Who knows about your blog?

Who knows about your blog?

Blogging is an amazing past time and a pleasure to either create or just to browse as a reader. But I have noticed there’s a distinct divide in blogging between people who are very vocal about being  a blogger and those who prefer to keep things a little quieter. Now...
YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush

Yowza. There’s something very exciting when you try out a really beautiful product from a luxury brand and this little number, YSL’s Babydoll Kiss & Blush, is one such beauty. As soon as I opened the packaging, I loved the look and feel of it. Now I need to get...
Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks for Spring

Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks for Spring

Spring brings about some of the most fun and pretty products of the year and I’ve been lucky enough to try out a whole host of them, including today’s collection. I’d heard about  The Body Shop lippies a few times, often about how their Colour Crush lippie in shade 105...
Hyped Products that you just don't like? Share yours!

Hyped Products that you just don’t like? Share yours!

  I’ve bought a lot of makeup over the years and that means I’ve succumbed to the mystical powers of product hype more times than I care to mention. Sometimes, the hype is warranted but other times, I’m left a bit puzzled and wonder if I’m being a fussy so...
NEW! Ask the Experts Weekly Posts - Come Meet the Girls!

NEW! Ask the Experts Weekly Posts – Come Meet the Girls!

I always have tons of beauty questions I want  to ask my fellow beauty bloggers. From their favourite mascaras, powders, foundations, techniques for application, good dupes, top products, skincare advice, blogging tips and all other matters of randomness – I want to know it all. So I thought that if...
Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Doesn’t this look good enough to eat? I’m trying to stay off the sweeties so maybe that’s why I’m giving this duo a double take, but you can’t deny the cuteness of this pair from Bomb Cosmetics. I’d spotted various cuteness from the brand dotted around many a chemist in...
NYC Intense Lip Colours - Cheap as Chips and just as Tasty

NYC Intense Lip Colours – Cheap as Chips and just as Tasty

Ah I’m seriously loving all the great Spring collections coming out over the past few weeks and these new beauties from NYC are no exception. In fact, all the NYC Spring collection is simply gorgeous and I’ll be featuring more of it in some upcoming posts so keep an eagle...

blogging and work

I count blogging as a job, albeit one that pays with pretty products and comments rather than cold hard cash each month. If I could do it as a full time job, I’d jump at the chance as I find the whole process of running a site, writing posts and the photography and design elements hugely gratifying and creative, especially for a girl who did Journalism with the hopes of writing for some sort of publication. Blogging for me is one of my jobs, and one where I’m the boss which is very cool. I put it on my CV’s and it’s opened up all sorts of doors for me so far.

But during the day time, I’m working part time in PR. Part time works means I’ve loads of time to do others things I like and blog to by heart’s content, all the while still having the few days of structure and all important pay to keep me going. I get to work with beauty products which is fantastic and the job came about through my contacts with the blog, which is amazing. I love my part time work and it also makes me appreciate the hard work the PR girls who I deal with through the blog carry out on a daily basis. Even more, since I was job hunting for what seemed like eternity, it’s fantastic to have a job now and I don’t take it for granted.

So I know not all of you may want to share, but I’d love to know your other jobs apart from blogging or if you’re a student or on the job hunt like I was for so long? And how does it fit alongside your blogging, do you struggle to have enough time to blog?


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  • Kathleen – Squidgy Moments

    Love this! My alter ego is a Marketing Professional with a focus on digital! So I’m lucky to work in the same area as my blog! In Canada I was the social media manager for Disney Junior!

    I’m also a travel journalist for Tour America and that came from me having my blog! :)

    It has opened a lot of doors for me and is a huge aspect of my CV! :)

    http://www.squidgymoments.ie xxx

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      That’s brill Kathleen you’re a lucky lady and very cool that you once did the social media for Disney junior!

  • http://emmabebeauty.blogspot.ie/ Emma Be Beauty

    This is fun! I am a masters student and also a blogger for a business website.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Brill Emma what’s your masters in?

      • http://emmabebeauty.blogspot.ie/ Emma Be Beauty

        Like a lot of these girls it seems, marketing. I feel lucky to have a blogging job also especially in Ireland. PR sounds really fun too.

        • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

          Yeah you’re very lucky!!

