smooth matte finish that feels light and comfortable. I have one on in the last picture but I’ll have a more expansive review next week when I’m just focusing on new release lipsticks! The concealing palette is ok too although I normally wouldn’t buy something like this. The green and purple were decent and toned down redness and dark circles but I found it harder to match the other concealers to my skin tone. If you love these type of palettes there’s a nice mix that are creamy without being oily and they are easy to apply, just personally I don’t find them as good as a regular concealer. Matte Addiction lipsticks are here for €10.49 and the palette is €16.99 here

KISS Pro Makeup Sponge // I’ve been trying out a few of the KISS makeup sponges in between my beloved Beauty Blender. Honestly, if you haven’t tried a makeup sponge before, or if you’ve tried this one or similar, this isn’t the same as the Beauty Blender. This is far more dense but doesn’t seem to apply my makeup half as well. I know the Beauty Blender is expensive but honestly, it changed the way my makeup looked and if you struggle using brushes it gives the most flattering finish you could ever hope for. Sorry Kiss. €3.95 here

Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Protect Mist SPF30 // Now this is an interesting little product. I am very partial to a hydrating mist and throw an SPF into the mix and you have my full attention. This is so lightweight it feels invisible but it does impart that refreshing touch of hydration that’s a very nice refresher for your makeup. I don’t use sprays like this often but when using it once or twice a day, I had no issues with my makeup’s longevity. The only important thing with this that you need to know before you hand over a tenner is that the SPF is not broad spectrum so it won’t provide both UVA and UVB protection like a kick ass suncream. Also, as it’s such a soft, fine mist, either way you wouldn’t get enough protection if you were relying on it alone. It works best as a companion product and a very nice one at that. Available here for €12.99 (currently on sale for €8.66)

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Creams// I love that Clarins are sneaking into the budget buys with their new limited edition citrus scented hand creams (Grapefruit, Mandarin and Lemon Leaf) which come in at just €12 each and are very moisturising, lightly scented and leave my hands feeling soft and hydrated. My vote for for Mandarin but they’re all lovely and the cute packaging is a bonus. Clarins are seriously on the ball at the moment! Available from Clarins stands for €12 each

LOV 3 in 1 Prime & Fix Spray// Unfortunately, it’s a no from me. I wear All Nighter from Urban Decay every single day and you forget what a good job it does when you get used to it. Once I stopped and switched to this though, the difference was obvious. I rely on a very good primer and powder but also a lightweight BB Cream and in the serious heat we’ve been having lately my face started melting off by about 5pm whereas normally I just need a little powder touch up around the nose and can last until bedtime. It feels weightless (it’s infused with coconut water) with no terrible alcohol laden tightness I felt using the NYX versions. At€12.95 though you’d be better off spending 95c less on the travel size All Nighter spray as seriously, it’s a must have for the summer months.

So girls, that’s it for now but in the time I’ve reviewed all this more has come in the door so there’s plenty more where this came from in the coming weeks!

So have you tried any great budget releases lately?

*Samples but no b******t


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  • I think the budget brands are killing it at the minute, such fabulous releases. I’m using the infallible palette to cover my dark circles and I’m loving it x

  • fashion for lunch

    Interested to here your thoughts on the infallible palette, I also found the concealer too dark!!!!

  • They’re really nice!

  • Me too, need all the help I can get!

  • I don’t know why I didnt!!

  • thesundaygirluk

    I really want to try the max factor lippies now!

  • Such lovely products, it’s a shame about the mascara, I have a transparent liner and love mine, I use it with lipsticks I know will bleed and it stops it completely if I apply to my lip line xxx

  • So many lovely products! Love the look of the concealing palette 🙂

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

  • Dorota Gornicka

    I don’t know many of the products you mentioned but a couple. I tend to go on a drugstore spree every few months to see what’s out there but there haven’t been many that grabbed my attention lately

  • Oh those eye shadow shades are just so pretty x

  • fashion for lunch

    I’ve been using the colour corrector palette too, I like it but you have to blend HARD!

  • So many have recommended me that Maybelline mascara and I’m waiting for it to go on sale before trying it! I hope it works for my pathetic lashes.

    • I didn’t like it but maybe you’ll get on better with it!

  • It’s a shame you didn’t get on well with the falsies mascara, I find it best applied on the bottom lashes. I really want to try the garnier moisture bomb mist too x

    • I’ll keep trying it, it didn’t even work well on my lower lashes for some reason!

  • The only thing grabbing my attention is the Clarins hand cream & possibly a Max Factor lipstick! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway