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16 Shades for Spring and Summer

Ah lads, there are so many amazing lipsticks on the market for Spring I’m not actually sure where to begin. My lips are knackered with the amount of colours and finishes I’ve been slapping on them over the last month but finally I’ve finished all the trialling (it’s a tough life) and I’ve a load of amazing Spring/Summer lipsticks for you to take a peek at. I’ve thrown in a few new glosses too as my heart belongs to them and some lipsticks that aren’t technically brand new but are new to me which I hope is good with you. I also have a nice balance of beautiful lipsticks here that are either super cheap or a bit posh so whatever the bank balance is, hopefully something here will suit. To ease you in gently, I’m starting with the cheapies and ramping up from there.

You’ll notice a trend amongst all of these beauties and that’s the fact a lot of them are matte. I figured (wrongly) the matte trend would be strongest in Autumn/Winter and then give way to a load of light glossy lipsticks and balms but sure what do I know? They’re bloody everywhere, in every shade imaginable and they’re going to be huge for summer. If you’re terrified of your lips looking lined and dehydrated, don’t fear, there are loads of gentle options here that’ll work for even the most subtle lip lover (hello, we are now friends).

Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick // Cheap as chips at €5.99, this one hung on admirably on my lips. It’s lovely to apply, it feels creamy and lightweight and looked fully opaque very easily, but it dried down to a properly matte finish that was hard to budge for around 4-5 hours. If you had your eye on the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks (which I’ve reviewed further down) I’d try these instead as they’re much better value for a very similar product. Buy online here

Flormar Skin Tone Extreme Matte Lipsticks // These were the most unusual of the lot, with a very intricate but slightly awkward shaped bullet which does look more expensive than a tenner in fairness. However, they were also the driest and hardest to apply out of all of them (living up to the extreme matte name) so I had a tough time trying to make them stand out without really dragging on my lips and even with multiple passes they still looked very subtle on which was partly down to the skin tone shades (which I do like in Warm Nude and Soap Opera) but also down to the formula (which I didn’t really like). To be honest, I just didn’t dig them apart from the pretty shaped bullet. Buy online here

L’Oréal Matte Addiction Lipstick // Another matte lipstick and another winner. This range is just beautiful, with perfectly pitched shades that glide on and look really flattering. Erotique is a beautiful rose nude shade while Haute Rouge is a kick ass red and both are divine on. I’ve realised from trying enough mattes now that assuming matte meant long-lasting was a little silly and that the lighter, more flattering matte lipsticks give a nicer effect on if I’m happy to have them wear off a little quicker although these held on reasonably well. The colours here are gorgeous and for a tenner, they feel and act like a more expensive lipstick. There’s 15 shades so I’d be stunned if you didn’t dig at least one. Buy here for €10.49 each

Max Factor Colour Elixir Velvet Matte Lipsticks // Honestly, you’re actually spoiled for choice with the light and airy budget matte lipsticks. These are another winner with a great mix of lights and darks and a nice creamy matte finish. I’m only featuring a couple of shades below (the coral Sunkiss and cracker red shade Desire) but I have a full post dedicated to the collection here. Wear time isn’t exceptional but the colours and finish are bang on and therefore I think they’re absolutely worth swatching the life out of next time you’re passing the stand. Buy for under a tenner each here

L’Oreal Matte Lip Paints // These sit alongside Urban Decay as a similar style liquid lipstick option and frankly, I found these far nicer to use and they’re my favourite of the budget buys here. Urban Decay holds on for dear life a bit longer but these were gorgeous to use, invisible on the lips, really pretty and while the lasting time was nothing exceptional, it wasn’t horrendous and they were too likeable to not keep reaching for. Hollywood Beige is a great alternative to the current craze of Kylie Jenner lipsticks while Apocalypse Red is an absolutely stunning wine shade. Considering they’re under a tenner each, I think both of these are a great little buy. Buy oneline here

Urban decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks // I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed with these. I was lucky enough to try out a load of shades (there are 30 in total to choose from in the range) but I’m zooming in on Tryst which was the shade I liked the most here. As a liquid lipstick, these are at the heavy duty end of things and don’t feel as featherweight as some of their more relaxed long lasting lipsticks but they also have better lasting power as a result.  The pigmentation is good and although both take a little effort as the colours are so bright and beautiful, they do look really opaque and striking on. After a meal, a drink and an obligatory smooch with my husband, these were teetering after a couple of hours, fading off the middle first and leaving a heavier outline. If you’re just going about your day, these will last ok and they don’t smudge if you have a quick kiss or a coffee, but they will start to disappear if you’re tucking into a burger and chips. I wasn’t bowled over by the lasting power and they just didn’t feel as well made as I was hoping from Urban Decay despite the beautiful colours and packaging. €18.50 from Debenhams online here

