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MAC Lip Scrubtious in Candied Nectar

I’ll break it to you early, this is a lip scrub for €15.50. Whether that illicits a ‘so what?’ or a ‘sweet baby Jesus’ will possibly depend on both your budget and your tolerance for dropping notes on random beauty buys, but I have to admit I made a face when I was (very kindly) sent this and then read the price on the press release. But, and it’s a big but, this is pretty damn nice and although I felt a bit moany about it at the start, there’s actually a lot to love about it.

I possibly make no sense with makeup as perhaps we all do, turning my nose up at one thing based on the price and then dropping €50 on something else without hesitation. An eyeshadow palette for €50 even though I have a stack at home? Yes of course, sure it’s great value. An eye cream for €50? Jesus, I’m not made of money. And the same skewed logic applies here for me. I have no problem spending €20 on a MAC lipstick but I got all fussy about a lip scrub for less than that that will actually make my lipstick apply better. There are 5 scrubs in the new range here, this being Candied Nectar which smells gorgeously sweet and summery. I also dig the simple colour coded packaging for what it’s worth. Inside the jar is a neatly packed colour coded scrub that isn’t as coarse and sugary as the Lush version (which I do like) but far more refined. When you rub this on the lips you’re hit on three fronts, first with the scrub, then with a soft oily film on the lips (which feels gorgeous) and then you have the added bonus of a tint and a scent. It’s lovely to use and distinctly different from what I was expecting it to be and what I’ve previously tried in the scrub line of things. It feels very nourishing and calming on my lips and they’re definitely softer as a result.

The price is in line with what you would expect from MAC, the product itself is both appealing and effective, it’s just the price that sticks in my throat a little. Again I have shelled out ridiculous amounts of money on powders, palettes and lip glosses so really I can’t moan here. If it was a simple scrub I think I’d be shaking my head at this, but because it has a few tricks up its sleeve and is so effective and lovely to use, I actually like this jar very much. I wish it was closer to €10 but I’ll have to get over it. I’ve been trying to work out whether I’d buy this which is one of the crucial questions you have to ask yourself every time you review a sample. To be honest, even though I love it, I’m such a lazy fecker I think I’d rather just slap on a bit of vaseline and spend the money on a lipstick. It is gorgeous and if I was flush with cash then yes it would be a nice little buy and I’d happily add it to my stash. But I’m seriously not as we’re deep in house saving land and if I get a few quid, I think I’d rather buy a lippie and hope for the best.

The MAC Scrubtious range is available from MAC online here or Brown Thomas here

So girls am I just being a fussy arse and would you happily shell this out on a scrub?
*Samples featured but no b******t 

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  • I sadly wouldn’t pay that price tag like a comment below I begrudge paying £5 for one haha but I do love a good lip scrub! xx

  • Zoe Marie

    No. Is the short answer haha! I begrudged paying £5 for one in Lush so i would not be spending any more than that!! It looks pretty though and im sure people will buy it because its Mac.

  • I think what makes you think ouch that’s pricey is the fact that you can easily scrub your lips at home with some sugar & coconut oil for example. However having a pot like this is of course very handy. I might check them out in the airport see what the duty free price is like x

    Beauty with charm

  • Lauren Prenter

    I usually use the lip scrub from Lush, personally I wouldn’t pay over however much that is for a scrub xx
    Lauren Catherine

  • No I wouldn’t bother with it but it seems like it’s a nice alternative for people who like scrubs but find lush too harsh! I like that there’s a tint but I’m useless at remembering to use a lip scrub anyway!

  • Lush lip scrubs cost near to 10$ in Switzerland, but The Body Shop lip scrub is 39 (and it’s only a lipstick bullet size!!!:O ) Nuxe lip balm costs 18$ so 15€ doesn’t sound exceptional to me, but I’m quite sure here in Switzerland the price for this will be near to 20$ (as MAC lipsticks cost 28$). So not paying 20$ for a lip scrub!!!

  • fashion for lunch

    This sounds amazing!!!! I bet it will last ages too!!

  • Ouch, that is pricey for a lip scrub. I think I’ll stick to exfoliating my lips with a soft micro fibre cloth. 🙁

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I totally get you on this – I would (and have) easily spend €50+ on an eyeshadow palette but I’d wrinkle my nose at spending that on a top! (Makes no sense!) I might be tempted to buy one of these but, like you, wish the price was close to €10! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

  • I have tried so many lip scrubs and I think this is the best I’ve ever tried! I see it as a scrub and balm in one whereas the likes of Lush Lip Scrub is just a super messy, pot of sugar with a short expiry xx

  • I love lip scrubs they work so well in removing dead skin from lips

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Looks and sounds great! But nope, not paying this amount of money for a scrub.