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MAC Liptensity Lipsticks

Meet your next purchase. Yep, it’s €22 which isn’t spare change but the MAC Liptensity lipsticks are something special, standing out in a continuous dizzying stream of new releases from MAC.

Ok before I get into it, a quick word to let you know what I’m doing blogging wise. I did a bunch of polls on Twitter and the consensus seems to be you love the Insta vids but you also really miss the blog and written posts. So, to keep me and you happy, I’m going to have a blog post once a week that may or may not have an Insta vid attached to it or may just have static pictures and a write-up. But I’ll keep at the Insta vids either way and post them up on the blog with a written version as well, so some weeks there may be only one post on the blog, other weeks there may be more but I promise every week there will be something new. I’ll also do mini reviews on Instagram, Instagram Stories and Snapchat (I only joined Snapchat and I’m at Makeupmonstered) so hopefully that’ll keep everyone satisfied in the makeup department. The biggest changes for me are that I’ll be blogging less and when it suits me which will keep me happy and motivated (one blog post a week is so much more manageable), and I’ll also be ditching the laptop. This post was written on my mobile on the WordPress App and the photos were from my mobile camera. So the plan is to take and edit the photos on my phone, record the Insta videos on my phone and write the blog posts on, you guessed it, the phone. It means I can blog on the go anytime I get a free minute but I can hang out with my hubby and toddler without having to sit cursing over the laptop because the photos I took in crappy light need to be redone and I’ve a mountain of blogging to do! Hopefully you like it girls and thanks for all your invaluable feedback!

Anyway, back to the Liptensity lipsticks.

There’s 24 shades in total, housed in slimline, colour coded packaging that match their respective shades exactly. The collection was made in conjunction with the eagle eye of Maureen Seaburg, who enviably is able to see over 100 million hues compared to the paltry 1 million regular eyes can see. As overseer to the collection, she aimed to help create vivid, unique shades and I have to say, you can’t deny the beauty of this collection.

These are gel lipsticks jam packed with high intensity pigment and the base of each colour is clear rather than the normal opaque base of most lipsticks. An opaque base is what’s responsible for lipsticks looking slightly different colour wise on different people, but here the colours promise to look exactly the same on the lips as they do in the bullet.

I was sent 4 to try and you can see all of them in action in my 60 second review below. In short, all are punchy, bright and beautiful. The gel aspect of the lipstick means these are firm to work with initially but then melt into a glossy, buttery affair that looks really flattering and pretty on. You can tap the colour on to stain the lips and have a more satin look or really layer it up for a glossy sheen. They’re also nicely long-lasting and although the initial sheen may wear away, you’ll get 5 hours before you’re woefully naked on the lips front. Gumball is a beautiful ballsy, neon pink. Burned Violet is sultry and perfect for Winter although I found it settled in lines a tiny bit more. Stallion is a big, glossy black lipstick and while there are a myriad of gorgeously fierce women who’ll rock this shade, I looked a state. It also managed to migrate onto my lips at an alarming rate but you can see me in all my horrendous glory in the video. My pick of the bunch is Smoked Almond, that rare breed of perfectly formed lipstick that’s endlessly flattering and beautiful on. If you check out one, that’s the winner.

All in all, I’m really impressed with the line and any lipstick addict within reach of a MAC stand is going to find it hard to resist at least one shade.

So girls, like the look of any of these?

*samples featured but no b******t


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  • Hehe 🙂 It happens.

  • Why does it say Lipfinity and then in the video Liptensity? 🙂 I have Cordovan and Double Fudge, I reviewed them today. As for your decision to blog again (but less), HURRAY! I won’t lie, I rrrreally missed your “normal” reviews. I just don’t watch videos on IG. And if I do I tend to just tap tap tap right through them.

  • Ah I’m defo planning on buying but which one… hmmmm they all look fab xx Siobhan

  • That last shade is so me!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • I’m delighted to see a post, you can get more detail on here than in a video!

    Smoked Almond is a really beautiful shade! xx

    Beautylymin| Kat Von D Contour Palette & brush Giveaway

  • I am so in love with the packaging and texture of these lipsticks! I purchased three at IMATS last weekend- Driftwood, Galaxy Grey, and Mulling Spices- and cannot wait to give them a try! Smoked Almond is totally gorgeous too 🙂


  • I’m happy to see a new post from you, Yav. Love your Insta videos but because we are in different time zone, I miss a lot of it. I’ll be cutting down my posting frequency to twice a week soon, I can’t keep up anymore too. It’s either that or quitting completely so I’m trying my best to stay afloat for now.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Ah good point, hopefully a mix of both will keep everyone happy!