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors // I couldn’t resist sticking a few glosses into today’s post, especially when they’re this gorgeous! I’ve loved their lip perfectors for a while, despite the ever so slightly unhygienic hump that is the soft applicator. That aside, they’re absolutely dreamy to apply, subtle, glossy and very pretty. These are a tropically infused version and are brighter, more vibrant and are injected with a fruity scent (something that also seems to be a summer trend). Pink Grapefruit is the tamer of the two and is a very wearable grapefruit shade that’s somewhere between a pink, purple and a red. It has oodles of gloss but just enough stickiness to latch on a little longer than regular glosses. Juicy Mandarin is the most vibrant of the two and the swatch here is a much better representation of it on me in slightly dodgier light. This is a bold and bright orange that can be applied sparingly to look sheer and summery or lashed on for a real mirror like finish that’s really orange and would look incredible with a good tan. €20 each from Clarins stands

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip Lip Paint // This is my favourite followed swiftly by the Joan Collins lippie line below. This applies like a dream, like a bloody commercial. It’s insanely smooth, pigmented and glossy and looks so rich and beautiful on that I fell completely in love with it straight away. It’s simply divine. This is the only shade (Iconic Red) I’ve tried from this range but now I have to, neigh I must swatch the life out of all of these and get a cute day time shade. Honestly, it’s hands down the nicest lip product I’ve tried in a very long time. I’m so confident I’d even advise you to just order this baby online without even being within 20 ft of it, it’s just so damn nice.  €22 each from the MUFE website here

Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipstick // I will fully admit when I was sent the Joan Collins Divine Beauty lipsticks that I was expecting something my nana would possibly love but that I’d be a little too young for. I was an eejit as Joan Collins is more glamourous than I’ll ever possibly be and knows her way around a damn fine lipstick. These were a real surprise as they’re bloody gorgeous on, punchy and sexy with a gorgeous opaque but creamy finish. This means they won’t stay on for an age and will smudge up a storm but they are seriously beautiful on and perfect for summer (they have been knocking around on stands since late last year but I only discovered them now so that makes them as good as new). Bella is a proper nude pink but it doesn’t make you look like you’re 12 years old and worked well with my skintone. Suzy Starr is an amazing coral while Evelyn is a knockout pink. As they’re technically aimed at a slightly older market or those with dry lips, they are based around hydration and are infused with hyaluronic acid which was a very thankful addition to my lipstick trials when I had tried on so many. As they are so creamy, these aren’t hugely long lasting and they can smudge fairly easily so if you kiss your other half, this baby is gonna move around. Despite that, I was totally surprised with how much I loved these, but very happily so. They’re €24 so the most expensive here but the formula is ace, the packaging is more than a little Charlotte Tilbury and I think the price is worth it if you’re after a really creamy, pigmented lippie. Buy online for €24 here


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  • I’m loving Matt products at the minute, I was super worried that they would dry my lips out but they haven’t. So easy to wear. Love your shots, it’s always so nice seeing someone using them x

  • It’s sinful but I want them all. Love how when it gets warmer no one minds you wearing your brightest lipstick. Think it looks so great in the sun xx siobhan

  • Isn’t it gorgeous!!

  • Ah they’re so lovely!

  • I love all your lipstick choices, so many gorgeous shades for summer. The new L’Oreal Lip Paint sound interesting and I absolute adore the shade Apocalypse Red on you xx

    Beauty with charm

  • Bravo! sacrificing your lips to swatch all of these for us!! There’s some really gorgeous shades here and great price points. It’s a pity that you weren’t mad on the UD ones, I really wanted to try them but I haven’t heard anything amazing about them so I think I’ll have to give them a miss. I have to get one of those new Clarins Lip Perfectors, the original ones are some of my all time favourite lip products, just so good! I love how pigmented these new ones are!

    Emma x

  • thesundaygirluk

    This is such a clever post – thank you for the swatches, they are so rare on blogs these days!

  • These are all gorgeous shades, I love them all!! xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  • I now need Hollywood Beige in my life! The colour looks stunning. Your lip swatches are always so perfect!

  • So many beautiful shades! I love the sleek matte me lip creams too! They’re so affordable and last for so long x

  • There are just so many beautiful shades right here, the reds just really stand out x

  • fashion for lunch

    IM SO into the stila liquid lipsticks right now now!!!!

  • The MUFE lipstick is stunning but I need a lip liner with it or it will bleed a little. I need to try that L’Oreal Matte too but so far I’ve only seen the glossy version here.

    • I haven’t found it’s bled on me but I’ll definitely see how I get on with a liner underneath!!

  • I dont care about the trend, I will always prefer at least a satin finish in summer, or a glossy one. But these shades! They are so pretty, and with all the reds and corals right up my street. Oh, and you have very pretty teeth.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • What a great round up!! I’m not the hugest fan of matte lips (on me!) as there aren’t many that are comfortable so I’d be more inclined to go for the MUFE lip paint – they sound incredible! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway