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Too Faced Sweet Peach Palettes

The Too Faced Sweet Peach collection has been saturating blogs in fruity goodness for a while now and it’s easy to see why. It’s cute as a button, the products all look seriously beautiful and, come on, everything smells like peaches. This may mean you’ve already reached peak Peach but I couldn’t resist showing these off on the blog in case you’re still on the fence and are happy to have a boot up the bum from me to persuade you to try something.
I have to say, Too Faced are growing on me a lot lately although they’re a brand with so many hyped products packaged up so prettily that blog reviews are kind of essential to work out what’s worthy of the price tag. I’ve dipped in and out of their products over the years and encountered as many products I liked as ones I didn’t. That’s more a personal taste thing than a case of anything being shite but products like the Love Flush blushes made me look like a dolly and I thought the Better than Sex mascara was pretty underwhelming. But they’re a solid brand and when they hit the money, it’s jackpot territory. So my latest top dipping with Too Faced is with these badboys from the Sweet Peach collection and I think it’s kind of tipped me from being in the bracket of liking Too Faced to kind of loving them. Here’s why.

With the good weather coming in, I’m suddenly craving everything coral and gold so this slaps me silly on many fronts with a combo of insanely cute packaging, the perfect colour combos and really well made products. I’ve mentioned the packaging twice already so brace yourself for a third mention. It’s gorgeous. I have a soft spot for tin packaging, it feels hardy, practical and will withstand my clumsy hands. The fact it’s so colourful and cute (I mean it has smiling peaches on it for Christ’s sake) meant the inner child and the adult me were in absolute heaven. Heaven. Then you actually open these two up and are met with the most lovely embossed products that actually smell of peach. Yeah, the smell is clearly screaming gimmicky but it’s good gimmicky and the quality here is so achingly high that I can totally forgive the fun foray into kitsch territory. They’re 10 out of 10 for looks straight away and while that’ll only get them so far, it’s good to know that if you splash the considerable cash here (it’s €41 for the larger palette and €28 for the smaller) you will get all the fruit flavoured feels.

Left – Papa Don’t Peach / Right – Bronzer, blush, highlight from Sweet Peach Glow Palette

(Left – Papa Don’t Peach / Right – Glow Kit)

The good news is, these are as nice to use as they are to look at. I was initially hesitant when I was sent these as although they elicited happy squeals of delight, I was worried they were going to look really strong on me with my skintone. And I’m a subtle highlight kinda girl. The reason these all manage to work so well is that they’re exceptionally well made. Buttery, pigmented, no fallout, no chunky glitter, no harsh tones, just really well made shades. In the Sweet Peach Glow Palette (€41) you get a highlight, blush and bronzer trio which are very well matched and gorgeous on. I’m exceptionally picky with highlighters as I mentioned and very few make the grade but this one is so lovely to use, it’s like pure velvet on and gives such a gorgeous gold sheen with a hint of peachiness that manages to be vibrant but still natural enough. The blush is equally lovely (and almost double the size of the other two), with a soft shimmering coral finish that’s flattering and pretty on. The bronzer is also great, with a golden undertone and a shimmering finish that’s sheer and summery but a touch too dark for me at the moment. These don’t stick in pores and are really long lasting without a hint of fade as the day went on. In short, it’s a bloody gorgeous palette and even thought I’m not getting as much use from the bronzer, I’m reaching for this every day. For very pale and very dark skintones I don’t think this would be the best choice, but for everyone in between it’s such a perfect choice for the summer months if you fancy looking a little bronzed and glowing.

The Papa Don’t Peach Blush (€28) firstly deserves some kind of award for being possibly the best makeup pun I’ve come across. It manages to be just as cute looking as the bigger palette and the embossed blush is beautiful. The colour here feels like a hybrid of all three in the larger palette as it has a more muted, bronzey glow with a coral edge and if you look at the swatches above, the far left Papa Don’t Peach swatch does look like a mix of all three shades from the Glow Palette. This gives you options, if you want a quick flush of coral summery colour that’ll give sheen and a healthy glow, the blush on its own is perfect but it’s also very hard to resist the larger palette as the blush and highlighter in particular are so dreamy. I’ve been trialling Galifornia from Benefit lately which has a strong coral, beachy vibe and I do really like it, but I find the two blushes here far superior if you’ve been humming over either.

As you may have guessed, I love both. The quality is spot on, they’re a dream to use and that coupled with the gorgeous packaging and fun fruity vibe means these have me held in their peachy paradise and I’m powerless to resist. If you have the cash to spare, I think you’ll love them.

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Kit and Papa Don’t Peach blush are available from Debenhams instore and online here 

*Samples featured but no b******t

So girls have you tried anything from the Sweet Peach range?


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  • lauren prenter

    I’ve been loving the look of this collection, the blush is stunning xx
    Lauren Catherine

  • I love the look of the glow palette, your swatches look amazing!

  • The collection looks amazing! I especially love that papa don’t peach blush! Such a me shade x

  • fashion for lunch

    I love the collection! I’m still so obsessed with it!!!!! I love the lip oils too!

  • I adore the entire collection and have this palette and love it x

  • fashion for lunch

    I love the collection! It smells incredible and the peach blusher are stunning!

  • thesundaygirluk

    I love this collection esp the cheek products but don’t really reach for it all that much! x

  • These are lovely and look so pretty on you, I love TF products but didn’t buy these and now I am wondering why? xxx

  • I think the problem or at least the negative reviews for these is due to the fact that they just don’t show up well other than on light-medium skin tone. I am not a fan of Too Faced, seriously they are guilty of too many colabs and collections.