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Love yo’ Self

When you’re a blogger, sometimes you gotta look a festive day in the eye and say I’m going to theme the bejesus out of you in a post. Hence today’s very heart-shaped, pink affair full of seriously good-looking products. Yes, Valentine’s is  a made up day but you might as well take any excuse to treat those you love. So with that in mind, whether you want to drop a nice little hint to your other half or love yourself with a little Valentine’s treat, I have an array of fitting products I’ve been busy trialling (it’s a tough life).

Catrice Spring Releases // I do have a soft spot for Catrice and they have some seriously nice little products coming out this Spring. As a tiny Valentine’s treat to yourself, the Catrice Lip Cushions are a steal for €5.50. I tried Better Make a Mauve and it’s such a lovely daytime shade that’s infinitely easy to wear. These have a cushion applicator which may not be the most hygienic long-term but it’s so nice and soft to use that I’ll forgive it. They also have a very cute little Light and Shadow Contouring Blush that’s half blush/half highlighter and very pretty for the price. Available from Catrice counters nationwide

Clarins Skin Illusion Blushes // Ah Clarins you clever divils. These products are adorable anyway but stick a few hearts on them and suddenly they’re touching puppy cuteness levels. Thankfully, these are as lovely to use as to look at and give a really subtle, pretty colour on the cheeks. The cushion applicator doesn’t win me over either way and I’ll still use my brush with these (the actual blush is in the lid) but either way you apply it, these look great on. Golden Havana is my least favourite simply because it’s not my type of shade but even that looks nice on and has a little fleck of glitter to ramp things up a notch. Luminous Pink and Luminous Coral are as perfect a blush as you could ask for and I definitely feel the €20 fits these great little buys. There’s also a cute balm that changes colour person to person which is slightly gimmicky but don’t let that put you off, the actual balm is very nourishing and comfortable on and it gives a lovely rosy sheen on the lips. The price is also €14 and half the products in Boots are sneaking up to that price so I don’t feel it’s too expensive. Buy online here

Shisiedo 7 Lights Illuminator // Every time I type Shiseido I have to double-check I’ve spelt it right! Anyway, they aren’t a brand I’m very familiar with but I was thrilled to get to know them a little more and even more thrilled when my introduction was this incredible looking palette. The 7 Lights Highlighter (€42) has actually been around for 100 years but has been reimagined into this very up to date palette that’s almost too pretty to use. There’s a nice mix of colours and also directions on how to use it for either highlighting, blush, contouring or even as an eyeshadow. I’m a long-term lover of the subtle beauty of the Guerlain Meteorities so had this in the back of my head when I was trying this. This is less illuminating than Guerlain and gives more a healthy wash of colour that can somehow work as a slight bronzer or blusher. I’ll need to trial it for longer to really sink my teeth into it but so far it’s intriguing. This is available from March for €42

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette // Now this is a beauty. I love palettes aimed at different skintones and this is the fair version of the ‘Perfect Me, Perfect Hue’ Eye and Cheek Palette (€37.33). This is so impossibly pretty and easy to wear that I kind of love it. It’s a great one for going away with or just as a pressie but I love all the subtle shades and have been wearing it very happily. If you like big bold shades this definitely won’t be your cup of tea but if you love subtle and pink, this is your man. Buy online here

Lancome Juicy Shakers // I was raving about these on social media and then the wonderful girl who heads the PR for Lancome took pity on me and sent me some to try. I’m a sucker for anything bright and beautiful so these wonderfully weird bi-phase oil and pigment liglosses are my type of thing. They come in 8 different flavours (these are Apple Moi, Cloudy Candy and Liquorisky and are €22 each) and in truth, you’ll only need one of these. The pigment is very sheer so even the black Liquorisky is very tame on the lips. The formulation feels gorgeous, hydrating, soft and nicely glossy without a shred of stickiness, but the colours are so subtle and the price is enough that I’d recommend you pick your favourite flavour and stick with it. For the little bit of pink hue that is definitely a little more buildable than the others if you give this a good shake, I like Cloudy Candy the best but I’ve been happily switching between all three. Buy online for €22

Isadora Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick // Finally, I was really pleasantly surprised with how lovely, lightweight and natural the Isadora Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick (€14.27) in Cool Mauve was. It manages to be quite subtle and soft but it’s also buildable for a slightly more intense finish. It feels feather light on, non drying and doesn’t settle into lines. Buy online here

So girls, that’s your lot! Hopefully there’s something here that tickles your fancy. Whatever you’re up to for Valentine’s, I hope you have a fabulous day! We’re having a lovely night in with good food and a dvd with the three of us as having a toddler means I’ve two gorgeous Valentines to love and adore which is brilliant!

So girls is anything here catching your eye?

*This review contains samples and affiliate links but zero b******t



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  • I really want that Stilla palette its so gorgeous! Love the look of the clarins shades in those blushers, I’ve tried the seventeen version and wasn’t a fan just as the blusher was TOO pink but love the look of the peachy tones ones xx

  • Zoe Marie

    Those Clarins blushers and Lancome Juicy Shakers are amazing!! Beautiful photos! Zx

  • It’s crazy it’s not available, hope that changes asap!

  • Ah we did thanks, hope you did too!

  • Thanks Yvonne!

  • I think that as a blogger it’s ok to completely go over the top with hallmark holidays haha. I do love the pink theme you have here & I especially like the look of the new Clarins blushes x

    Beauty with charm

  • Cute love-themed picks! Hope you had a lovely Valentines 🙂
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • The Clarins blushers are amazing on you xx

  • Lauren Prenter

    Everything looks so good, especially the Stila palette. I need to try more from them xx
    Lauren Catherine

  • My eyes have been on the Juicy Shakers for awhile, the colors look so good!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • I am especially feeling the lip products you chose! Gorgeous products, thank you for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • You just reminded me that it’s time for me to use my Stila palette again! I used it for a long time when I first got it and now my attention is only on my Viseart palette.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • That Stila palette is just stunning

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • I have the Stila palette and I really love it 🙂