Ask the Experts! Must Have Spring Palettes

Ask the Experts! Must Have Spring Palettes

Today is the first day of the brand new post series, Ask the Experts! Every week I’ll feature a new question and get my top team of bloggers to give you some great advice! The Ask the Experts Team are: Viva Adonis, Miss Makeup Magpie, The Beauty Milk and Ol’...
Glowing Cheeks on the Cheap

Glowing Cheeks on the Cheap

I promised another NYC post about their latest collection and here it is. Today is all about the cheeks and two little beauties under a fiver to get you looking all glowing and pretty for Spring. NoLiTa Pink Cheek Glow Blush is a pretty embossed powder blusher with a hint of...
Who knows about your blog?

Who knows about your blog?

Blogging is an amazing past time and a pleasure to either create or just to browse as a reader. But I have noticed there’s a distinct divide in blogging between people who are very vocal about being  a blogger and those who prefer to keep things a little quieter. Now...
YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

Yowza. There’s something very exciting when you try out a really beautiful product from a luxury brand and this little number, YSL’s Babydoll Kiss & Blush, is one such beauty. As soon as I opened the packaging, I loved the look and feel of it. Now I need to get...
Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks for Spring

Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks for Spring

Spring brings about some of the most fun and pretty products of the year and I’ve been lucky enough to try out a whole host of them, including today’s collection. I’d heard about  The Body Shop lippies a few times, often about how their Colour Crush lippie in shade 105...
Hyped Products that you just don't like? Share yours!

Hyped Products that you just don’t like? Share yours!

  I’ve bought a lot of makeup over the years and that means I’ve succumbed to the mystical powers of product hype more times than I care to mention. Sometimes, the hype is warranted but other times, I’m left a bit puzzled and wonder if I’m being a fussy so...
NEW! Ask the Experts Weekly Posts - Come Meet the Girls!

NEW! Ask the Experts Weekly Posts – Come Meet the Girls!

I always have tons of beauty questions I want  to ask my fellow beauty bloggers. From their favourite mascaras, powders, foundations, techniques for application, good dupes, top products, skincare advice, blogging tips and all other matters of randomness – I want to know it all. So I thought that if...
Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Doesn’t this look good enough to eat? I’m trying to stay off the sweeties so maybe that’s why I’m giving this duo a double take, but you can’t deny the cuteness of this pair from Bomb Cosmetics. I’d spotted various cuteness from the brand dotted around many a chemist in...
NYC Intense Lip Colours - Cheap as Chips and just as Tasty

NYC Intense Lip Colours – Cheap as Chips and just as Tasty

Ah I’m seriously loving all the great Spring collections coming out over the past few weeks and these new beauties from NYC are no exception. In fact, all the NYC Spring collection is simply gorgeous and I’ll be featuring more of it in some upcoming posts so keep an eagle...

christmas kisses lush

Well hello there you lovely lot, it’s officially just over 2 weeks to Christmas and as it’s a Monday and you’re no doubt sitting in work counting down the days to your holidays, it’s time for another little competition to cheer you up!

On offer today for one lucky winner is the Christmas Kisses gift from one of my absolute favourite brands, Lush. In the Christmas Kisses set you get their Bubblegum Lip Scrub (full of edible hearts) and Santa Baby Lip Tint (check out my previous review here, they’re AMAZING) plus you also get a honey trap lip balm and Chou Chou I love you Toothy Tabs.

santa's lip scrub lush santa's scrub and santa baby lush


santa's lip scrub on

If you fancy the perfect Christmas pout, this competition is open in for all UK and Ireland readers and you can enter below!

The competition closes on Friday so get your entries in now!
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  • Indra

    Lip scrub sounds like an amazing thing right now, I’m skankalicious! <– totally a word! :D

  • Nikki Gallagher

    I would love to win because I love lip products and this looks gorgeous xx
    Congratulations on your announcement this morning xx. Exciting times ahead xx

  • Karie Murray

    Love it!

  • Andrea Doran

    Great Prize!

