Factor 50 Love

Factor 50 Love

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Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara

Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara

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Ask the Experts! Must Have Spring Palettes

Ask the Experts! Must Have Spring Palettes

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Glowing Cheeks on the Cheap

Glowing Cheeks on the Cheap

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Who knows about your blog?

Who knows about your blog?

Blogging is an amazing past time and a pleasure to either create or just to browse as a reader. But I have noticed there’s a distinct divide in blogging between people who are very vocal about being  a blogger and those who prefer to keep things a little quieter. Now...
YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

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Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks for Spring

Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks for Spring

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Hyped Products that you just don't like? Share yours!

Hyped Products that you just don’t like? Share yours!

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NEW! Ask the Experts Weekly Posts - Come Meet the Girls!

NEW! Ask the Experts Weekly Posts – Come Meet the Girls!

I always have tons of beauty questions I want  to ask my fellow beauty bloggers. From their favourite mascaras, powders, foundations, techniques for application, good dupes, top products, skincare advice, blogging tips and all other matters of randomness – I want to know it all. So I thought that if...
NYC Intense Lip Colours - Cheap as Chips and just as Tasty

NYC Intense Lip Colours – Cheap as Chips and just as Tasty

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how much information do you share online

I realised that I seem to be in the minority online. I have a blog, I’m on Twitter, but when it comes to sharing information or posting up pictures, I’m not the girl to turn to. You won’t find a picture of my full face on the blog, my profile picture on Twitter is my Makeup Monster cartoon. I don’t use Facebook, I find the endless array of selfies on Instagram frankly a little cringe-worthy sometimes and I tend to keep myself to myself in the online world. But am I a hermit?

No not at all, well I don’t think so at least. I’m a normal, outgoing girl and I don’t look too shabby, I just really don’t like putting up personal information online. I know I’m in the vast minority when it comes to blogging or social media and I know most readers prefer to see a full face in reviews, I certainly do, but I just won’t do it. The Sunday Girl is the only other blogger I can think of off the top of my head that also doesn’t put her face up online really and she’s done very well for herself but sometimes I feel it’s to my detriment. There’s nothing wrong with me so it’s not that I’m shy or not confident, I just don’t want my full face forever online roaming around Google.

Not being on Facebook is probably another of the times where I fall into the online abyss although my fiance and I decided together to not join when it first came around and at this stage, we’re both glad we ignored it. I know it’s a great tool for far away friends but the rumours of people always trying to outdo each other with updates or stalking people on it is enough to make me not be arsed. In truth I find Twitter fun and informative but I never would’ve created an account if I didn’t have a blog to be honest. But it has been a great tool for connecting with other bloggers and I love the interaction I get through my blog.

But am I alone out there? Are you a modern girl on every type of social media posting images and information to the world and proud of it or like me do you like to keep more to yourself? Or more importantly have you ever regretted sharing information online or do you get fed up with seeing other people overshare?

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  • AgentSmyth

    I have Facebook and enjoy it for keeping in touch with friends and family, as I moved away for uni and never went home so it’s nice to be able to put pics of my children on my private FB and have my family just take them from there rather than me emailing them all the same pics individually. I only created a Twitter account for the blog though and like you I don’t like pictures of myself on the blog, I think there’s about 2 and that’s it but I’m not your usual beautiful beauty blogger which is why. I don’t post pics of my kids on the blog or twitter though because I think they should be able to choose for themselves whether they’re on the internet or not, not have me choose for them. I don’t link my private accounts and my blog either, the two are very seperate for me.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Nice idea keeping things separate and you look great in your pic so don’t talk yourself down!

  • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

    Great comment Laura!

  • http://emmabebeauty.blogspot.ie/ Emma Be Beauty

    I am the exact same. Don’t show my face. Also I was just recently required by work to get a Facebook and Google+ but I use it strictly for business. I do like seeing pics of bloggers though and perhaps my anonymity is harming my blog but hey, its just for fun so its no big deal.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Great to see I’m not the only one! I like seeing pics of other bloggers too though:)

  • MakeupOverMind

    At this stage I wish I’d given more thought to how much I would share on the blog when I started, but when I also do videos it’s hard to hide much! I try not to overshare, but for certain product reviews I find it hard to get a feel for a product without seeing it up-close and in the overall context of someone’s face to see colouring etc – maybe that’s just me though! I like to think I’m selective about it, but I wish I’d taken your approach from the beginning picture-wise.

    I love Facebook though, and I share a lot on there, no more than I do in person which is why I’ll only be ‘friends’ with someone I know. ‘If I wouldn’t stop and have a conversation in real-life’ – that’s my criteria. I’ve never actually gotten the stalking thing out of it, but I think what I share is an accurate representation of me – very open!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      I think that’s a great way to judge, if you’d happily talk about it in conversation then you’re being true to what you share online! And yes totally agree for some products you need to see them on, I just crop the hell out of them:)

  • http://mysteppingstonemedia.blogspot.ie/ My Stepping Stone Media

    I thought I was one of the few to put very little about myself online –
    especially when it comes to my blog. I have given minimal information
    about myself on my blog and I don’t put pictures of myself on my blog
    either. My twitter account is linked to my blog and that’s why the
    picture there is the duck from my blog. The only thing that has a photo
    of me that references my blog is my google+ account which I rarely use. I
    have a seperate personal face book page, but share very little personal
    information on it and don’t use it for the blog. Even then I do have a
    number of privacy settings in place on my face book page.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Good to see there’s a lot more people like me out there!

