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Catrice x Marina Hoermanseder Spring 2017

I have to hand it to the Catrice creative team, they bang out a lot of great little collections every year for dirt cheap. I don’t love all their products (in fairness it’s the same with any brand), but I feel like they’re the most consistently good, (properly) budget brand out there. Their latest offering to our tired, empty wallets is the limited edition collaboration with designer Marina Hoermanseder, the second time she’s come on board for a collection. This time, it’s inspired by her own Spring/Summer collection with an emphasis on belts and pale pink which has filtered through to this release in all sorts of impossibly pretty ways.  Lads, it’s ALL sorts of gorgeous to look at so I was dying to get stuck in. Oh and today’s pictures are taken using my brand new lightbox which Lar treated me to which is amazing and actually allowed me to take these pictures late at night, woo hoo! I’m going to review it soon as I’ve been asked about it so keep an eye out if you’re interested. Continue Reading

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Highlighted Hair Saviours

I don’t review a huge amount of hair care on the blog but in the past year or so I’ve been more focused on my hair than ever before with trying to make it look deadly for my wedding last June, trying hair extensions for the first time and simultaneously loving and hating them, and then this year finally biting the bullet and trying to go blonder from my dark overprocessed, orange toned hair. Continue Reading