  • Rachael Stewart

    Love this post! I’m a pharmacist :) I love my job but sometimes I find it hard to fit my blogging schedule around it as I can work about 50 hours a week! But I also love the fact that I have access to lots of makeup and skincare brands in the pharmacy that I work in, and a 25% discount is quite nice too :) xx


    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Oh that discount is very nice, I love looking around pharmacies, can’t help myself! Fair play on fitting in the blogging with your long working hours

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    Love this post!! ;) I’m working in marketing part time but unfortunately nothing to do with the beauty industry. I’d love to do blogging full time though!


    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      I know, me too! Maybe one day eh?

  • daisychaindream

    I work as a phlebotomist almost full time. I wouldn’t give it up for all the blog money in the world. Fab post!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Very interesting job cab see why you wouldn’t want to give it up!

  • Not_Just_Inside

    I’m a full time mammy at the moment, this will all soon change as my other half has just been made redundant.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      That’s a hard job in itself, really hope things pick up for you or the partner job wise it’s very tough out there at the moment

  • AgentSmyth

    I’m a stay at home mummy! I’d love a job though but can’t, so blogging keeps me sane during the days :) I don’t get anything out of blogging except satisfaction and pleasure, so I suppose it’s more of a hobby for me maybe?

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      And what a hobby!

  • Saranne Murray

    I’m the sales and marketing administrator for LloydsPharmacy. Its so busy I havent had time to blog in a while :( boooo

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Great job though, hope you have time to get back to blogging soon!

      • Saranne Murray

        I’m hoping to post something later. I leave when its dark and I get home when its dark so that doesnt help! weekends I just sleep cause I’m wrecked haha

        • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

          Ah you poor thing winter isn’t the best time anyway for blogging, maybe try again after crimbo!

  • http://www.writingwhimsy.com/ writingwhimsy

    PhD student, not always the best “job” for blogging but that’s why I need to learn to schedule posts!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      I’m rubbish at scheduling posts and I have the time so don’t feel bad!

  • Eimear Mc Keown

    Hello! My first comment but I’ve been reading your posts (and loving them!) for a good while now. I also studied journalism and currently work as a news & broadcast assistant with iRadio. Constantly on the lookout for broadcast journalism positions but I would also love to blog full time. Been meaning to improve my blog design and write more posts for so long but I’m so tired these days and the darks mornings and evenings certainty don’t help! Your job sounds wonderful!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah thanks for commenting Eimear and reading the blog! Your job sounds great and I know how hard it is to find good ones! I’m finding it hard to blog too, the light is crap, it gets dark so early and I’m lazy!!

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    I work at La Durée, so I sell macaroons. I studied something entirely different though (English, French and history) but I could not be picky as I just moved here from Belgium and the Swiss are not that welcoming towards foreigners when it comes to handing out jobs… That said, I do like my job a lot. I mean, macaroons, hello! :-)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Now that’s a cool job!! I’m assuming you refrain from eating them every day!!

  • trona

    Hello! I havent been able to work (paid anyway) for quite a while due to disability. I was doing an MA (in art history) then I took a break because I was receiving a lot of treatment for chronic pain. Now I’m pregnant and considering a PhD, oh and I do some voluntary stuff for Open Uni students association xx

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Hi Trona! Well treating your pain is the most important thing, and concentrating on the fact there’s a beautiful baby on the way. Sounds like you really keep busy:)

      • trona

        I try, I think all us bloggers like to keep busy :) x

  • Rikki Poynter

    I don’t have one. Society here treats d/Deaf/HOH people like sh!t and it’s two/three times harder for us to find even the simplest jobs.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah very sorry Rikki I have no experience of that with anyone I know but I understand it could be extremely difficult for you. I really hope you find a great job one day

  • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

    Ahh sounds like you’re extremely busy and congrats on the new position coming up in your dad’s company!

    • Kaelyn

      Thank you! Yes I’m extremely busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way right now.

  • http://www.dollyrouge.ie/ Kat (dollyrouge.ie)

    Great post topic!! I love finding out about the people behind the blogs, and seeing how hard they work. I’m currently back to full time study for an MSc in medicinal chemistry. Just call me Heisenkat ;)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Haha love the new name! You must be working very hard at the mo

  • http://auroralapetite.wordpress.com/ auroralapetite

    My alter ego is very boring- I work as an administrator and customer service agent.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Nothing wrong with that!!

