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Too Faced Natural Love (aka the €72 palette)

I hate reviews like this. Originally, when I was given this at the Too Faced event, I was stupidly excited once I got my mitts on it and skipped home like I’d won a little something on the lotto. There’s no getting away from it, it’s a sexy palette and it reduced nearly every blogger (including myself) I saw to quivering messes once they saw it. It swatches beautifully, it has a gorgeously soft and dreamy shade selection and come on,  it has freakin’ bunnies on the packaging.  Not to be blinded by its good looks, I remembered that it was (at the time) €62 which is a serious chunk of change and I kept in mind how I had dithered over it in Debenhams before being invited to the event and gifted it. So I began working hard over the last few weeks trying to figure out whether it was worth the money which I felt was possible considering you get 30 shades. But then a girl very kindly contacted me on Instagram to let me know she had gone to buy the palette and the price had changed to €72. And so, I’ve had to come back to this review because suddenly €72 seems like mad money. So here we are, my review of the seriously beautiful and seriously pricey Natural Love Palette.

If one neutral, pinky palette is all you need in life, step away now, this isn’t your disco. It’s not the boldest, brightest palette, but lordy, if you love your soft shades, if you love buttery, velvety lipsticks and you want a bajillion of them in one handy bunny adorned palette and don’t mind that it’s going to set you back several considerable notes, grab a chair and sit down. The price will be the stickler here and with good reason but allow me to be slightly practical about it for a minute. You’re getting 30 eyeshadows here. Now whether you need that many eyeshadows is up to you but it’s a little easier to stomach than a Chanel or Dior palette with 4 or 5 eyeshadows for €50 or even Urban Decay with 12. Before I was given it at an event, I swatched it, wanted it but then stalled because we’re tight on cash with house saving and I don’t have random €62 amounts to be throwing around unless something is frankly amazing. If it had gone up to €72 and I still hadn’t bought it, that probably would have been the end of the story. Being gifted it solved the money factor, but it’s also made me trial the hind legs off it as I know most of you will be feeling exactly like I did and feeling majorly unsure about the price. So let me tell you what you get for your money. Natural Love is a combination of some of the best selling shades from previous neutral Too Faced neutral palettes alongside a host of brand new shades (13 old and 17 new to be exact). So if you’ve already got those palettes in your collection, frankly this isn’t the best way to spend €72 but they’ve cleverly added in enough new shades to tempt you. If you don’t have any of the palettes, you’re in for a treat.

The packaging is adorable, pretty, girly and bunny themed which was a bonus with two bunnies at home. It is however cardboard and honestly doesn’t scream luxury. Here you’re paying for what’s inside and that’s 30 eyeshadows each of which are slightly small .8g each compared to say Naked 2 which has 12 eyeshadows at 1.3g each for around €48. Considering you get over twice as many shades, I don’t mind the smaller size as it doesn’t feel small or finickity to use. There’s a good mix of finishes here, with 7 matte, 13 shimmer and 10 sparkle shades. The feel and finish of these are exceptional, like complete velvet with a great opaque finish. Smokin’ was the only real shade that swatched sheer but I found the shimmers the most beautiful for giving a velvet like opaque finish. In general, the shades look more sheer on the lid if you’re focusing on the left side of the palette where the lighter shades are. The mattes are ok but can’t stand up to Urban Decay and they needed to be packed on a little more to get the right finish. The middle shimmer shades are also relatively sheer so I needed to apply them a little heavier to make them really stand out and they were also prone to a little fallout. I do like a sheer shade though so it didn’t bother me, but I did expect them to be bolder than they were. The right side of the palette sorts that out, with shades like Hot & Bothered in particular (which I have on below) being really bold and bright on if you wanna go for it. This isn’t an insipid palette, it has depth and brightness, but it’s in a refined way that will either get your heart racing or leave it ticking along at 60. It’s no secret I love my neutrals and therefore I was like a kid in a candy store. Having used it so much since I got it, I have to say I do seriously like it but I don’t really think it’s worth the money. For some reason, to me it swatches better than it wears and I wished the lighter shades in particular were a little stronger on. For that alone, I don’t think it’s worth €72. It’s a very nice palette, but it’s not exceptional. I think what I need is for Urban Decay to bring out the exact same palette in their formulation and I’d be in heaven.

