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NYX Dublin City Kit

What is it // NYX Dublin City Kit (one of many custom city inspired palettes from NYX)

The price // €20 with worldwide shipping from ASOS or instore on NYX counters

The details // I always think I’m too good for a makeup gimmick but that’s a huge lie. I love a gimmick. In fact I’m approximately 80% more likely to buy something when I shouldn’t just because it calls to that kitsch, gimmicky side of my makeup loving self. NYX clearly know this and so have created a bunch of city inspired kits following on from the success of 7 they launched last Christmas.

Dublin is neat little palette, nothing particularly fancy or hard wearing, but with a big ‘Dublin’ across the front, it looks cute and fun. Inside the mirrored palette is a brand spanking new ‘Dublin’ inspired Soft Matte Lip Cream, three eyeshadows, one pigment, one highlight shade and one blush. Straight away I had two thoughts, one the shades were lovely but two the gicky green was a little too sickly and gimmicky even for me. Now greens can looks amazing on the right person so you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’ll work for you. Overall though, the shades here are all soft and muted and easy to wear. The eyeshadows make a pretty day time look but I found the green was the wrong shade and tone to get any decent wear out of. If it had been a forrest green I would have been thrilled but this looked like something out of a kid’s palette. The blush and highlighter were grand (good highlighters have ruined ones like this for me though) but the soft matte lip cream was the clear winner here with a lovely shade that was glam and flattering and would suit a variety of skin tones. It isn’t hugely unique compared to their other shades though.

The verdict // It’s one of those palettes that has its place if that makes sense. It’s not going to blow your mind but it’s cute and fun and would make an excellent Christmas or birthday pressie for a makeup loving person in your life without making a huge dent on your bank balance but if you’re just looking for a new palette to add to your already sizeable collection, you could give it a miss.

Where can I get it? // I was kindly sent it to review by ASOS who will deliver worldwide and you can also get it online or instore from NYX stands.


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