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New Beauty on the Block: Part 1

You may have noticed the flurry of new makeup out to coincide with the end of the Summer and the glorious entrance of Autumn. Frankly, I’m thrilled. I love Summer but give me gorgeous coats and beautiful scarves made for crisp mornings and a boat load of new makeup to fawn over and I’m skipping my way to Halloween and Christmas. So without totally overloading you, I’m going to talk about some of the new beauty buys I’ve been testing out and hopefully something will give you food for thought. To make sure this isn’t an exceptionally long post, this is a two parter post and I’ll be talking about 4 collections today and more in the next post which will hopefully be live later this week!

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin // I’m all for Halloween themed collections, frankly there isn’t enough of them. This is pretty much perfect if you love Halloween, The Body Shop or Vanilla. All three and you’re in for a SERIOUS treat. The vanilla pumpkin range smells rich and sweet without being cloying or sickly. The body butter and hand cream are both as you’d expect, rich and nourishing with a scent that leaves you feeling glam even when you don’t have a slick of makeup on and are still in your bathrobe with wet hair. Cleverly, The Body Shop have also added some tinsel to the packaging so this will work for Halloween or Christmas which is a smart move (this collection is going to be really popular). Prices are actually very decent, with the body butter being the biggest splurge at €20.95, hand cream €6.50, Shimmer Mist €12.95 and Shower Gel €8.95. Available from The Body Shop nationwide
Clarins AW Collection // I was lucky enough to be sent a lot of the new Clarins collection which has been a treat to pour over. I’m going to touch on what I think are the key pieces: The Essential Palette, lipsticks and lovely limited edition blush. The limited edition Illuminating Cheer Colour in Blush Prodige (€34) has a gorgeous, multifaceted gold finish but doesn’t look cheap or glittery on. While I liked the shade, it’s not quite as pitch perfect for me as all the shades in the Clarins Love Blushes (which I love and are €20 each in comparison), but it’s a very nice one nonetheless and blush addicts will find this hard to resist if you can get on board with the price.

The Joli Rouge Sheer Shine lipsticks (€24) are the biggest hit for me, rich and creamy with a gorgeous deep glossy finish. The shades all sing of parties and winter time, with a really well chosen selection of colours and you’d be mad to not at least swatch them and see how gorgeous they are. Finally, the big blue based The Essentials Palette (€43) will either set hearts racing with love or with slight panic as to how to rock a blue eyeshadow.

To be honest, I was a mixture of both when I saw it and I’m still in two minds about it. The quality is good but not exceptional and I find the Clarins eyeshadows overall nice but sometimes a little hard. Some shades here are absolutely beautiful to use while some of the lighter ones are relatively firm and sheer. The shade choice is probably what divides me most as it’s striking and rich but not something I’d normally gravitate towards. For me personally, the shades aren’t what I’d be willing to fork over €43 for but that’s all down to personal choice. It’s definitely worth checking out and stands out in a sea of similar neutral toned palettes which I really appreciate. I just think a good swatch is needed to see the full gamut of what this palette has to offer. Available from Clarins Counters nationwide or Debenhams online

LOV AW Collection // Now this is something I think you’re going to like. You may or may not have dipped a toe into the relatively new brand (to Ireland) LOV Cosmetics which comes from the same crowd who bring us Essence and Catrice which instantly means they have my vote of confidence. They’re slightly more expensive than the other two but are a really nice brand with a lot to offer. I’m currently trialling a lot of their new collection but wanted to touch on these two as they’re bloody gorgeous and caught my eye straight away. The metallic lipstick (Bronze Sculpting €11.95) is one that SCREAMS Christmas. We’re talking a full on, multifaceted metallic gold red affair that is not for the faint hearted. It’s very nice on although I don’t think I can quite pull it off. It felt creamy and pigmented though, lasted fairly well and I’m very happy to try a new lipstick that isn’t a matte.

The Glowrious Highlighting and Bronzing Palette (€15.95) is my favourite though, a lovely little trio that’s actually aimed at glow obsessives like myself who love a more subtle approach. If you like your glow to be seen from the International Space Station, this won’t be full on enough for you, but if you like a subtle sheen, this needs a good swatching from yourself. There’s two in the collection and this Rose toned one has a soft illuminator that gives a hint of brightening glow, a middle shade that gives a nice sheen that isn’t too frosty or harsh and an illuminating bronzer that is sheer and thankfully devoid of chunky glitter. Available from all good pharmacies nationwide (A lot of you have been asking about stockists and from late this month the brand are available in Shaws Department Stores, Lloyds, McCabes, Cara, Aidan Dunne, Ward’s Longford, Kissane’s Tipperary, Walsh’s Loughrea, Mullingar Pharmacy, Sheahan’s Killarney and Donal McGoey Ardee).

Rimmel Magnif’eyes Palettes // Now here’s a set of cheap palettes I think are worth a look. At €11.49 each, I wasn’t expecting much, but despite not being perfect, I’ve found myself reaching for them a huge amount. The reason to love them is pretty simple, they’re shimmering and pigmented and easily create some very pretty eye looks. The downside is that the eyeshadows are as soft as me watching the end of Toy Story 3. This means there’s a lot of fallout when you stick your brush in and you’ll need to make sure you tap off the excess or you’ll end up with a nice sprinkling of eyeshadow down your face. I persevered though and as long as you give your brush a liberal tap and apply with slightly more care, once the eyeshadows are on they’re a dream and I found them vibrant and long lasting. There was no creasing or fading and the finish to these eyeshadows is pretty gorgeous.

It’s up to you whether you can put up with slightly more temperamental eyeshadows but if you can, the finish is beautiful and the prices are excellent. I also tried their Wondereyes mascara and eyeliner but I can sum them both up pretty quickly. They’re not worth buying. They’re not terrible, just neither is great and there’s far better liners and mascaras to spend your money on than these two. All are available from Boots online or Rimmel stands nationwide 

*This review contains a load of samples but no b******t

So lads and lassies is anything catching your eye?


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  • I am so excited about The Body Shop’s new Christmas range!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • Katie

    The Vanilla Pumpkin scent sounds perfect for autumn! 🙂

  • Cliona Hill

    I’m loving the vanilla pumpkin range! Those Clarins lipsticks look beautiful! x

  • I’m loving all the new releases and I have so many still on the wishlist. The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin is amazing and I stocked up on two more of the handcream. The Clarin lipsticks look so rich in colour and wearable xx