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Laura Mercier Candlelight Sheer Glow Powder

In case you don’t know, I’m obsessed about certain products, namely powders and primers. You see,  foundations by in large seem to do feck all for me. My best makeup pal is my Skin79 BB Cream and most regular foundations tend to accentuate my slightly bump skin, sit in my giant pores, or cling to my dry bits and separate in my oily bits. Therefore, primers and powders are my friends and I’ve spent so much bloody money over the years on trying different ones.

So of course, when I had a few extra quid this month the first thing I did was look up my next primer or powder to try and I stumbled upon this. I actually had my eye on the new Becca glow powder but there were so many negative reviews I didn’t want to chance it whereas this seemed far more promising. So a quick click later, I’d ordered it from Space NK and I’ve been messing with it ever since it arrived, coming to terms with its slightly frustrating nature.

This is in the Hourglass line of powders and doesn’t look hugely dissimilar. It’s firm in the pan and even the lightest shade here has a healthy warm sheen to it. This means I can just about get away with it on my pale skin but it wouldn’t necessarily work for the palest ladies out there. This is billed as a setting powder but I think that depends on your definition of a powder. Some girls don’t bother with any, I rely heavily on one. For me, this is definitely more of a finishing powder than a setting powder so its oil control and setting powers are stuck on light. It’s a tough call trying to find a powder that’s natural, glowing but also has kick ass oil and pore control and in truth, I’ve never found one product that’ll do it all. I first tried this the way it’s intended, using it to set my makeup. I have to say, you need to agitate it in the pan to get enough product but pressed onto the skin it’s seriously lovely and created that soft magial lit from within glow all over my face. However there were two problems. One, it seemed to accentuate the texture of my skin and my pores. From a few steps back from the mirror my skin looked pretty fabulous and I was all excited, from up close I felt my makeup looked a little obvious compared to my regular powders that are definitely more satin in finish but blur and soften my skin more. The other problem was the oil control. It wasn’t woeful but it wasn’t good and on areas where my makeup tends to rub off easily like my nose, half my makeup managed to transfer to Lar in one kiss. After that, I’ve been pairing it alongside my setting powders and using it as a finishing powder. It has a similar effect and this way definitely improves the lasting power, I’m just still finding that it seems to settle into my skin rather than sit on top of it nicely.

Basically this is one of those pain in the arse products, one you spend far too much time on making it work on you. This would be an absolute dream on smooth dry skin as it gives such a beautiful, natural glow. On my skin, I’m struggling but the effect is so gorgeous I don’t want to give up on this yet. It has enough glow I can use it like a traditional highlighter so I’ll stick at it but it’s still a pain in the bum.

If you think you’ll have a little more luck with it, it’s €42 from Laura Mercier counters or Space NK here

*No samples, no b******t

So girls what is your secret to glowing skin?


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  • I think I’d struggle with this too.. I’m super oily and can never make highlighters stay put! I do love LM though so am usually prepared to forgive her anything 🙂
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • thesundaygirluk

    I think we have the same skin type and concerns so I’m now further on the fence with this one. The shades look so dark in the pan don’t they! x

  • Lauren Prenter

    I need to try out some stuff from Laura Mercier, this highlight looks so pretty xx
    Lauren Catherine

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love the subtly of it considering it looks quite dark in the pan x

  • This looks do gorgeous and subtle! xx

  • This powder is fabulous my skin and make up aren’t friends lately. They need to make up pronto xx siobhan

  • It’s so annoying when you buy something and don’t get on well with it! Laura mercier products are always highly raved about, it’s a shame x

    • I love her stuff and this is nice, it’s just tricky with my skin!

  • Oooo! I had high hopes for this but thank you for the honest review as always, Yav! I’ll give this a miss for sure. 🙁

  • fashion for lunch

    Ohhh it looks pretty but it’s quite dark, too dark for me! X

    • It sheers out but definitely has a slightly tanned look!

  • This looks identical to their regular baked matte radiance powder which I love xx

    • That’s my all time favourite highlighter! This is a bit darker but quite similar

  • Pharmer’s Journal

    Great review. I struggle with powders so much too. Currently using a Sonia Kashuk one – which I like but amn’t addicted to either. Have you tried the Dermalogica AgeSmart primer?


    Edel x

  • So frustrating when an expensive product doesn’t work the way you expected. You shouldn’t have to make so much effort for it to do its job! xx


    • I know, to be honest it does exactly what it promises, my bumpy big pore skin is the problem!