Going out VS Staying In

*This is a collaborative post and all content/thoughts/effort are my own

So I’m working with Ireland’s leading insurance brokers Chill.ie on today’s post and they asked would I write about whether I prefer to stay in or go out during the Winter months and run with it in my own way. So it got me thinking about how I spend my time but also how differently I define time well spent compared to when I was as a teenager. Then I started rambling and this is the result. 

When I was a teenager, I could have lived in the middle of the Antarctic and I still would have managed to struggle to the pub on a Friday night in the depths of Winter. AND a Saturday night. Nothing, including weather or lack of money ever stopped me from a night out but a harsh reality has sunk in since I turned 30. I’ve gradually realised I’m not the woman I once was. Now, I bloody love a good night in. I look out at the wintery weather we’re having at the moment and I’m as snug as a bug on the couch with Lar and our toddler, cuddled up watching a movie with an optional takeaway and snack selection on the side. I’ve no more interest in tottering into town in a pair of heels in a gale force wind and struggling to hear what anyone is saying over thudding music.  And something else changed in my 20’s. I just stopped drinking. Lar and I both did, despite being two very prolific lovers of a good night out with all the trimmings. There was no point where we chose to stop, we just met, fell in love and realised that we actually had far more fun hanging out sober than drinking had ever offered us. It was a gradual slow-down (which included giving up smoking for me as well) and the less we did it, the less we were bothered about it until we both realised we actually didn’t really want to drink anymore. It’s genuinely something we still find awkward saying to people because there’s some strange stigma around not drinking, especially in Ireland where the culture sometimes seems so defined by it.

Some people assume you don’t take a drink because either (A) you’re religious, (B) you’re on antibiotics or (C) you’re odd. And I can’t even blame them. When I was a teenager into my early 20’s if someone didn’t understand the allure of smoking a ton of cigarettes and drinking a bucket of beer on a night out, I gave them that slitty eyed look, assuming they were so strange and removed from myself that they wouldn’t know a good time if it hit them in the face. Of course now I realise I was the eejit. Weekends that revolved around nights out and dates with Lar always involved the pub, now they involve a nice pizza out, a movie, a gig (we go to a lot) or if we’re feeling adventurous, an Escape Room adventure which is genuinely THE most fun if you love mysteries (basically you’ve 60 minutes to work as a team and solve clues to unlock more clues and eventually break out of the room within the allotted time). And we still love a party, that never changes, we just sip Diet Coke instead of a beer now. Does this mean we’re uncool? Would my 18 year old self be achingly ashamed of the person I’ve become? I dunno, at one time I thought so but I think if teenage me saw me now, so happy and content and in love and able to be myself without worrying about what’s the cool thing to do, she’d give me a high five.

Thanks to chill.ie for collaborating with me on this post and understanding that keeping your magical home safe and sound is the key to a cosy sanctuary for movies and general messing.

So the question I pose to you lovely ladies is, how do you spend your Winter evenings? Do you still trek bravely to the pub or have your hobbies changed to include other things you would have previously thought were, God forbid, deeply uncool?


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  • I prefer a cosy night at home than being outside and freezing when I walk around. It is not that I don’t enjoy going out, I still like it but I prefer to stay at home in winter. Having a nice movie to watch and chatting is good!

    Ela BellaWorld

  • thepharmersjournal

    The allure of a night out has long lost it’s sparkle to me! And is a rarity at the mo – Couldn’t think of anything worse tbh. Are we officially geriatric?! Great post!


  • I much prefer a movie in with a tub of ben and jerries! Who want’s a hangover anyway? xx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I am a definite home girl especially in the colder months. I do like a night out but gone are the days when I can go out on a school night and then manage to get to my desk still looking human x

  • I am with you on this. I don’t drink, but then I am not bothered by going out at all!

    Annabel ♥

    Mascara & Maltesers

  • My younger self was exactly like you, Yav….come what may, I will brave it to go out partying till wee hours in the morning. Come home at 4 am and off to work at 8am, how I did it? I have no idea but those days are very long gone. These days I enjoy staying in, it relaxes me and I can’t take the mouse anymore either.

  • Love reading posts like this. The past few years I have been house bound after reconstruction surgery on my leg but I have to admit I haven’t missed drinking at all. I enjoy the cosy nights in haha

  • I loved reading this! And such a change for you too over the years. My husband and I are still prolific drinkers, but it’s absolutely murdering me during the week now in my 30s. The struggle is REAL when I’ve had too much to drink on a Wednesday and have to be up for work the next morning. Not a clue how I did this in my 20s at all!

  • fashion for lunch

    These days i just want to stay home!!!!

  • it’s a lot easier to not drink in Germany I find, people rarely comment if you order something non alcoholic whereas when if I’m back in Ireland and decide to not drink one night I feel like I have to come up with some sort of excuse, like taking antibiotics!

  • I’m not a going out person if I’m honest. I’d rather stay in and have a nice quiet night in whatever the weather. I’m currently pregnant and have a toddler in tow so it’s the best way forward. I can’t wait for spring to arrive though so we are able to go out more and spend time out as a family during the day x

  • I used to be such a wild child in my early twenties and would go out three times a week and would struggle to go to work whilst hungover but now I’d choose night in for sure – it’s cheaper 😉

  • I have never been one to drink, not even when I desperately tried to be cool in my teens, because I don’t like the feeling of being tipsy. These days I enjoy a night out a lot, loud music, dancing the night away, all that, but they only happen about three times a year. The other nights I enjoy an evening in with food and my husband or with food and Netflix/the blog/ gaming. Whatever is on the cards, and the great thing is, I do always enjoy myself. I guess being in my end-thirties made me a very content person.
    Which is helpful, because with two little kids going out every weekend wouldnt really be an option.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking