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Benefit are best when they’re knocking out a brow product or a dinky box of blush. I don’t have either here today, but I seem to have caught Benefit in damn fine form when they’re focused on really clever, wearable new incarnations of existing products. All out at the end of last month, there’s a Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, a Hoola Lite (thank you from pale people everywhere) and a very intriguing Dandelion Twinkle Powder.It’s rare that brands ever bring out paler bronzers and they’re missing a beat so I was really impressed that Benefit realised the simple fact that pale people need a whiff of colour on their face now and again that won’t make them look muddy and orange. Hoola Lite (€34) is exactly as it should be, a pale, rather cool toned matte bronzer (you can see it on the right in the picture above side by side with the original Hoola). It didn’t look obvious on, it just sat very nicely on my skin, giving a soft wash of colour that made me look less dead after a weekend where our poor toddler Oscar got a virus and was vomiting and then very poorly the rest of the time. It was hell as you can imagine and although he’s bounced back as only kids can, the two of us are wrecked. This has expertly hidden the peakiness of my current state and I’d definitely push you in its way if you struggle to find the right bronzer and find the original Hoola too dark. Buy Hoola Lite online here

The Hoola Quickie Contour Stick (€30) looked slightly scarier to me as I’m rubbish with cream products and equally rubbish with contouring. This is well made though, creamy but sheer and blends easily. The packaging is also divine and is so summery it made me want to fashion a coconut bra for myself.

Swatched, it definitely doesn’t seem like my match and looks relatively dark but it’s incredibly easy to sheer out which makes it perfect for a natural contour. I’m no expert but it’s easily the nicest cream contour I’ve tried that works on lighter skin tones. I personally prefer the ease and longevity of powder but if cream products are your thing, absolutely check it out. Buy the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick here

The final product, the Dandelion Twinkle Illuminator (€34) was the one I got most excited about. You may know I’m obsessed with highlighters so I’m always incredibly excited to see a new release, but a lot of the time they are so pigmented and full on they’re no use to me. I want that kind of glow you can’t really pinpoint. One that just looks like good, glowing skin and a strong colour and shimmer always sit roughly on my skin. This however was something I hadn’t come across in a long time – an incredibly subtle, lightly shimmering peach highlighter. It’s a lovely little thing, although it won’t suit everyone. If like me you adore a subtle glow, you absolutely need to try this as it’s so delicate and pretty on. If you love lashing on a Becca highlighter and love a full on glow, you’ll probably find this useless but for me it’s bloody brilliant to come across a highlighter that seems made for me. I don’t have anything like it and I’m really enjoying how soft and pretty it looks on. Buy the Dandelion Twinkle Illuminator here

All in all, I have to say, Benefit have pulled it out of the bag here. All three are well made and it’s great to see products that are going to keep pale girls in the loop over the summer months.

All these beauts are available from Benefit counters nationwide or online from the links above!

*Samples featured but no b******t


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  • Melissa

    I never really explored Benefit. Apart from their Porefessional stuff nothing ever really grabbed my attention. The highlighter looks nice though. I could never wear it of course, but still, it’s pretty.

  • It’s so lovely!

  • They’re both fab Emma!

  • They’re on a roll here!

  • Ha I’d say it would be very uncomfortable!

  • It’s very handy!

  • Dorota Gornicka

    I love the new Hoola Lite! I may treat myself to Dandelion highlighter too x

  • Hoola light is amazing and I adore the original but this one might just overtake it x

  • Lauren Prenter

    Hoola lite I need it in my life. It’s so hard to find the perfect bronzer for pale skin isn’t it?xx

  • fashion for lunch

    I can’t wait to try hoola light! I’ve always found it a little tooooo dark for my pale skin, so it’s super exciting xxxx

  • The Dandelion highlight looks so nice, I think I need that xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  • I personally have not bought anything from Benefit for years now. There is always something that catches my eyes but as soon as I am about to click buy, I just lose interest and for some reason their packaging just never appeals to me.

    • I can be notoriously meh about them sometimes but honestly I haven’t had the bronzing powder and highlighter off my face since I got them!

  • I would like to see the DIY coconut bra please 😉