  • http://miss-greeneyes.blogspot.com/ Miss Green Eyes

    I do have a profile picture on twitter, the one I use for this stuff is filtered, and despite having and deleting facebook multiple times, I do have a page. I find it invaluable since I had the twins, I use it almost solely for keeping in touch with friends/family or people I’ve gotten to know through blogging that I genuinely really like. I don’t put pictures of events or nights out up, I’ve a few pictures of the kids on. My husband doesn’t like it so he doesn’t have one. I use it a lot for a parenting group, I chat with a great bunch of ladies every day and we all share concerns and ideas, other than that I don’t bother looking at the homepage. With regard to the blog, I only put my face on if it’s really necessary, but it’s rare that I’d do that. I wouldn’t do youtube videos and I don’t do selfies, I’d be mortified.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Sounds like you have a good balance and did I mention your babies are just adorable!

  • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

    Ah glad you like it and I think everyone is probably more careful now than when they were a teenager!

  • http://www.dollyrouge.ie/ Kat (dollyrouge.ie)

    This is a very good post and food for thought for new bloggers starting out. You have to consider what’s right for you and not just do something because everyone else is doing it. Once you put something out there, you can’t grab it back. There’s nothing worse than regrets. Unfortunately the younger generation are growing up seeing the likes of Fleur de Force and Sprinkle of Glitter sharing nearly every minute of their day, and thinking that’s the norm. I hope they realise that the big YouTube vloggers are being PAID to do this, and are really just reality TV stars online. If that’s what you aspire to, then that’s fine, but you need to be prepared for if things go wrong. Think: Slane Girl.

    I like to think I’m on the conservative side when it comes to sharing online. I never put up anything I’m not comfortable with an audience/prospective employers/friends and family/trolls seeing. My personal Facebook is private, and I’m thinking of making my Twitter that way too. You can find a middle ground between being a totally open book and wearing a tinfoil hat. Do whatever’s right for you :)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Great comment Kat and totally agree with you!

  • http://www.missmakeupmagpie.com/ Miss Makeup Magpie

    GREAT post! I never show my face on my blog.. not because I’m ashamed of the way I look, it’s more that I want people to enjoy my blog for its content rather than the way I look. I know some bloggers who take every post as an oppurtunity to take 100 photo’s of themselves. I keep my personal information down to a minimum as I don’t need to share everything! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Completely agree Gemma I’m not interested in putting up the prettiest photos of me on a post!

  • http://polishedandprimed.com/ Stephanie Barry

    I have a Facebook but have become fed up with it and only really use it to share a funny GIF now and then and occasionally post my YouTube videos. I had Twitter for years but only started tweeting when I started my blog! Which is how I came across a lot of blogs that I love to read now so I find it handy that way.

    I don’t mind sharing pictures of myself and if I’m reading a blog or looking for a review on something beauty related, I always like to see it being used on the face. To each their own though! As long as people are aware of online safety and know where to draw the line, I think they can do what they like :)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Great comment Stephanie and totally agree Twitter is priceless for putting you in touch with other bloggers!

  • Nora

    To be honest I think you are proof that you don’t need your face everywhere. You do perfectly good and legitimate reviews without a full face. I do like social media, all types but you really have to be careful nowadays in terms of privacy and it also depends on the job you are in too. I see both sides though, I often get sick of people’s selfies but that still doesn’t stop me looking at them or liking them. In the beginning, I was totally against putting my face up but have sort of opened up a bit more. I don’t know though, it’s really a hard thing to get right I think!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      I agree, I guess there is no right way, it’s whatever feels comfortable for you!:)

  • http://www.theretrosuitcase.blogspot.ie/ Eimear Mc Keown

    When I set up a Facebook account for my blog (not on Twitter yet), I took a selfie for the profile picture. Oh it was cringey, I really don’t think I’m cool or young enough for selfies! I don’t post photos of my face when I’m writing beauty reviews but you will see my mug when I put up an outfit post. When it comes to my personal Facebook account, my settings are as private as they can be, I actually don’t think you could find me unless we have a mutual friend. My acceptance of ‘friends’ is as strict as my settings. Lovely new acquaintance? Yes. But person who I went to school with who never spoke to me or work colleague who I barely know? No. To be honest, I’m shocked at the amount of people who have completely public Facebook/Twitter profiles. Sharing such personal information online is bloody dangerous!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Yeah totally think it’s a good idea to not add on random old colleagues friends you weren’t really friends with etc.!:)

  • Karen (lovelygirliebits)

    Great post missus. I see where you’re coming from and I try to keep my personal Facebook page exactly that and to be honest, I don’t use it that often. When it comes to the blog and Twitter though, I do share a bit more in terms of photos of myself etc. I think of it as running a business at this point now, as well as being a brilliant hobby and I blog as if I’m my reader. I primarily read blogs that have lots of photos that they’ve taken themselves and if I’m reading a review of a mascara or foundation, I want to see it in action because as well as being a blogger, I’m a buyer! (I know, how much makeup does one lunatic need?!) And I’ll search for photos of the product I’m looking for until I find great ones.

