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Well hello there!

I started this blog in January 2012 as a journalism grad looking for a creative outlet and in the process discovered one of the most fun and enjoyable hobbies you could have. I enjoy every minute of writing, designing, organising and taking photos for Makeup Monster. I’m hugely proud that the blog has grown so much in the past few years to have such wonderful regular readers from all over the world and that the blog has been lucky enough to be nominated for multiple awards with the Blog Awards Ireland, Image.ie, The BOPS and has won best beauty blog in the inaugral Ooh La La Magazine blog awards.

Apart from blogging, movies, books, gigs, science and most importantly being with the people I love are what keep a smile on my face.

Feel free to have a mooch around my blog and if you have any questions at all, drop me a quick note below!


I’m always interested in writing and review opportunities so contact me through my Twitter Account or through the form below if you’d like to get in touch! Alternatively, email me at [email protected]


I’m lucky enough to be sent a lot of samples to review but I treat all my makeup children equally so whether I bought it myself or it was sent for my consideration, every review will always be honest and carefully considered.

Samples are clearly marked so there’s no confusion and no sponsored content will be posted without it being clearly marked as such.

I also use Skimlinks on my blog. If you want to learn more about Skimlinks and how it works click here  or on the disclosure button at the bottom of this page but be aware this in no way changes the content I put on the site or who I feel comfortable linking to. Basically if you click on a link and it happens to be one affiliated through Skimlinks and purchase something, I get a teeny, tiny, amount from it. This doesn’t effect what sites I link to and never will. I also have Google Adsense on the site and for more info on how this works you can take a peek here .

The readers of this blog are always paramount so never forget that! Any further questions please just drop me a mail, tweet or comment!