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Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

So I’ve found the next concealer you need to try. No seriously, I have. Oscar and I took a little journey into town a few weeks back where we ended up at a very festive Too Faced event in Debenhams. The department store has been cleverly adding a whole host of exciting brands (Makeup Forever, Kat Von D, The Balm etc.) to join their regular counters and it’s a great move, providing a huge array of products for us hungry makeup addicts to gorge on. So after a quick browse around their Christmas collection I was matched up to their new Born This Way concealer, Oscar did an impromptu dance for the girls running the event and then we went on our merry way, armed with some goodies, one of which I’m going to show you today.

I’ll cover the Christmas loot and other new releases in a later post but today I need to focus on one product in particular because it has been rocking my eye bag’s world.  The Born This Way concealer aims to be the perfect partner to the matching foundation but in a slightly useless turn of events, I haven’t tried the foundation. On the upside, I have been wearing the concealer non-stop and I’m very excited to report it’s a complete and utter winner. Just so you know I’ve only had this a few weeks but I’ve worn it every day and nothing has changed from day 1 until now so I couldn’t keep my stupidly excited mouth shut any longer.

(Top to bottom – MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW15), Clarins Instant Concealer (01), MUFE Ultra HD Concealer (y23), Too Faced Born this Way (very fair) )

Concealers are a strange breed of makeup where they can either cover up dark circles and spots like magic or can age you by 20 years during a 12 hour day. I’m always sceptical of any new one I cross paths with and was the exact same with this but it changed my mind within 20 seconds of applying it. Born This Way is oil free and comes infused with a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, coconut water and alpine rose to help lock in moisture and give a bright and radiant finish. I was matched to the lightest of the 10 shades, Very Fair, which is decently pale (although brands like NARS and MAC beat it) and cooly pink toned without looking too stark.

I’m assuming most of you understand the pain in the arse that is concealing under the eye. My top concealers are still the Clarins Instant Concealer, NARS Radiant Concealer, MUFE creamy concealer and my most recent purchase, MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer. This easily slips in amongst the best of them with complete ease. I use the mini beauty blender and this applies so nicely, looking entirely natural and skin-like while concealing and brightening my whole eye area. It’s incredibly creamy and easy to use so I need a powder to set it but once I do it barely budged all day. It has been the best concealer so far for not settling into fine lines (or creating new ones) and was still great by the end of each day even if it was a slight notch off perfect. I fell hard for this the first day I tried it and I’ve continued to every day since. It’s decent all over the face but excels at the Everest of concealing tasks that the under eye presents.

I think this will work best for dry skin over a wide age group as it’s very creamy and nicely hydrating. Coverage is light medium so those who have big ass dark circles to conceal may find this too tame, but for general redness and brightening I’m finding it hitting the exact mark I want it to. My skin gets oily around the t-zone so I don’t use it there as I’d just get greasy looking at a far quicker rate, so if you have oilier skin be aware that this works best under the eyes and on any dry areas but wouldn’t offer much comfort to an already oily prone patch of skin. I’m teaming this with MAC for areas on my face I’ll tend to rub more as Pro Longwear is exceptionally long-lasting but under the eyes it’s really hit and miss, some days looking perfect, other days leaving me looking like a 70 year old vision of my future self.

Born This Way is basically a creamy and forgiving brightening concealer, similar to Clarins but in a better shade match and 100% cruelty free. The coverage is noticeable but natural and it excels on dry skin or pesky under eye areas. At €24 it’s worth every euro and while I’d love a shade range as expansive as NARS for this, if you can find a shade that works for you don’t hesitate, just buy this and enjoy what a seriously great little product it is.

If your eye bags are heavier than a Tesco shop and you need something new, Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer is available from Debenhams instore or online here for €24

So girls are you tempted or have you already found the perfect undereye concealer?

*This review contains samples but no b******t

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  • Thanks Becca!

  • The Sunday Mode

    Would this be good for covering post acne scars? I’m fairly loyal to my Nars radiant concealer when it comes to that! I also wish they expanded the shade range of this as well, that’s one thing Nars really excels in in my opinion.

    • The coverage is light-medium, the MAC Pro Longwear would be better for coverage and staying power but for a light, hydrating touch of concealer Too Faced is the way to go!

  • Coverage of the concealer is pretty good! Concealer is a really tricky makeup product as you said, it’d make wonders or it would turn you into an old lady. I don’t have a holy grail concealer yet, I will check it out!

    Ela BellaWorld

  • Ah glad you like it too!

  • Ah good to hear another opinion on it, my dark circles obviously aren’t as bad as I feared but good to know it pairs up well with a colour corrector!

  • This is definitely on my “to buy” list! Just want to get to a counter & be shade matched!

    Looking forward to hearing what other goodies you got! xx

    Beautylymin| Urban Decay Bundle Giveaway

  • ok I’m definitely trying this when my Clarins one runs out, sounds like exactly what I want from a concealer!

    Emma x

  • Ah I’m obsessed with concealers (I think I may have said this once or twice) this looks incredible on, my under eyes are so feckin dark lately I may have to revert to colour correction and then concealing. Really want the Clarins concealer and I’d like to try this too xx
    Great post- as always xx Siobhan

    • Thanks Siobhan! This isn’t going to cover up everything for you if you’re trying to hide whoppers but definitely, if teamed with a colour corrector should be magical!

  • Thanks Katherine!

  • I haven´t found the perfect one, but I have found the perfect thing to go underneath: Bobbi Brown Corrector – covering my bad-*ss dark circles.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I actually had that a few years ago but found it really dry, I should give it another go under this!

      • I always wear it with something on top, but no concealer helps enough o its own, I need some color correcting.

  • I’ve seen mixed reviews on this one, but if you recommend it I’m tempted to try it.

    • I genuinely love it, I’ve found it really consistently great so far!

  • This has been a firm favourite by many but I have yet to try it. Thankfully I have little problem under my eye areas so I’ve been happy with Maybelline Instant Age Rewind.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I liked that but couldn’t get a shade to work for me!

  • Sounds like perfection… you sold me at similar to Clarins with better colour match!