  • http://bellemortebeauty.blogspot.ie/ Belle Morte Beauty

    Congrats on the job – I never knew you were in PR! That’s brilliant – delighted to hear that your blog has opened up so many doors for you – what a great story complete with happy ending! :D I started out in journalism but these days I’m a freelance Makeup Artist so hoping to spend lots more time on my blog now that I don’t have fixed working hours anymore. I’m hoping to go back to college next year though as mature (eeek!) student to do law, but til then I’m all about the makeups! :D

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah brilliant, I did a makeup course but nothing came of it, was great fun though!

  • http://makeupblast.blogspot.ie/ Leanne Broderick

    Fair play to you having a job and blogging too.
    I’ve been out of college since June and I’m job hunting like crazy, it’s so hard not having a job. Blogging is just something I like to do in my spare time – Which surprisingly I don’t have a lot of, even though I don’t have a job! I still don’t even know what sector I’d love to work in but at the moment, anywhere would do me! I do hope though, when/IF I get one that I’ll still have time to blog!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      It’s very hard to get a job and very hard to actually decide what you want to do, there’s a million things I’d be happy doing!

      • http://makeupblast.blogspot.ie/ Leanne Broderick

        Yeah it really is, but I’m lucky I can still live at home and be supported by my family. A lot of people might not have that, so I won’t be taking it for granted! And that’s true, there’s so many choices. It wouldn’t be nice to have to work doing something you hate, I think people should always find a job they’re happy in.. But then again, if you need money, what can you do??

  • http://glittersmitter5.blogspot.com/ Nida Moughal

    Great post honey good to know that you also got your job though blogging, I am a mother of one year old rascal and a full time house wife I studied accountancy but never did any accountancy job. I feel like blogging n taking care of my baby is my full time job but I also write for an online magazine part time and I got this opportunity just because my blogging.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Well done on the magazine job, that’s brill!! And definitely being a mammy and blogging is more than a full time job!

  • Beauty Bird

    Great post! Sounds like you’ve found the perfect job. I’m working full time in finance and administration, but writing is my passion. I’d love to work from home and write all day! xx

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      I know, tis the dream!! But great you have a full time job!

  • http://olgreeneyes.blogspot.ie/ Emma

    I also work part time as a Visual Merchandiser in a high street clothing shop. I love doing that part time and then being able to blog too. It’s the best of both worlds. I think it’s great that you’re doing PR, it means you get a glimpse into both sides of the blogging world!

    Emma x

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Very true and your job sounds lovely too!

  • http://myfacehatesme.wordpress.com/ Cora

    It’s cool that your job fits in so well the blogging! I’ve been struggling to find gainful employment since finishing college over a year ago, unfortunately. So I’m probably going to have to jump on the emigration train. I guess I’ll just keep my chin up and try to continue blogging in the mean time!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      I was the same for ages it can be really hard out there but don’t give up!

  • Katie Allen

    That is so great that this blog opened up an opportunity for you to work in PR. I have a completely unrelated full-time job in a helping profession. I am also in graduate school to become a therapist. Between work and school I have little time for blogging so I write up a weeks worth of posts as a reward each Sunday after I’ve completed all my homework for the week!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah that’s brilliant and dedicated!

  • Lisa D

    When I started blogging I was working in media monitoring, which essentially meant I listened to radio shows all day. It was great for blogging but it was possible to get a little bit done during the day if you were good at multitasking.

    My experience blogging, brief though it was, gave me the opportunity to break into the digital marketing industry which I don’t think I would have been able to otherwise.

    Now that I’m in work and kept preety busy blogging is left to evenings and weekends. But for me blogging is a hobby. I like it to be a release, and outlet, my own platform because I write so I often for work, I don’t want my hobby to feel like it’s become a second job. So now I’m not posting as often as many other bloggers but when I do you know I’ve been thinking about it for a while and it’s something I’m really interested in!

    Great idea for a post! So glad to hear you found a job doing some you love :)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Of course and when I say it’s a second job I mean in the best sense, one I’ve created, rather than a ‘oh god I have to go do my second job now’!

  • Ah Sure Tis Lovely

    I studied English Literature in college but ended up taking a secretarial job in an Accountants. Its a good job but no opportunity to be creative. Planning my wedding and making invitations and other bits reignited a spark of creativity that had been dormant for far too long. I started blogging to get back into writing and being creative and hopefully I’ll be ready to start writing a book soon.

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah congrats on the wedding we can talk wedding planning now!

  • Sej

    I studied Creative Writing with English Literature and honestly, I want to be a Fashion Journalist. It proved impossible to get an internship or work experience after I graduated and I eventually got a job in an office doing nothing related to what I like. It also came with ridiculous hours such as ten hours a day and six days a week. That has calmed down slightly but for a long while, exhaustion and frustration zapped my creativity.

    I started blogging as a way to write regularly and rebuild my confidence, all the while exploring and reading interesting content. I really enjoy the process and wish I had more time to blog and engage. I think that’s my objective now, to learn to manage my time properly.

    It’s so great that you have such a nice job and time to be creative! Your blog is really lovely.


    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Thanks Sej I definitely thinking blogging builds your confidence, when I couldn’t get work it did give me validation that I was capable and creative and could do things!

  • http://thelittleblogofbeauty.tumblr.com/ The Little Blog of Beauty

    I’m a bit of a strange one, I always have my fingers in several different rather unrelated pies! Apart from being a blogger I’m also a Parapsychologist (I research the paranormal) and have literally just handed in my PhD thesis on Mon 18th. This doesn’t pay anything at the moment though. I also work as a supporting artists for music video’s, TV and film. Most recently I’ve worked on Ellie Goulding’s video for the single Burn and the BBC’s Call the midwife :)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Oh wow that all sounds very interesting! I love having varied jobs think that’s a great idea1

    • Beauty Angel

      Wow what an interesting career!

  • MakeupOverMind

    Love this – all of the double lives! Currently I’m an assistant psychologist in Mountjoy Prison. Definitely finding it hard to juggle at the moment, but love it all the same! :)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Oh another very interesting job, sounds fascinating actually!

  • http://polishedandprimed.com/ Stephanie Barry

    So amazing how your job about through the blog. That’s fantastic :) .

    I’m studying Makeup Artistry at the moment so it fits in well with writing about beauty on my blog!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah brilliant and of course it helps when you’re showing the makeup and able to apply it properly:):)

  • Megan Roisin

    Blogging isn’t really a job for me unfortunately – maybe some day though! I’m currently studying at uni full time and working part time in retail; your blog/job combination sounds like a dream to me!

    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah thanks Megan I’m sure uni is loads of fun!

  • Beauty Angel

    I work full time in marketing for a financial services company. I do struggle to fit my blog in around my job but I treat it as my hobby and use it to relax. I’d love to work in the beauty industry but I also have to pay the bills!

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah I know, always the dream!

  • MissBeautyBabble

    I work for Microsoft at the moment but changing jobs next week! I will be working for a marketing agency.. lots of different industry’s, some fashion in there so im super excited. I am a major beauty junkie and have been blogging since July and I really am loving it! :) Its great that you have so much time to do what you love! Really like your blog! :)

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ah thanks missy will make sure I check your’s out! Best of luck in the new job!

  • Caitriona Tighe

    I’m a student but to be honest all I do in school is think about my blog and what my next post will be!! :) haha hopefully some day I will have a job in the fashion or beauty industry because that’s what I love,Quite ambitious I know but a girl can always dream!


    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      It’s important to have big dreams!:)

  • Vicky

    I trained as a makeup artist but currently work in property. It wasn’t where I imagined I would be but I actually really enjoy it, the days are always varied and I’m lucky to meet and work with some wonderful people. Before that I spent four years working in sport which was quite possibly the working love of my life – it was definitely “The One’ as far as jobs go.

    Blogging for me is a way of staying in touch with something I love very much: beauty but also trying my hand at something I always wanted to do which was writing. I wanted to be a sports journalist for years but I let a lot of other people get the better of me and talked myself out of it, in a sense blogging let’s me keep that little dream alive albeit on a different topic x

    • http://www.makeupmonster.ie/ Makeup Monster

      Ahh you should start a sport’s blog as well from a girl’s perspective!!