I didn’t even know I was getting to try the Love Lights Highlighters when I went to the event so I was practically foaming at the mouth when they gave me all three shades to take home. I gave two away on Twitter over the weekend and it marked the best ever competition I’ve run with over 1k entries, so clearly I’m not the only one who thinks these babies are kinda divine looking. I adore my highlighters but I’m such a fussy arse with them. I want them pale, I want no glitter, no frostiness, just a magical, subtle glow. I chose this shade (Blinded by the Light €35) because I knew it would suit my skin tone best but I still figured it would be aimed at those girls who want their glow to be seen from space (and I salute you for that but my big ass pores and bumps say no dice). However, I was really pleasantly surprised with this.

It somehow manages to be in the middle, where it looks really buttery and pearly on but with a light touch looks perfect. If you layer it on, it’ll definitely give you enormous sheen but the fact it’s such a pitch perfect shade for pale skin means it gives more glow than colour. For some reason it reminds me of a very buttery MAC Lightscapade but with less of a frosty finish. I fell in love with it for the days I want a slightly more amped glow and if you’re always after highlighters perfect for pale skin, it’s well worth trying.

If you’re interested in either, they’re available from Too Faced instore in Debenhams or online here (palette €72.75 here and highlighter here for €35

*Samples featured but no b******t


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  • This palette looks lovely but €72 is far too much for it I think. I don’t have it and will definitely be passing on it, even if it is lovely.

    Morhpe Palettes are lovely, about €27 on Beauty Bay and you get 35 shadows so you could get two of their palettes for less than €60, have more shadows and some change left over!

    Great review xx

  • Perfect combo of every colour you will need. I love big palettes like this even if the price scares me. You know your buying quality and highly pigmented colours x

  • thesundaygirluk

    It is so expensive but my gosh is it beautiful!

  • They’re pretty!

  • Yeah the shadows here were nice but a lot weren’t anything more!

  • Lovely event and really fun products to review!

  • It’s a little too pricey!

  • Dorota Gornicka

    I love the glow the highlight gives, but I’m not fussed about the palette at all. It’s lovely but too big (??). It’s sort of a palette one would buy for someone who doesn’t own any in my opinion x

    • I know what you mean. If the shades wore as well as they looked I think I’d feel it’s worth the price but a lot are quite sheer and it just doesn’t add up to a palette worth €72!

  • fashion for lunch

    Woahhhhhhh such a good palette xxxxxx

  • Lauren Prenter

    Ohh wow, such a luxe palette. Some amazing shades!! And that highlight is absolutely stunning xx
    Lauren Catherine

  • Bunny Nose & Honeymoon look stunning in the palette! I have heard mixed reviews on the highlighters but they look stunning on you!


    • I really love this one, haven’t worn any other highlighter since!

  • So expensive for a Too Faced palette but there’s so many beautiful shades there! The highlighter looks gorgeous too x

  • It is a beautiful palette and those shades are divine but it is expensive x

  • Ah wow what a pallete but Jesus that is some price – ya’d want to know you were gonna love and use it xx siobhan

  • The palette is beautiful but do I need that many shades? Certainly not for that bloody price. If it was Chanel or Dior or Marc Jacobs then maybe I would scratch the bottom of my piggy bank to get the money for it but Too Faced, nope.

    • It’s not worth it even though it’s lovely, it just should be a little better!

  • I do love my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, but €72 for any palette is steep, like you said it would want to be incredible! The highlighter looks gorgeous though!

    Emma x

  • I ummed & ahhed over this when it was €62 and you know me, I’m not exactly shy about spending on makeup but at €72, I just can’t justify it. That being said, I think it is absolutely beautiful!! The highlighter is really stunning too! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway

  • I am sure I would not have bought it, simply because I am not that much into palettes and would never spend that much money on them. But I see your dilemma, I sometimes feel the same way about skincare I get from PR. I really love and enjoy it, but I can´t help but wonder if I would really have bought it in the first place myself, which makes it hard to recommend.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • It’s hard isn’t it, I have to imagine well if I’d bought it would I be satisfied, it’s tough!

  • That highlight looks stunning!