  • Katie Power

    Fantastic prize. I love lush products!

  • Laughingirl

    I’d love to win this cos my lips are really suffering this winter & could do with some serious TLC!

  • Kerrie ONeill

    Liplicious! i would love this :D

  • charlene

    Would love this, fab prize :)

  • bridget douglas

    This looks great! I would love to win this because my lips need some serious pampering before Christmas! Thanks :-)

  • Amy J

    I’d love to win this proze because I love Lush!! Every christmas my sister gets me a little set and its always my favourite present :)

  • Karen Hayes

    you had me at Lush!!! oh dear Lord I love everything about Lush

  • Shygirl

    I’d love this as I don’t have a Lush near me and I love their stuff.

  • debbie cleary

    Well,I’ve yet to find the perfect lip product so I’d be very interested to see how this fares!

  • Sarah Lowry

    I would LOVE to win this as I am a relative newbie when it comes to all things Lush & my lips are currently in bits from the cold weather & the fact I bit my lips when stressed.. (I know I know, ewww!)

  • Claire

    The Lip scrub with the heart’s in looks fantastic – a girl can never have enough lip scrub!

  • Roisin Sheridan

    OOh my lips are in bits this winter, need this.

  • Suez

    oooh, what a lovely prize! I’d love to win because my lips always gets really knackered over winter and need a bit of extra care – these would be just the ticket! :)

  • f brown

    ive been suffering from scarily chapped lips, maybe this will do the trick and i LOVE the colour

  • dianeredcay

    I have been looking for something like this Im a school bus driver and in & out of the cold 4 xs a day my lips just peel This could help

  • Breige Flynn

    My lips are in dire condition and need some TLC! What could be better than some lovely Lush goodies?

  • Kathleen Doran

    I would love to win this prize, because I Lust after Lush! I would love to pamper my lips with Bubblegum Lip Scrub (full of edible hearts) and Santa Baby Lip Tint, then slather them with the honey trap lip balm and finish off with Chou Chou I love you Toothy Tabs!

  • Bloomzy

    I would love to win this because I am a lip balm addict, and a bit of a Lush one too! I’ve tried their lip scrubs but never bought one so I’d be so excited to finally own one.

  • BernadetteNolan

    Love to win as love lush products

  • Beauty Angel

    I’ve wanted that Santa scrub for ages!

  • Leanne Broderick

    I haven’t had a chance to get into town to pick this up, I’m dying to try it! I have the mint julips one and I’ve turned myself off the taste haha, sometimes I’m just not up for minty. But this is cola right? I don’t think I’d mind that.. :P Great competition by the way!

  • Nora

    Come win or lose, I just have to get my hands on this! Looks like the ultimate scrub!

  • Tricia C

    Bubblegum Lip Scrub (full of edible hearts) <—– That is why I wanna win. Lil edible hearts, too cute!x

  • The Little Blog of Beauty

    I love lip products, I have so many, but there’s always room for more!

  • abigail

    Love lush! It would be great to win myself a little present

  • Kathleen – Squidgy Moments

    Id love to win this prize because I’ve actually never used a LUSH product before and this looks fab! Xxx

  • Miss Green Eyes

    I have never tried anything from lush either! Thank you for the competitionx

  • Mairead

    I need this, love lush!

  • debi

    I love Lush products and the lip balms smell and taste amazing

  • Fiona Darcy

    Love the sound of this! Fab.

  • Yaz

    Been wanting to try this for ages! My lips are always so dry, I’m deffo gonna get some if I don’t win x

  • Aoife Mooney

    time to get get lippy this Christmas!! mwah!

  • Hannah Lucey

    I would, like everyone else, really love to win this, so fingers crossed ^_^

  • Makeupfortheinept

    I would love to win this and everyone seems to love it and sounds so yummy! xx

  • Darcy Cameron

    would love to try this :)

  • Amy bennett

    Because I am absolutely in love with lush, I get so excited this time of year, especially when snow fairy flutters her candy pink wings at me :)