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Spring/Summer 2017 Luxury Beauty Buys

My God there’s a lot of new beauty products out lately. Honestly, I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with new releases and I’ve only been sent a slice of what’s actually out there. It’s slightly mindboggling if you have a little set aside for a bigger budget buy and you don’t know where the hell to funnel it because there’s a crazy amount of new collections being flung at you dodgeball style.

I’m fortunate enough to be sent a lot of random releases but I never lose sight of the fact I’m the definition of fur coat and no knickers, where I’ll have a €60 palette come in the post and yet we’re counting every euro doing the weekly shop (we’re trying to save for a house so it’s cheap 1 ply toilet roll territory). So although I’m spoiled in the blogging world, in the real world I’m more money conscious and I therefore view everything I’m sent through the guise that a lot of you are like myself where you’ll have a few quid to buy perhaps one good thing you really want in a given month and you really don’t want to waste that money.  While everything in the posts over the next few weeks is interesting enough to warrant a review in my eyes, there’s a definite mix of magical and mediocre so hopefully these reviews will be useful so your money is well spent. I couldn’t for the life of me give everything a full review or I’d still be talking about Spring/Summer releases come Christmas (first blog mention of Christmas, I didn’t think it would be this early) so instead I’ve very delicately lumped everything into some slightly super size posts. So this week I’m covering luxury and budget buys, the following week lipsticks and blushes and the week after that skincare and perfumes. Right, well I’ve been yakking for 5 minutes and haven’t mentioned a single thing so let’s get to it.  

Too Faced Peach Glow Kit // The new Too Faced peach inspired collection has been hugely popular and in fairness, it’s hard to argue with a brand that manages to make their products look this cute and smell this delicious. More than that though, the products are solid, well made and interesting. I was sent this frankly gorgeous little palette with a highlighter, blush and bronzer trio that all smell of peachy goodness. There’s a shimmering, beachy vibe from all three and frankly I’m already in full summer swing and was all over this straight away. My skin has an uneven texture and large pores so I’m always a little wary when layering on the shimmer but I have to say these are so buttery smooth and devoid of glitter that they sit beautifully. If you have pale skin, you’ll love these but they are too subtle for darker skin tones to warrant the price tag. I have a bigger review you can see here where I also reviewed Papa Don’t Peach in case you’re after one of your 5 a day but can’t be arsed to eat an actual peach (you should though, they’re delicious).  €41 from Debenhams here

Mii Couture Eye Palette// Mii have just landed in Ireland and although I’d never even heard of them I fell head over heels for this little eyeshadow palette when it landed in my door. Aimed at a Clinque/Clarins price level, nothing here is cheap but neither is it eye-wateringly expensive. This comes in at €32.50 for for 4 shades – 1 highlight, 2 shimmer and 1 seriously stunning end shade that you all went mad for when I put an initial shot of this on Instagram and Twitter. Thankfully, this palette is as nice to use as to admire and the shade selection is pretty much spot on (once you ignore the cheap little applicator they throw in). All are soft, pigmented and feel velvety rather than powdery while the shimmer fest shade being the most prone to fallout cause it’s so damn creamy (although thankfully it’s perfectly well behaved once on). These applied really nicely and I had no issues with fading or creasing. It’s hard not to like this palette very much, I just feel the price should be a tenner lower. €32 from selected salons and spas nationwide (stockists here)

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks// I love Urban Decay in general so was thrilled to play around with these firecracker colours for a while. These are supposed to be incredibly vibrant and longlasting but I have to say, I was kind of disappointed even though they’re not terrible. Not every shade is consistent across the range and the shimmering shades are definitely the weaker of the bunch and too sheer while the regular colours are good but only half decent with longevity. I tried quite a few and a lot of them needed a few coats for full coverage which was annoying although they could look very intense and pretty once I finished with them. They still managed to feel relatively weightless and comfortable although some didn’t seem to dry down completely. I just feel from a brand as good as Urban Decay they should have been better and for what looks like such a stunning collection, it’s a big disappointment. €18.50 from Debenhams here 

Clarins Instant Lip Perfectors // I’m very partial to these little glosses from Clarins (to be honest Clarins have been killing it in general lately) and I’ve been happily buying the Lip Perfectors since they came out a while back. The new shades are summery, bright and also smells tropically delicious so you’re winning on three counts if you buy one of these. They have just enough stickiness to hang around a little while and are bursting with colour and glossiness (excuse my slightly messy swatches below). The good news is these have just launched yesterday so this gives you an excellent time to do a bit of window/swatching shopping this week!  €20 from Debenhams and Clarins stands nationwide. MUFE Ultra HD Pressed Powder in Banana// I’m so excited that MUFE are stretching out their HD limbs and releasing new Ultra HD Pressed Powders and that they’ve included a Peach and Banana version alongside the much loved white/transparent powder. It’s actually the first time trying a banana shade powder but it’s really interesting. I tried this all over first and on my skin tone it’s too yellow toned to really work as an overall shade but it was incredibly smooth and polished on my skin, skimming over pores and bumps and also helping redness. I then (wisely) switched to using this under the eye area in the Kardashian style of things that seemed to kick off the whole craze. It’s a pretty much perfect powder, mattifying, smoothing and pore skimming, I just think the banana shade is better suited to medium skin tones and I’d be better off sticking to the white one. If you’re the opposite and find the white too harsh, definitely check these out and they’re so well made and so lovely to use. €36 from MUFE online or in their Clarendon St store 

MAC Fruity Juicy // This MAC collection hits store last week and it’s both limited edition and more tropical than a can of lilt chilling on the beach (ignore the slightly crap name, they were clearly too busy making nice products to worry about it). I haven’t used MAC eyeshadows in so long that I forgot how sublimely gorgeous they can be. There are 3 palettes within Fruity Juicy and while they all have a bright focus, there’s actually an even number of brights and neutrals here to make it wearable for colour shy ladies like myself. The mattes here are satin soft and buttery and last the day with zero effort. I absolutely loved wearing them and was able to get a very nice brown eye look as well as more fiery pinks and reds out of this. The lip glass and lipstick are also lovely and there’s enough shades in the range to tempt you something wicked. MAC can be hit or miss but this is such a genuinely nice collection that you’d be mad to not at least have a peek online and I’ve a bigger review here if you’re tempted. Available online here

The Balm Highlite n’ Con Tour Palette // The Balm always know their way around a good looking release and this definitely stands out from the crowd. It’s also the first highlight and contour palette of its kind I’ve had. Having a load of different tones in one palette seems in one way genius and in another way slightly wasteful but I’ve been giving this a good trial and diligently sculpting cheekbones and highlighting the bejesus out of them. It’s actually a very beautiful little palette and I’ve already fallen pretty hard for one of the highlighting shades. There’s a well thought out mix here of matte and shimmering highlighters as well as two contour shades, a bronzer and a blush. The highlighters are sublime, perfect for paler skin and beautifully subtle, but the bronzer and contour shades are definitely made for medium to dark skin tones. If you’re darker or like your tan, you’re set here as the formulation is frankly gorgeous, but pale girls will find that the top half of the palette is far better suited than the bottom. It’s a gorgeous little thing and such a pleasure to use, but it’s simply too dark and muddy on my skin coupled with my meager contouring skills. €43 from ASOS here 

Right girls, so hopefully I’ve given you food for thought and on Friday I’m talking budget buys!

So ladies is anything here catching your eye?

*Samples featured but no b******t


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  • Tryst is a lovely shade but I’m not sure I’ll bother if you’re disappointed, the peach collection from TF is just gorgeous isn’t it? Great informative post, thank you for sharing xxxx

  • Oh my Gawd the pink grapefruit gloss and the the Tryst lip colour are drool worthy xx siobhan

  • thesundaygirluk

    I really liked the style of this post! I like the look of the balm palette but it is not as cohesive as I’d like.

  • It’s a relief for me to have a palette that works for pale skin but that’s no use for anyone with darker skin tones!!

  • It’s so pretty!

  • The Balm Palette looks gorgeous! So many pretty shades.


  • I loved the look of The Balm palette on your insta but I know that there’s no way I’d ever use the contour shades – except maybe as eyeshadows? Bit disappointed with that one!

    • Yeah it’ll be deadly for darker skin but we’re in trouble!

  • I haven’t tried the UD liquid lipsticks but I do like the look of them, but I might have to re swatch them in store now x

  • fashion for lunch

    I love the look of the balm. Stunning packaging too!!!!

  • It’s a shame you didn’t get on well with the new UD liquid lipsticks, although the shades look quite nice. So tempted by the lip perfectors too! The new shades look gorgeous x

    • The Lip Perfectors are so nice, definitely give them a swatch!

  • I have the MUFE HD powder but in the loose version and while I like it, it didn’t blow me away. I think I need to test it further before forming a firm opinion but so far I don’t like it more than my Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous Powder.

    • I really like how these powders sit, would be interested to see what you thought of the Pressed ones!