    In saying that, I’m not a fan of the aul selfie and you won’t see many of those on my twitter or instagram, mainly because I’d be scarlet sitting there posing into a camera when I’m out and about!

    For moi, Temptalia is the queen of the blogosphere and treats the whole thing as a business in that we don’t know a huge amount about her personal life, but she’s there every day on the blog churning out the amazing posts with swatches and makeup looks. I think at the end of the day it’s ok to do whatever you’re comfortable with. We’ll always have those people who post photos of themselves in next to nothing with lots of filters on Instagram and as long as they’re happy, so be it (I’ll just be unfollowing them ;) )

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Great comment Karen and totally agree with you, it’s what you’re comfortable with giving out to the world!

  • Kathleen

    I have to say I am a sharer. I put pics of myself on my blog and twitter. But I don’t share personal feelings about family/friends/my bf etc. I use FB a lot for sharing pics ESP after living abroad but everything is private to my friends only xx


    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Sounds like a nice balance Kathleen!

  • trona

    I very rarely put out personal information on the internetz unless I think it’s helpful to others, eg. my post about being pregnant with a disability. One of my main gripes about it is people only show what they want to show, and more often than not it’s an idealised version of them. Others then reading the blog buy into this, especially younger girls, and idolise some bloggers. And more often than not some bloggers are using pretty high end products, I worry about the message this sends out to young, impressionable girls.


    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Great comment Trona and yes I think it sometimes heavily edited or photoshopped blog photos and products that look perfect on people every time can be a little disheartening to some girls, I think it’s only fair to be open and honest!

  • Claire Kane

    I fall somewhere in the middle. I tweet blog stuff from my personal account, but I rarely get into actual personal things. I only post images of my face when I’m reviewing or mini reviewing on instagram lipsticks, eyeshadows etc. because personally, I like to see what it actually looks like on. With my facebook page; I don’t interlink my personal one with my “business” page and currently I rarely post a picture of myself. I do like blogs with a face but at the same time, yours is one of my absolute favourites and I didn’t even notice the lack of personalisation. That’s obviously because the quality of your reviews is so high.

    Like I said I think I found a balance between faceless and personal. I think it is important to avoid revealing too much about ourselves.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah thank you Claire that means a lot! Sounds like you have found a nice balance and that’s the right way to go!

  • RealSleepingBeauty

    I started my blog after I was diagnosed with a Neurological Disorder. My condition meant that I could no longer work, and this has driven me almost demented. Without the outlet of my blog to vent and to speak my mind (and to give me something to focus on) I’m not sure what I would be doing! Because of the personal nature of my blog, I have to delve into my life more than other blogs I guess? Because my life-experience is the subject matter!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a trained makeup artist and have a Degree in Interior Architecture, so there are smatterings of non-personal posts that are Beauty related/DIY and Home related and lately, as another way to spend my hours, I’ve started to add recipes too. These are all impersonal and opinion-based posts. Which, if it weren’t for my condition, is all that my blog would contain!

    But my blog is a Personal Interest blog, so to do that without getting personal defeats the purpose :D haha! With regards to other people in my life though, I never give their names. Everyone has a nickname and I feel that that is only right, seeing as they didn’t start a blog, I did!! And when it comes to photos; My banner on my blog has my photo on it. If I’m reading a news piece, chances are there’ll be a little photo of the journalist under the header… I feel the same way about my photo. But when it comes to reviews/swatches/tutorials; it’s generally a cropped image of the area in question, as opposed to a full-on selfie ;)

    Great post, can’t wait to read more!


    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Great comment and I’m delighted for you that the blog has proven such an outlet when unfortunately you’re unable to work. Look forward to having a read of your blog now!

  • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

    Totally agree it’s what is best for each person!:)

  • http://nothingspaces.com Carina

    I like posting face photos, since I feel like it helps me explain my points better + it helps other people see the product in action, too. I’ve been blogging and oversharing (haha) online since I was a teenager so it’s nothing new to me. I get why people are iffy about it, though, and at the end of the day it’s really about respecting everyone else’s decisions and ways about doing things, I think. :)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Definitely each to their own Carina:)

  • http://myfacehatesme.wordpress.com/ Cora

    I’m somewhere in the middle, I don’t mind putting pictures of myself up but that’s the full extent of it. I don’t provide information about where I live, too much about my personal life etc. Maybe a bit more on Facebook, but I don’t have my full name on that either and only add people I know.

  • Ciara

    I would never put up something i would regret anyways although sometimes that’s hard to determine in the hub of the moment.
    Ciara x