Ask the Experts! Must Have Spring Palettes

Ask the Experts! Must Have Spring Palettes

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Glowing Cheeks on the Cheap

Glowing Cheeks on the Cheap

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Who knows about your blog?

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YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

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Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks for Spring

Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks for Spring

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Hyped Products that you just don't like? Share yours!

Hyped Products that you just don’t like? Share yours!

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NEW! Ask the Experts Weekly Posts - Come Meet the Girls!

NEW! Ask the Experts Weekly Posts – Come Meet the Girls!

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Afternoon Tea

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NYC Intense Lip Colours - Cheap as Chips and just as Tasty

NYC Intense Lip Colours – Cheap as Chips and just as Tasty

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topshop twister lip balm

Ah she’s finally lost it you’re thinking, having blogged about everything under the sun she’s finally resorted to random novelty buys. Well frankly, when you review a lot of products weird ones tend to catch your eye so I couldn’t resist this Twister lip balm from Topshop! I’ll say it right now, this isn’t a product every girl desperately needs in their handbag, in fact, it’s random and mad, but I’m a big kid so I needed to see if this was as sickly sweet and delicious as I was hoping it would be!

Packaging wise, it’s as cute as a button and at €4.50, at least it’s not going to break the bank. But the question is, is it even worth the €4.50 to begin with?

twister lipbalm

Well firstly, it does indeed smell like a Twister ice cream which is no bad thing, especially now since it’s too cold for me to eat one or stick my head in the freezer to sniff the real deal. The balm itself it a pretty bright pink shade that has a similar feel as a Maybelline Baby Lips but without the same sheen. It isn’t going to cure cracked lips or other woes, but it felt comfortable on and thankfully, not cheap. I thought this would be a clear balm so I was happy to discover it actually has a pink tint that looks very natural but quite nice on and would easily be a day time shade I’d use.

walls twister lipbalm

But is it essential? Is there a hundred better balms on the market? Well it’s certainly not a must have, but it’s cute, it’s different and it smells like an iconic Irish ice pop. I’d actually think this would make a cute stocking filler or a great pressie for mates who are living abroad and miss things like the smell of a humble Twister. So yes, it’s worth the €4.50, but only if you see the fun side!

So girls, do you think this is ridiculous or are you strangely drawn to it?

 topshop twister lipbalm

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  • Andreea

    Looks lovely, i have finally popped my Topshop cherry – got a cream blusher online. Cant wait to try it!

    • Makeup Monster

      Ohh lovely can’t wait to see your review!

  • Breige Flynn

    I’ve actually wanted this all summer! Will be on the look out for it

    • Makeup Monster

      Ah brilliant glad I’m not the only one!:)

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    That’s brilliant!! Are there other flavours? :)

    • Makeup Monster

      I’m certain I saw coke ones as well and possibly others!

  • Hannah Lucey

    Jesus, id love a twister now, seriously its raining but I’d buy one if it was close at hand

    • Makeup Monster

      Haha me too!

  • Jo

    I saw the coke, sprite & fanta ones in BHS yesterday and thought they would be fab for pressies, now I want this one too :)

    • Makeup Monster

      Ah brill I want to try the coke ones!

  • Meghan

    I really love reading your reviews. Seriously. I don’t know what twister you mean but I am so curious.


    • Makeup Monster

      Haha thanks a million, twister’s are an icepop/icecream mix over here that are delicious!

  • Beauty Bird

    I can’t say this lip balm has ever called to me before, although I think the fact it’s tinted makes it more appealing. Definitely a good stocking filler or beauty swap product for someone abroad xxx

    • Makeup Monster

      Exactly it has the cute factor that would work well for gifts!

  • Stephanie (polishedandprimed.c

    Love the novelty of these Lipsmacker things! They always used to have the Coke, Fanta and 7up ones in Penneys for a bit cheaper so if they get these ones in I may pick up a few :) I think there is a Feast one as well!

    • Makeup Monster

      I’ve seen them in Pennys too! Wow would love to try the Feast one!

  • Nurse Fancy Pants

    That’s a fantastic stocking filler idea! Thanks so much for doing this post, I’m going to pick one up for my sis in law, who’s living abroad :)

    • Makeup Monster

      Ah brill so delighted this post went down well:)

  • Nora

    Your great for the novelty posts! Love this and it’s a perfect treat!

    • Makeup Monster

      Haha thrilled it’s appreciated:)

  • Beauty Angel

    Love it! Completely unnecessary but love it

    • Makeup Monster

      Haha exactly!

  • Makeup Monster

    Yeah very!

  • A. Snowbunny

    Oh I love Twisters! When I visited Ireland a couple of times as a teenager (yeeeeaaars ago), they were my favorite treat- danged if I could remember what they were called though so now I can rave about them with a name attached:-)

    • Makeup Monster

      Haha ahh that’s great!

  • Miss Makeup Magpie

    I would love this! I wasn’t at all impressed by the Baby Lips but this actually looks cuter, and the tint is lovely – oh and not forgetting the lush scent! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • Makeup Monster

      Haha it’s not life changing but anything that smells like Twisters wins in my book!

  • Makeup Monster

    Oh dear that’s not cool!

  • Cora

    I’m always on the lookout for a good ole lip balm, I’m on a tight budget at the moment so I dunno if I could really justify this =P haha x

    • Makeup Monster

      For real moisturisation, this prob isn’t the one for you but it does smell good:)

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Oh yes, it looks really cute indeed :-) I am such a sucker for pretty packaging.

    • Makeup Monster

      Me too!

  • Makeup Monster

    I’m definitely going to have a Twister!!:)

  • Ah Sure Tis Lovely

    Honestly I’m not that bothered about twister ice creams, but I do love a novelty lip balm. I don’t know what it is but I buy loads of them, I have a lot of the Mad Beauty balms and glosses.

    • Makeup Monster

      Haha I think the novelty sometimes is too much to resist!

  • Nida Moughal

    It looks nice but a no no for me =)

    • Makeup Monster

      Ah that’s fair enough:)

  • Megan Leigh

    Being that Twister is one of my fave ice lollies I would so be drawn in too.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    • Makeup Monster

      ah brill!

  • Belle Morte Beauty

    Awh this looks so cute! I used to seriously love Tangle Twisters back in the day – is it my imagination though or are they not as nice as they used be be back years ago? Probably just me!

    Btw, you have fantastic shaped lips!! :D Just perfect!

    Belle Morte Beauty

    • Makeup Monster

      Ah thanks I’ve been trying to get in contact with you to send you that Skin79 over!

  • Leanne Broderick

    No way! That’s great, I’d love to pick one of them up. Shame it doesn’t taste like a Twister though! Actually that’s probably a good thing because I’d end up licking it off every five minutes!

    Leanne | |

  • Temporary:Secretary

    I have been eyeing these lipsalves up but I find that products like this tend to make my lips more dehydrated. I do like having things like this in my handbag though, it’s strange but you know when you’re in the car and all of a sudden, there’s a really bad smell… i get the lip balm out and practically shove it up my nose! x