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New Budget Buys for June

Now that I’m blogging twice a week rather than four times a week (best decision ever by the way) I’ve been struggling to mention all the products I want to in a given month as I tend to write a lot of posts on individual products or collections. So I’ve realised posts like this are the way to do it so you can expect to see a lot more of them. They’re fun to write because I can condense my thoughts a little and they’re probably more fun to read as you’re more likely to see at least one thing that you’d like to try out. So meet this month’s contenders that are all new releases in the past month or so and nothing is over €20.

Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquers // I have to admit, I’m close to hitting peak matte. There has been A LOT of matte lipsticks out lately and while the majority have been absolutely beautiful, I love anything glossy. Thankfully the Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquers (5/10 for the name, must try harder) are the antidote to a matte lipstick, with boodles of colour and a great glossy finish. There’s only 8 shades in the range but the few I tried were all lovely, even the slightly scary looking nude. There’s a nice applicator to make it easy to sling on, and these have just enough stickiness to hold on longer than a gloss without being too sticky and troublesome. €11.99 online here

Catrice Provocative Collection // Kudos to Catrice for churning out another very pretty little collection. The Provocative collection looks the part (although it has the kind of white packaging that scratches which is a slight shame) and thankfully performs just as nicely. The Gradation Blush (€4.50 and this shade is Raspberry Belle) is very pretty and wears well with a slightly doll pink if you focus on the top half or a more flattering rose if you focus on the bottom of this. The Cushion Powder Lip (€5.50 also in Raspberry Belle) is a fun little thing and gives a super soft satin matte stain. If you love a lip colour that feels utterly weightless and won’t rub off in a half hour, this is a great option as you will literally forget you have this on within 5 minutes and it’s incredibly low maintenance. It won’t last the day but it’s a great hassle free option and perfect for windy days as your hair won’t stick to your face. Available from counters nationwide

L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara // You’ll be happy to hear there’s some damn fine mascaras out right now. I’m a fussy arse with most makeup and that extends very much to mascaras. I have to say I dismissed this before I had even tried it, figuring it was one of the kooky but pretty useless mascaras that tends to pop up now and again in Boots from one brand or another. I was wrong. Very wrong. I was sent this so obliged to give it a go and then I quickly shut my big mouth about it, although I quickly opened it again and have been singing it’s praises ever since. Like the best mascaras, this seems to be improving the longer I have it open. It has a great brush that looks like it’ll do feck all but has a swirly prickly nature that manages to hook onto the roots of lashes and send them upwards. The result is lovely and gives enough oomph, length, volume and fatness before it descends to spider legs territory. You can overload your lashes with this if you layer it too much but I don’t even think it needs layering. It’s a really nice little mascara and well worth trying for the price. €10.49 online here

KISS Impress Gel Manicure Nails // I have to admit my nails are in something of a jock after my last Shellac as I lazily kept putting off the removal and ended up picking it all off. This is NOT a good move and my nails are wrecked now. To give them a break from polish, I lashed on these spectacularly gorgeous KISS nails which have made me sit up and take notice of fake nails again. These look incredibly glamorous, the sizes were decent, they were easy to apply and nearly a week later the thumb nails are both still on and for some reason I don’t have the heart to take them off! Follow the instructions and take time pushing them onto your nails as the ones I spent the proper amount of time over lasted really well and at the end when I rushed and stuck the last few on I only got the day out of them. KISS Impress Gel Manicure Nails are €10 from pharmacies, retailers and Dunnes Stores nationwide.

Soap & Glory Spritz me Quick Spray // You know I’m very partial to a little Soap & Glory so was delighted to try out their new Moisture Spray. I’m lazy with moisturising so this makes me happy. You spritz it on (even with the tube upside down or on its side) and it sprays a fairly watery moisturiser. I figured it wasn’t up to much or I’d end up using the full thing in two days but the thin formulation means it spreads easily and a small amount goes a long way.  Yes, this means it’s not as intense as rubbing one of their big buttery moisturisers onto your bod but on a given morning, with a toddler in the bathroom with me, a spray moisturiser becomes the height of luxury and my skin felt smooth and less tight afterwards. It’s no huge surprise it smells gorgeous as well with their Original Pink scent and all I’d ask is that they bring out a Sugar Crush version and I’d be a happy camper.  €8.49 from Boots instore and online.

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara/Master Fixer Powder/Master Blush & Highlighting Kit //
Maybelline are spitting out pretty releases at a furious rate but that’s no bad thing. The best of the bunch is the mascara which is actually better than the Miss Baby Roll from L’Oreal but gives a slightly less chunky lash that’s more natural so it gives a more fan effect which I love. To be honest, you can’t go wrong with either so just decide if you love a slightly more natural look or not. The palette is another interesting little buy and although it’s pricier at nearly €20, it is jam packed with bright summery shades that wear really well. If you’re paler like myself, a lighter touch is best as they’re seriously pigmented but they lasted well with a nice satin finish. The highlighter is grand but it’s the shade I’ve used least as I have a pretty deadly arsenal of highlighters on the go at the moment that I’ll be covering in an upcoming post. Overall, €19.95 feels pricey but considering you’re getting four shades it works out at a fiver each which is good value. With this one, you need to give it a swatch to get a feel for it first, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re passing the Maybelline stand.

Finally, the powder is also a great little buy if you love powders like this. It has a whiff of MUFE Ultra HD about it although that’s a 100% silica powder and while this has talc and silicone it still does a nice job. It gives a very nice airbrushed effect, it’s good for pores, decent on grease and kept my face on admirably. I didn’t get flashback in photos but I did use this lightly but, similar to MUFE, if you pack this on, I would suspect you’ll look like a very glamourous Casper the Friendly Ghost. For €12.30 it performed admirably and is a great little summer buy for hot days.  Mascara €11.99 online here / Master Fixer Powder €13.60 here // Palette €17.99 here


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  • Sorcha Dennison

    Lovely, great budget buys!

  • Dorota Gornicka

    Loving the Catrice blush and Kiss press on nails. I’ve been blogging less lately too & finally have the time to breathe!

  • fashion for lunch

    I too have been loving the soap and glory spritz! It’s sooooo nice

  • thesundaygirluk

    The maybelline blush palette is calling my name!

  • Lauren Prenter

    Ohh I have to pick up the Maybelline powder, always on the look out for new powder xx

  • I love the sound of the Soap & Glory Spritz me Quick Spray x

  • I keep looking at the L’Oréal mascara & you’ve sold me now! Love the look of all the Maybelline releases too, I need to place a Superdrug order me thinks!! Xxx

  • Katie

    The new L’Oreal mascaras look cool! I just got the Lash Paradise one and I’m already obsessed with it x

    Beauty From Katie

  • Baby Roll is not launched here in Canada yet but we do have L’Oreal Lash Paradise and Maybelline Colossal Big Shot which I plan to purchase soon.

  • The Maybelline Lip Laquers appeal to me most! xx

  • Same problem here, but with skincare. I just can’t publish quick enough to keep up with in depth reviews.
    Out of the products you mentioned I do like the sound of the Baby Roll mascara and the Catrice blush. But seeing that I own way too many blushes already I think I will pass on that one.