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Clarins Love Skin Illusion Blushes

I’m a divil for a good blush but I’m also bloody fussy. I want my blushes subtle, sexy and for the most part, shimmer free. So far, my all time favourite choices are Benefit’s Hervana and NARS Sex Appeal but I’m always game for something new to join my stash. And so that’s where the new Clarins Love Blushes have skipped merrily into my life. I was sent these a few weeks ago and I mentioned them in my recent Valentine’s post (because it would have been some sort of blasphemy to not include these heart adorned beauties) but they deserved their own little post so here it is. Continue Reading


Nail Trends for Spring and Summer 2017

*This is a collaborative post but all thoughts/efforts are my own

It’s around this time of year I start craving pastels and brights on my nails. I’ll admit I’m woefully bad at nail art so a pretty colour is normally the extent of my skills but it doesn’t stop me admiring all the crazy and creative trends coming our way and giving me ideas for the next time I’m getting my nails sorted in a salon. So as I’m working with Ellisons on today’s post who are releasing an eBook with Essie Nails called ‘A Touch of Luxury’, I’ve been rounding up some of the brightest, prettiest and possibly difficult nail trends I can find for 2017. Continue Reading

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Benefit They’re Real Double the Lip VS Catrice Ombré Lipstick

I can’t actually remember the last time I did a dupes post which means I had forgotten how satisfying they are. Dupes are gold dust in blogging and it’s actually relatively hard to find a genuine 24 carat one, so I tend to rely on the dedicated bloggers out there who are essentially dupe hunters.  Nowadays, budget brands saturate and often specialise in recreating cheap versions of luxury buys but, as you know yourself, a few are great, some are decent and some are down right shite. The very odd time, you’ll hit the magical unicorn dupe, the rare time when a dupe isn’t’ just as good, it’s better. So lo and behold, that’s what I have for you today. Continue Reading