The Best Things in Life are Free. The Second Best Things are Very Expensive.

The Best Things in Life are Free. The Second Best Things are Very Expensive.

I think nearly every makeup fanatic worth her salt has heard the whispers of greatness surrounding Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. This luxury buy has cult status – promising skin that looks perfected whilst helping your makeup stay put all day. Not only does this unassuming bottle promise to even out...
Take a Swipe

Take a Swipe

Clinique saw huge success with their chubby sticks and therefore the crayon that spawned a hundred copycats has had to keep on it’s toes to stay ahead of the game. A myriad of lip shades followed by their eyeshadow versions is now being followed by two new releases – Baby...
Win Tickets to the Ultimate Girls Day Out

Win Tickets to the Ultimate Girls Day Out

I love treating you lot almost as much as I love treating myself so here’s a nice little competition to get you and a lucky person of your choice into the Ultimate Girls Day Out later this month where you can end the summer on a 3 day high of...

Any time you began to see the end is in sight for a product, you have to ask yourself the question, is it worth repurchasing? In the case of my beloved Hervana blusher, the answer is a resounding yes but the high price tag meant that I began to have a cheeky peek around the internet to see if there were any amazing dupes out there before I splashed the cash.

My eye fixed on a few sites which named Rimmel’s Match Perfection Blusher in Medium as a high ranking contender so, seeing it was only a touch over €8 on ASOS, I ordered it and crossed my fingers. So now with both in my hands, I’m able to take a proper peek and see who will win the fight for the best everyday blush.

On first inspection, they’re both very pretty products. I loved Benefit’s cute cardboard packaging and the nice accompanying brush. Rimmel’s blusher is far larger, has a see through screw on top and no accompanying brush. Hervana is made up of 4 different complimentary colours which, when blended together, create a peach pink natural flush. In fact it’s the most natural and pleasing day time blusher I’ve used and since I was gifted it in May, it’s all I’ve worn apart from when I’m reviewing other blushers.

Rimmel’s Match Perfection in Medium has three colours in a fancy embossed design which appear similar but lean toward pink more so than the peach shades of Hervana. When swatched, the Rimmel blusher felt a little grittier and had a lot of fall out when I ran a blusher brush over it. But once I tapped off the excess, the two are remarkably akin if not exact. There’s a difference in the colour, Hervana definitely has a peachier edge, but on my cheeks, the two looked very similar, so much so that I went the full day with one colour on each cheek and I could only tell the difference when I really looked for it. At €8, I have to say the Rimmel blusher is a brilliant buy and I’ll happily use this now. Saying that, I really do love Hervana and it’s quality so if I had the extra cash, I’d have no qualms with buying it again.

So is it the perfect dupe for Hervana? It’s incredibly close and the smaller price tag means I can forgive it for where Hervana exceeds it with packaging and the lack of fallout. Overall, I love it and actually prefer it slightly to Hervana, and if you want a cheaper alternative to Hervana, or want a similar look without the price tag, it’s well worth the €8 to try it out, you won’t be disappointed!


If you’re interested, this blusher can be bought from Rimmel stands nationwide or from ASOS.

So girls, would you try out this dupe? What’s the best dupe you’ve discovered? Share your thoughts!
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  • Glamour & Go

    Lovely review I don’t have Hervana but it looks like a lovely blush colour. Plus it’s different to my usual pink selection so I may go for the Rimmel dupe instead to start with! x

    • makeupmonster1

      Great think you’ll like it!

      • Glamour & Go

        I forgot to tell you! I went to Benefit to have a look at Hervana! The minute I tried it I wanted it, I was about to shell out €35 but they were out of stock! Off I popped to Boots and picked up the Rimmel dupe instead! Very happy with it!

  • Avril Joanne

    Great review! I shall be adding this to my shopping list now :)

    • makeupmonster1

      Yeay delighted!

  • Makeupfortheinept

    Ooo, great review! Definitely picking up the Rimmel Blusher, what a pretty product! x

    • makeupmonster1

      I love it and it lasts really well throughout the day!

  • trona

    nice! Theyre really similar. Funnily enough, I’ve just did a similar review on mine: Sleek Rose Gold and Nars Orgasm. Sleek’s definitely wins on price and longevity xx

    • makeupmonster1

      Brilliant review!

  • Strawbry_Blonde

    I love Hervana as much as you do – am surprised how deep it looks on your cheeks; is a much softer colour on me. The Rimmel looks lovely on you – bargain!

    Nic x

    • makeupmonster1

      I swatched it too heavily to make sure it showed up on the camera properly, I don’t wear it that heavy usually! Eek

  • Emma Grimes

    These are both gorgeous! I’ve always loved Benefit blushes and have repurchased them repeatedly. I’ve never tried Rimmel though so this might be a good one to start off with! They are really pretty on you!

    Emma x

    • makeupmonster1

      Thanks the Rimmel one is nearly an exact match on the cheeks, was hard to get the right light with the photos!

  • Chloe Power

    The Rimmel looks quite gritty in the swatch but much nicer on the cheeks! But Hervana now appeals to me too…

    • makeupmonster1

      They’re both equally lovely!

  • Miri

    Great review. I’ll look into it, when I’m near a Rimmel stand.

    • makeupmonster1

      Great hope you like it in person!

  • Glitter Mama

    I have the rimmel one but as I’m quite tanned it dosen’t seem to show up too well on my skin, though I only tried it once, I must give it another go x

    • makeupmonster1

      I used it again today on one cheek and Hervana on the other and I can’t tell the difference, the Rimmel one is actually a wee bit nicer!

  • Amy Bennett

    wow that looks great, must give that bash.

    • makeupmonster1

      You’ll love it I can guarantee it!

  • Tanita Razaghi

    Did you swirl all three of the colours together in the Rimmel blush? : ) xx

    • makeupmonster1

      Yep exactly!

  • Ner

    Hi is the rimmel blush in shade 002 or 003? Thanks