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Penneys Ps… Beauty Eye Candy Collection

Penneys know they have most of us over a barrel. You have to have some steely cajones to be able to wander into a Penneys and not emerge with at least socks, new pjs and their makeup remover pads (which are deadly). While I’m a divil for Penneys, their PS… Beauty Line is one I’m only starting to get to know better. I’ll admit it, I dismissed it as being a cheap line of beauty products that was grand for younger girls just starting out but not good enough for a seasoned makeup addict like myself. But fair play to Penneys, they’re releasing new products at a steady pace and gaining momentum with each new collection. Yup, some of it is just cheap, yes you’ll struggle to find an unused product because some lads and ladies seem to think every product is a tester in Penneys but I have to say, there’s some fun things worth trying. I was at the Penneys A/W clothes event recently and you’re given a gift card at the end so I wandered into the Mary Street Penneys for a gander that weekend and emerged with a crap load of stuff including some of their brand new Eye Candy beauty release. 

There’s two palettes in the range, an array of lipsticks and some loose pigments. I tried one of each and I have to say, I think I chose pretty well. While the other palette in the collection has a mix of cheek, eye and lip products, the eye palette is a straight forward option for €6 and looked the better of the two.

There’s 9 shades in a mix of Matte and shimmers and while I didn’t exactly expect anything jaw dropping, I didn’t want rubbish either. It was better than I had feared, a little basic, a little powdery here and there but overall decent and usable. The shades are purple based which will either have you running for the aisle or running for the hills but thankfully they’re well chosen and have enough interesting hues to even it out. It was grand to apply, it lasted well and although it’s not going to replace any of my high end palettes, for €6 it’s a fun little buy.

The loose pigments are the show stoppers though. Ok I only tried one but now I’m kicking myself for not trying a few more. Chocolate Fountain is a fab little shade, a wonderful taupe brown with a gorgeous dash of micro glitter that gives it a multifaceted effect. This looks really pretty on and I layered a Matte brown underneath to help make it pop. It looked seriously nice and although it faded as the day went on, it’s an amazing little bargain for €2.50 and one that’s absolutely worth picking up.

Finally, they also have some very Matte lipsticks in the collection. These are not soft and easy going lipsticks, they glue themselves to your lips and refuse to budge. I tried this striking plum shade and it had seriously impressive wear time without feeling excessively dry. The downside is you’ll need to commit to a really Matte finish which will leave your lips feeling a wee bit parched. If you don’t mind that though, these really will last and are a paltry €2.50 each.

So girls, is anything catching your eye and do you rate Penneys makeup?

*Products were purchased with a gitftcard from Penneys


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  • Sorcha Dennison

    Great article Pennys are great for the bargain beauty buy. I was delighted to see they now have sheet masks which i love using.

  • thesundaygirluk

    Honestly my local store is crap, nothing but lip liners if you are lucky! The lippies look great!

  • They’re pretty!

  • It kinda is!

  • Haha we can’t eat them cause we’re veggie and most have gelatine in them!

  • It’s very cute!

  • It’s brand new so hopefully you get it in!

  • I got the eye shadow palette myself the other day and so far I like it! I like that there’s a mix of matte and shimmer shadows and the fact the colour scheme is purple based appeals to me too. Couldn’t find a lipstick that wasn’t used though

    • Ah very enjoying about the lippies but glad you’re enjoying the palette!

  • Dorota Gornicka

    That matte lippy tho! I am very tempted by this collection!

  • Lauren Prenter

    Wow the pigment in the shadows is amazing xx

  • fashion for lunch

    This looks so stunning!!! I hope I get find it in England!!!!!

  • These look absolutely stunning, I keep going on when they have sold out lol x

  • The lipstick looks amazing on you and the pigment is stunning. I don’t know why people like to open saleable products to swatch and it’s a serious issue where I work too. What’s worst is the fact we already have testers but they still open a saleable product from the plastic packaging to swatch.

    • It’s such a pain! Obviously most people are good but sometimes you can’t find one untouched or worse you buy one and only realise when you got home that it has been opened!

  • No Penneys here in Germany, but I like the look of that pigment. And of the marshmallows of course.

  • It feels strange knowing Penneys is actually primark where I live, the palette is so pigmented! So intrigued by it now x

  • These seem like great affordable products xxx