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Isadora Spring Releases

Would you believe that I haven’t reviewed IsaDora on the blog since 2015? I think IsaDora have possibly suffered from being one of those brands that isn’t quite as sexy and stupendous as a lot of others and, rather unfairly, I’ve neglected them completely. It wasn’t even a matter of dismissing them, I think I’d become blind to their stands altogether. Sometimes as a blogger, being sent products makes you pay attention to a brand or a collection that normally may have passed you by and if I’m lucky enough to discover some great products I wouldn’t have normally stumbled upon, you can be damn sure I’m going to blog about them to make sure you know about them too. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.

The new IsaDora Perfect Blushes and Matt Liquid Lipsticks are both new for Spring and out this month. I tried two of the nine Perfect Blushes in the collection which are €12.95 each and I was seriously impressed. I’m a fussy fecker with blushes as you may have noticed and I don’t like anything too bright or garish for me personally. These are therefore right my up street. There’s nothing fancy about the packaging here but you can see the perfect shades within and that’s all that really matters. I tried Poppy Peach and Dusty Rose and they have that soft, satin, subtle thing going on. The formula and shades actually remind me of NARS for some reason, they’re just beautiful to use and look really natural and pretty on. I actually can’t wait to check out the other shades now as I was so impressed with these.

I assumed that the Ultra Matte Lipsticks (€12.95) would be a little dry and unflattering on solely because I very wrongly assumed IsaDora possibly wasn’t that great a brand. But I was totally wrong and I’m very happy to admit it. These are bloody gorgeous. There are only 3 lipsticks in this collection but I hope they bring out more as they’re such a great little buy.  Again, packaging is plain but you can get a good eye of the colours and I have to reward them extra kudos for the nifty applicator which hugs your lips and makes application even easier. They didn’t make my lips feel too dehydrated or uncomfortable and were long lasting enough to get me through meals pretty much intact. Like any matte lipstick, if your lips are in crap condition these may not be the best choice (especially if you layer on a lot for a richer look) but overall I’ve found them very wearable and comfortable for a matte finish. If you want a beautiful lip shade that’s just a notch or two more than a natural lip colour, Dolce Rose is such a gorgeous colour for that soft, really natural makeup look.

All in all, IsaDora have shown me I was an eejit for ignoring them for so long. If you’re after some soft and pretty makeup for Spring, honestly check these out. The colour selection is pretty much perfect if you love a subtle rose or peach hue. I’ve been very happily wearing both the blushes and the lipsticks and they’re up with the best budget releases I’ve seen in a while.

The Spring IsaDora line is available on stands nationwide (list here) or online here

*This review contains samples but it also contains no b******t

So girls, do you use IsaDora much and do you like the look of their new releases?


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  • Agreed, very easy to wear!

  • Ah you should give them a go so!

  • I’ve never heard of this brand but those lip products look amazing x

  • Ms Tantrum

    These blushers are so pretty. Love how u have placed them on the photo. These lipsticks look amazing on u.

    Just started following u on Bloglovin.

    Ash |
    Instagram | ms_tantrum

  • Everything’s so nice! Are they only available in Ireland?

    • No they seem to be in most of Europe and available online too!

  • Woah those lipstick shades are beautiful! I love my pinks and Nudes x

  • Ah I’m all over these lip products the colours are fabulous xx siobhan

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Those lip colours are just absolutely stunning and I can’t believe I’ve never come across the brand until now x

  • All 3 lip colours are very wearable! The blushes look very wearable but I’d like a bit more pigmentation xx


  • fashion for lunch

    I love the blushers! They look just stunning!

  • The blushers and lipsticks are gorgeous and have been looking forward to this post since yesterday when I watched you InstaStories. I checked their website and unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada.

  • I can’t get over how pretty those lip colours are!!!

  • I’ve never heard of this brand before – really interesting

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Pharmer’s Journal

    I’m loving these as well!
    Isadora definitely gets overlooked as a brand. Although I feel a lot of their stands in pharmacies don’t get updated too frequently either. I’m so impressed with the liquid lipstick for the price – nowhere near as drying as I expected.
    Hope you’ve a lovely weekend!


  • I have a powder by IsaDora that I like a lot, but other than that I tend to overlook the brand, just like you do. which is a shame, all the things I pick up I end up liking.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking