The Summer that was....

The Summer that was….

So the summer of 2014 has come to a close and it’s been the most stupendous, exhausting and exhilarating summer I’ve known with the arrival of Baby Makeup Monster into our lives! So with a wonderful September unfurling in front of us, I thought I’d look back on some of...
Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara

Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara

I have more mascaras then I know what to do with at the moment but after reading reviews showing big love to the new Seventeen Mascara (thank you lovelygirliebits, Blather and Beauty and TotalMakeupAddict) I figured it was a safe bet. At €8.89, it’s also an affordable punt and there’s nothing...
Blog Awards - How do you feel about them as a blogger or a reader?

Blog Awards – How do you feel about them as a blogger or a reader?

This post was prompted a few months back when I saw had started up their first inaugural blog awards and it made me realise in the short few years I’ve been blogging there’s been a huge surge of awards just for blogs. It’s amazing really when you consider that a...
The Dry Shampoo for Dry Shampoo Haters

The Dry Shampoo for Dry Shampoo Haters

I can’t survive without dry shampoo. My hair is fine, I have a fringe and my hair has always become greasy quickly throughout the day, which drove me insane as a teenager. Dry shampoo therefore changed everything, not only combating the grease but (whether it seems silly or not) making...
Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers

What type of obsessive primer loving blogger would I be if I didn’t showcase my favourites now and again? A bad one, let me tell you. So today is all about my 4 current favourite primers, all of which are cruelty free and aimed at a wide range of budgets,...
Let your light shine

Let your light shine

I’ve been dying to try one of No.7′s Instant Radiance Highlighters all summer after reading endless reviews lauding these easy peasy crayon style highlighters. But to be perfectly honest, pre and post pregnancy time meant that I barely managed to brush my hair most days let alone do a full...
What's your favourite magazine and why?

What’s your favourite magazine and why?

You know I love to pick your brains with a post once a week so today is genuinely just a pure nosiness post all about magazines. I’ve gone through stages with magazines, there was a time about 2 years ago when genuinely I just couldn’t stop buying them to the...
The Best Things in Life are Free. The Second Best Things are Very Expensive.

The Best Things in Life are Free. The Second Best Things are Very Expensive.

I think nearly every makeup fanatic worth her salt has heard the whispers of greatness surrounding Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. This luxury buy has cult status – promising skin that looks perfected whilst helping your makeup stay put all day. Not only does this unassuming bottle promise to even out...
Take a Swipe

Take a Swipe

Clinique saw huge success with their chubby sticks and therefore the crayon that spawned a hundred copycats has had to keep on it’s toes to stay ahead of the game. A myriad of lip shades followed by their eyeshadow versions is now being followed by two new releases – Baby...

revlon lip butters invite only and provocative

Lip butters have been an enormous success pretty much everywhere and I’ve bought my fair share of shades over the past year or so. Incredibly hyped when they first came out, I think everyone probably has at least one rolling around the bottom of their makeup bag. They’ve divided some but I’ve always liked them, finding them a nice go between in the land of lipsticks and balms.

So I was genuinely oohing and aahing when I was sent two of the brand new shades for Autumn (new Colourburst shades will also be reviewed shortly), especially when I had been disappointed by Maybelline Baby Lips and felt my balm addiction had gone unsatisfied. I had absolutely no idea what these two would be like shade wise as, on inspection, they’re a bright mint green and a bright purple. To the eye, the colours are simply gorgeous and I loved the colour and co-ordinating packaging but I had no idea how the shades would translate on the lips.

These surprised me, they’re both very sheer with a slight colour but are mainly based around micro glitter in green/blue and purple/pink which give a very natural shiny lip while being comfortable and hydrating.

Invite Only (mint green) goes on extremely sheer but with a slight flesh tone to the lips and a generous but subtle spray of green/blue micro glitter. In theory, I wouldn’t like the idea of this but in reality I really liked it, it was very subtle and natural but my lips felt a little dressier with it on.  Similarly, Provocative has a very slight purple sheen with pink and purple micro glitter so it gives a very similar effect if ever so slightly darker. As a rule, I’m not crazy on glitter in lip products but I genuinely quite liked these two and I’ve been alternating between them since I got them. There’s not really a huge difference between them so I’d say one or the other is enough, but I’m getting great use from them.

If you’re used to the normal pigmented lip butters I’d say swatch these beforehand as this is a different beast altogether, but if you love a very natural lip this is a nice addition for day time or to layer over your existing lip butters or lippies for night-time. I genuinely think these new shades may completely divide people, but personally I love very subtle shades and I’ll get a load of use out of these!

Both are available now from Boots for €11.20 each or there’s currently a deal online for 2 for €15!

So girls, let leash your opinions, what do you think of these?

revlon lip butters provocative invite only


invite only revlon


provocative revlon lip butter

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  • Miss Green Eyes

    Not my cup of tea at all but they look lovely on you!

    • makeupmonster1

      Yep I knew these would divide ladies!:)

  • Ah Sure Tis Lovely

    They both look lovely on you. Not sure which one I like more, need a Boots 3 for 2 offer.

    • makeupmonster1

      Best thing is to go in and swatch them, at a push I’d say go for Provocative as it has a wee bit more colour in it!

  • Pink Elephant

    For a moment I thought balms will come out in the actual colours of the packaging when I saw the post on bloglovin!! Phew! They look lovely though!

    • makeupmonster1

      Haha I wasn’t sure either when I first looked at them! Yep they’re really nice!:)

  • Nurse Fancy Pants

    I like the look of these, very pretty on the lips!

    • makeupmonster1

      They really are, very easy to wear!

  • Niamh Ellen

    Love lip butters! I have three. Can’t wait to try these :) xx

    • makeupmonster1

      Think you’ll like them if you like a natural sheen on the lips!

  • Emma

    I was so intrigued when I saw these! They didn’t have any at the Revlon stand I was at though so I grabbed some of the other bits from the collection. The lip glosses are to die for, I don’t usually like glitter either but the Colorburst lip glosses are so nice! The lip butters make your lips look amazing, so healthy and hydrated, the glitter isn’t even that much either!

    I’ll have a review up soon!

    Emma x

    • makeupmonster1

      Brill Emma I was sent a few colourburst, haven’t even tried them yet but colours look amazing! Looking forward to seeing what we both think!!

  • Grace

    Goodness me! Lovely colours in the tube and a nice glossy sheen on the lips. Looks fab on you!

    • makeupmonster1

      Ah thanks Grace I really like these!

  • Beauty Bird

    These are definitely not as glittery as I thought – I’m going to have to give them a swatch when they’re released! xx

  • gulbinks

    Saw them in Boots last week and wasn’t sure but actually they look lovely on you!

    • makeupmonster1

      They’re very unusual but honestly worth a second glance:)

  • Mel

    The sparse micro glitter looks really nice on you, but I personally don’t think these are anything to write home about. I have pigmented lips and these don’t seem to look like they’d mute them down as they claim they will do.

    • makeupmonster1

      I knew they’d divide people!:) I like them but have read reviews of other people really disliking them, think it’s one you really have to try!!

  • Zoe

    I spotted these in boots the otherday and thought about how these would come out on the lips, so I swatched them and was supprised how light the colouring is… very pretty! O also wasn’t impressed with baby lips I thought they where not worth all the hype around them that’s for sure x

    • makeupmonster1

      Totally agree Maybelline baby lips were a let down!