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Too Faced Festive Releases

What is it // The Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette, Gingerbead Man Matte Lipstick and Born This Way Ethereal Light Powder.

The price // The Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette (€44), Gingerbead Man Matte Lipstick (€20) and Born This Way Ethereal Light Powder (€24).

The details // Too Faced are one of those brands where their packaging alone is enough to send me wild. It can create a longing in me that’s very hard to ignore and I often feel Too Faced are like a more highly evolved Benefit, with superb visual appeal but more consistently good products. I was sent some of their new Christmas range which was a very fun post day and also treated myself to their new Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder so I’m throwing the lot in for a little festive post.

I’ll break it to you straight away, not everything here is brilliant. The most successful out of the three here is the frankly adorable Gingerbread Man Matte Lipstick. The colour will either be your thing or not but everything else is just gorgeous. It gave huge colour that glided on like satin with zero effort, it managed to not highlight how dreadfully dry my lips were, it lasted really well and the SMELL, you will want to eat this it smells that good. At €20 it’s not cheap but it’s such a wonderfully cute, fun and lovable little product that I think it’s worth the splurge.

The powder is the one I’m most torn over. It’s good but also slightly disappointing. An Ethereal Setting Powder gives me hopes and dreams for an aura of radiant oil control but this is instead a very likable but slightly more ordinary satin powder. On the upside it’s excellent for pores, gives a skin perfecting finish and lasted decently on my combo skin. I don’t think it’s hardy enough to tackle really oil skins but also felt it was slightly too matte for my already dry skin. I like it but I don’t love it. At €24, it’s not badly priced and is by no means a bad powder, I just had set my expectations high for something really special.

Finally, the beautiful White Chocolate Bar Palette is the one I found to be the most disappointing here. The shades are quite a sugary mix but when you examine them there’s actually a very decent grounding of matte and shimmer neutral shades peppered with some more festive green, pinks and lavenders. The problem was it didn’t really give the payoff I wanted it to. A lot of the colours ended up looking quite samey and it just didn’t have enough oomph to really be worth the €44. It’s grand, but it’s a pricey enough palette and I just didn’t feel it was worth the considerable price tag.

The verdict // The lipstick is the standout here and epitomises what a good festive beauty release should be. The others are underwhelming and are making me feel more Grinch like than anything else.

Where can I get it? // Debenhams online or instore here


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  • I’m not so keen on that palette but I definit it want to try the matte lipsticks! X

  • thesundaygirluk

    The palette isn’t for me but that’s just because I’m a boring so and so, the matte lipstick – YES please! I’m gonna treat myself right now – thanks for the swatches 🙂

  • Dorota Gornicka

    I loved the look of the palette but not sure how much would I wear it?

  • Katie

    I would have loved to see some different shades in the White Chocolate Bar palette, the only shade that really calls to me is that pretty lavender! How cute is the gingerbread shade?? You’re right, Too Faced always has the best packaging!


  • I honestly don’t like the look of the new Too Faced palette

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Too Faced eyeshadow palettes recently have been quite a disappointment…the quality is seriously lacking and I blame their greed and eagerness to non-stop churning out collabs, limited editions and new releases. They are like the Zara of makeup.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  • How would you compare that to the Charlotte Tilbury powder?

    • I definitely prefer the CT powder – it blurs pores and gives a polished look without looking powdery! xx

  • Absolutely!

  • Ashling Hayes

    Too Faced palettes are my kryptonite. thankfully i can skip the white chocolate bar. Wallet gives a sigh of relief

  • Jenbot28

    The lippie…. so lovely!!! Very like that katheleen lights ofra one – Miami Fever? So gorgeous!