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January Favourites

So with the new year upon us I’m bringing back ye old classic blogger post – monthly favourites. It may be slightly predictable but it’s a great staple post for sorting out the meh from the magnificent each month.

Right so this month looks a little dark and boring perhaps but it’s anything but. My most beloved new staples are the two NARS beauties here that I was sent to try, the Recurring Dare Cheek and Lip Palette and the Contouring Palette in Olympia. If you’re pale and have €45 to spare, you can’t go wrong with this. The three matte blushes here are subtle, longlasting and impossibly flattering on. The added highlighter and creamy lipstick is a bonus but it isn’t what I’d buy the palette for, it’s all about those blushes baby. If you’re anything darker than pale though this probably won’t show up enough to justify the price. As well as sorting out my cheeks, NARS have also been re-injecting cheekbones and a jawline back into my post Christmas face. Olympia is the palest of three shades of contour palette on offer and although it seems a little warm in the pan, it translates really well onto skin. The highlight side is grand but again, I have an arsenal of tried and tested favourites so this wouldn’t be as important to me. The contour side however is pretty much perfect and I’ve been heavily relying on this to shape my selection box stuffed face into something more angled until I can get the diet in order. Yes you can get fantastic budget contour palettes but I’m delighted with this and would definitely recommend it if you’ve been eyeing it up. Buy NARS Contour Palette for €42 here

I also have to give a shout out to MAC this month. I’m lucky enough to try a lot of their products but not a huge amount wiggles its way into my must have in my stash choices. The next two products though have managed to do it. First up is the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer which you’ve probably already tried at this stage but I only discovered properly last year. In my pre-wedding makeup trial, my MUA Ailbhe Lynch used this on me and I loved it so much I went out and bought it. It’s nearly empty at this stage and I’m definitely going to repurchase it. It’s a little temperamental under the eye, looking perfect one day and creasing like a linen shirt the next, but elsewhere on the face this is gold. I especially love this around and on my nose after my BB Cream as my makeup is a divil for rubbing off there. This helps keep everything in place and it’s virtually water proof and very long lasting. Buy here for €23.50

I was sent their Studio Fix Perfecting Loose Powder back at the end of last summer and I’ve been using and loving it ever since which is surprising to me as I’m a picky fecker with powders. Even though this is the shade medium and I ain’t no medium in MAC terms, this is so sheer it just leaves a lovely healthy finish on my skin. It disguises pores, sets makeup really well and looks polished in a nicely natural way. During the heat of summer I had to touch it up once or twice a day but since I have paired it with my new favourite primer (below) and the weather is bloody freezing, it lasts the day with ease. Buy here for €26.50

Also mini high fives have to go to this very pretty peachy L.O.V blush which is a brand new to Ireland late last year and from the same people who brought us Essence and Catrice so we’re clearly on to a good thing with them. I’m also obsessed with the NYX Butter Glosses and Peaches and Cream hasn’t been off my lips all month.

I also need to give a shout out to one of my favourite concealers of last year, the Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer. It gives more brightening coverage than the Too Faced concealer I’ve been loving under my eyes lately and barely creases throughout the day. I’m nearly out so I think I’ll need to repurchase this once it runs out. My only bugbears would be the squeezy tube means you can waste product and I’d prefer a doe applicator so I could stick excess product back in the tube. Apart from that it’s lovely and there’s a great shade selection too. Buy here for €25

Also, I have to give a big huge nod to the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I was sent this late last year and I only just went and purchased a back up because I’m loving it that much. I’m surprised only because I tried this originally a few years back and wasn’t particularly wowed by it but my skin is behaving itself at the moment and is absolutely loving the smoothing, pore covering magic of this. My makeup looks better, it lasts longer and all in all, it’s just a great primer. I really wish it wasn’t €34 but I’m genuinely finding it worth it. Buy here for €34

Stepping aside from makeup for a moment, I was sent one of the LuMee Cases to try which is beloved by the Kardashians and the like. It’s a nifty little case and although it’s pricey at €42, the case has been solid enough to sustain approx 15 falls from the iPhone (I have a very active toddler) without a crack or issue in sight and the light is actually very decent at casting a more favourable glow when you’re getting a selfie (which myself, Lar and Oscar do quite regularly). The good thing is, you can turn this on at the back but also dim or brighten it and at full pelt, it gives a seriously impressive light. You also get a little charger to keep the light going but I’ve had it a month and haven’t needed to charge it yet so that’s another bonus. Buy here for €42

Last and definitely not least, is the Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara. I tried both the regular and the sparkling version this month and for just €4.10, they’re bloody brilliant mascaras. Both perform like high end buys and give great lift and curl. You can layer it for a bigger fat lash look or embrace the natural, eye opening volume it gives with one layer. The newest version has sparkles in it which would normally make me shudder but genuinely I think I’ve spotted 3 tiny sparkles in the weeks I’ve been wearing it. You can definitely see them when you remove the mascara, but on the lashes they are virtually invisible. Buy from Catrice stands nationwide for €4.10

So ladies, these are my favourites for January and I’d love to hear yours!

*Purchased products, samples and affiliate links all featured but thankfully no b******t


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  • Lurganista

    I have had the MUFE Concealer on my radar for a while, really want to try the Tarte tape shape too. x

  • That mufe concealer sounds fab and I neeeeeed the new Lumee case! I have the older style and love it- it’s saved my phone from so much damage, and it’s so handy to use as a light when At dark blog events!

  • Yeah the highlighter side could be taken out for me as it’s the contour that’s the best!

  • Ah winter is crazy for skin! I think I’ll rely on this a lot during the summer!

  • It’s really nice!!

  • Such pretty colours for this time of the year! So fresh and pretty

  • Zoe Marie

    Some fab products here! Love the look of the blushers!! Zx

  • Your color choices… it’s like you’re in my head! <3

  • I really want to try the make up forever concealer I hear such good things, great favourites! x

  • Ah I am always saying I should get the Mac Pro long wear concealer… I also really want a LUMEE case… like yesterday hahahah siobhan xx

  • I love the Olympia Contour Duo, it’s Contour perfection xx

  • I love that NARS contour duo! I have hardly any left, seriously need to repurchase. I totally agree, it’s the perfect shade for my fair skin. I use the highlight powder to set under my eyes (top tip from Sinead of Viva Adonis) because I don’t find it great as a highlight

    • Ah glad you love it too and must take the tip for the highlighting end!!

  • Lauren Prenter

    Always looking for a new concealer to try, need to try these both. That Nars palette is gorgeous, looks amazing xx
    Lauren Catherine

  • That blush is right up my street! I didn’t get on with that Smashbox primer. A few people have recommended the MAC concealer to me so I must try it! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

    • It’s a really good concealer! The blushes in this palette are gorgeous, as is the LOV one!

  • I’ve actually never tried either concealers, always something new exciting comes up to buy it first but I might invest in one of them to have something really long wearing 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • I’ve been wanting to try Smashbox primers for such a long time

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves