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Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks 2016

soap and glory sexy mother pucker lipsticksI do love me some Soap & Glory but I think we all tend to fawn over the skincare slightly more than the makeup. In fairness to S&G, their makeup line has some great gems but as nothing has a Sugar Crush scent yet, the skincare tends to win every time for me. Still, I was lucky enough to meet up with the lovely Katie from S&G for a chat over chips recently (Oscar ate all mine) and she filled me in on all the latest happenings with the brand, which includes these, a relaunch of the Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks, which now total 24 shades in three groups (reds, pink and nudes) and three finishes (satin, matte and high shine).

soap and glory sexy mother pucker lipsticks reviewThe S&G lip products can be a little hit and miss in general and while I like the shades, those zingy formulations drive me up the wall. Thankfully, with the lipsticks here, they’ve got things right on the money and I can foresee girls being drawn against their will to these gorgeous colour coded lippies every time they innocently head into Boots for deodorant and tampons. The packaging is spot on and instantly makes you want to hold each shade and see what delights await you inside. I tried three shades all in the name of beauty blogging (it’s a tough life), one from each colour group and in each formulation.

soap and glory sexy motherpucker lipsticks reviewThe high shine shade ‘Pink Cushion’ is lovely, light and peachy pink and extremely easy to wear. The coverage is light, a tad less pigmented than the MAC Cremesheen lipsticks but this is a great day time option and the finish I’d most like for everyday wear. Yes, it means you sacrifice the intense colour and longevity of a satin or matte shade but you can’t argue with a pretty sheen on the lips for summer.

The satin red, ‘Tom and Cherry’ gets full marks for the great name and is also a great little pinky red. It feels smooth and gives nice coverage and if you love your reds, I think you’ll be right at home with this and the others in the red range. Finally, I think the matte finishes are going to be the biggest sellers here and this absolutely gorgeous shade, ‘Cinnamon Beige’ is simply a wonder to wear. It’s exactly what you want from a matte, powder soft on the lips but without looking dry or unforgiving. Also nudes tend to be tricky at the best of times but this shade is spot on. Wear time on all three wasn’t life changing but was decent with (unsurprisingly) the high shine finish disappearing at the fastest rate but still remaining my favourite overall.

All in all, I can see these flying off the shelves simply because they’re beautifully packaged in a great range of colours and finishes at a decent price. It’s hard to wander into Boots and not come out with a load of makeup you didn’t need at the best of times but with these, I think it’ll make it even harder.

soap and glory sexy mother pucker 2016 shades

These are €12.50 each from Soap & Glory although they’re currently €10.50 on sale online here

So ladies are you liking the look of these?

*This review contains samples but it also contains no b******t

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  • Adele Miner

    I got one of these the other day.. I loove it! x

  • It’s a beaut Katie!

  • I know it’s a stunner:)

  • Oh these do look gorgeous!!! I’m all for the red shade and those colours look gorgeous on you. I’m definitely going to order some of these x

  • Love the packaging, and they’re all very flattering on you! I’m a big fan of S&G make up, I adore the Archery brow crayon! I do agree though, nothing beats that Sugar Crush scent!

    Emma x

  • Hopefully these will be available in Canada!

  • S&G makeup can be hit or miss like you said, there’re only a few products I love from their makeup range. These colours are pretty, I will probably check them out!

    Ela BellaWorld

  • In total honesty I didn’t even know Soap &Glory had makeup range!! We don’t see this brand much around Switzerland and only the skincare range reaches us. The lippies look nice though!!

    • Ah interesting, hope the makeup reaches you eventually!

  • Ooo all of these look really nice! Do you know if this is an international release?