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My Reality is just Different from Yours

alice in wonderland palette urban decay review

Last week’s post showcased the decidedly mad beauty of the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Lipsticks which all of you were wowed by although quite a few of you felt you’d never get the wear out of them.Well today I’m moving on to the equally crazy but seriously stunning Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette and I have a funny feeling a lot of you may want this in your stash something awful.

alice through the looking glass palette

alice through the looking glass palette review

We’re talking 20 brand spanking new limited edition shades wrapped up in a flamboyant colourful palette here. I have to tackle the packaging first because it’s simply above and beyond. Housed in kladediscope carboard packaging, this feels weighty and well made and, most importantly, it looks a million dollars. Adorned with colour and Alice in Wonderland quotes, this has a pull out drawer containing all 20 eyeshadows and a dual ended brush while the top part opens up to reveal a mirror. As an added extra and because we’re all clearly worth a little drama, two little doors covered in another quote (I’m not strange, weird, off or crazy, my reality is just different from yours) open to reveal a bloomin’ 3d butterfly. Instantly my other palettes look painfully ordinary but I’ll try not to judge them. So it’s safe to say this is a total winner on the packaging and is as fun and unique as you could ask for.

alice through the looking glass palette makeupmonster

Beyond its strangely beautiful looks, there’s a seriously great summer palette to play with that I think will work equally well for Autumn/Winter. This has a really great mix of shades that offers the fun colour you expect but also manages to be quite grounded as a palette which means I’ve actually been able to wear a lot of these shades out and about, no mean feat for a bona fide neutral addict. It has smatterings of green, pink, blue and orange but also a base of plenty of browns and russets with some softer lighter shades. It’s a smoky warm palette, but surprisingly wearable. Cleverly, each column of colours corresponds to a character but you can also mix and match to do your own thing. As I mentioned, all the shades here are new which is always an added bonus.

Looking Glass Pale pink demi-matte

Hatter Vibrant green with tonal micro-sparkle

Lily Opal pink pearl

Heads Will Roll Vibrant turquoise with gold micro-sparkle

Time Black-navy satin with soft iridescent micro-sparkle

Reflection Soft peach matte

Gone Mad Aubergine with pink iridescent pearl

Duchess Peach with pink shift and micro-sparkle

Bandersnatch Deep teal matte

Dream On Metallic purple-silver

Dormouse Warm brown matte with floating gold micro-sparkle

Paradox Vibrant orange with gold pearl

Kingdom Copper-bronze pearl

Salazen Grum Metallic crimson

Chronosphere Metallic deep bronze

Metamorphosis Vibrant periwinkle blue with micro-sparkle

Cake Saturated blue-pink with silver micro-shimmer

Chessboard Medium brown matte

Royal Flush Pale beige shimmer

Mirror Grey-taupe satin

alice through the looking glass palette swatches

The Alice and Mirana columns are the tamest here, Iracebeth and Time’s are the smokiest and richest and unsurprisingly, the Mad Hatter’s column is the most vibrant. The shades in the sunshine are pretty extraordinary looking and I actually couldn’t contain myself and swatched all 20 like a mad thing. Not every shade here is as perfect as the next but the vast majority are pretty magnificent, pigmented, super smooth and vibrant. Some are patchy for no particular reason which is a disappointment, especially in the final ‘Time’ column, but the winners more than make up for those lagging behind. I’ve been dipping in and out of this palette and playing with different shades and overall, I have to say I think this palette is beautiful although it won’t work for everyone. Considering I’ve spent over €50 on a Dior 4 eyeshadow quad that was so subtle and hard annoyed the heck out of me, this is a different beast entirely, offering a huge amount of interesting and varied shades with great quality despite a few disappointments, all wrapped up in a sublime little package.

Nope it’s not quite perfect (what palette is?) but it really is wonderful and if you like to mix up your look a lot you could easily survive off this and not pine for anything else. However, if like me you tend to stick to more neutral based palettes, admire this from afar but think carefully before you decide to splurge. It’s a bold palette and although you can mix softer looks, there’s no point spending a huge chunk of change on this unless you’re going to get the use out of everything. For me personally, I wouldn’t buy it only because I wouldn’t get enough use out of the shades, but I’d buy this in a heart beat for a colour loving mate, safe in the knowledge they’d adore this.

The Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette is €50 and available from counters and online (although I can’t find it in stock anywhere!)

So ladies does this palette tickle your fancy or not?

*This review contains samples but it also contains no b******t

alice through the looking glass eyeshadow palette review makeupmonster

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  • There’s definitely a lot of wearable colours here, the packaging is gorgeous too. I have enough eye shadow palettes to last me a lifetime, but this is definitely one I would have gotten when I was younger and a bit more experimental with make up.

    Emma x

  • *swoon* It’s just the perfect collector’s item!

  • I’m not a massive eye shadow palette girl but I can appreciate that the packaging is stunning and while the colours do look a little out there, you’re working them well xx Siobhan

  • Haha don’t worry, something else will catch your eye and all reason will go out the window!

  • Love the packaging. Colors are cute.

  • No denying the packaging is unique and beautiful- and your swatches are tempting me further! You know I’m a sucker for bright colour, so I may just have to snag this one 🙂

  • The strange thing is I have not been attracted to this palette at all until I read your post and now I’m really noticing that it’s a good mix of wearable shades too. The packaging is fabulous, definitely one of the best that I’ve seen.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I know, it’s so lovely when a brand really make something feel and look so special!

  • That’s a beauty! But I’m still using and loving the UD Gwennie palette so I think I’ll give this one a miss x

    • Absolutely, Gwen’s one has enough pops of colour to keep you happy!

  • There are some pretty colours in this palette, but as I tend to use more neutral colours, this one isn’t for me!

  • thepharmersjournal

    amazing packaging! x