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Clarins Love Skin Illusion Blushes

I’m a divil for a good blush but I’m also bloody fussy. I want my blushes subtle, sexy and for the most part, shimmer free. So far, my all time favourite choices are Benefit’s Hervana and NARS Sex Appeal but I’m always game for something new to join my stash. And so that’s where the new Clarins Love Blushes have skipped merrily into my life. I was sent these a few weeks ago and I mentioned them in my recent Valentine’s post (because it would have been some sort of blasphemy to not include these heart adorned beauties) but they deserved their own little post so here it is.

You can see straight away why I give them full marks for looking utterly adorable. They’re compact, cute and have that impossibly pretty, Spring vibe that I’m all for after a long Winter. At €20 each, I also think they’re fairly priced for a bigger name brand. I think half the beauty in Boots has snuck up in price the past few years so I don’t think there’s much of a leap from a Max Factor blush for €12.99 to a Clarins one for €20 if your budget will stretch to it.

There’s 3 shades in the range, all of which I’ve been roadtesting since I got them. My favourites are instantly the coral and the pink because that’s just how I roll but all have their appeal. All have the same soft finish, the only real difference being that the brown toned Golden Hervana has flecks of gold micro glitter. I therefore assumed as the least appealing shade and also the glittery one, I’d hate this a little bit but it’s actually beautiful on and will look a treat during summer when you want to look a little more sunkissed. It’s the most pigmented and buildable as the darkest so will easily sing on darker skin tones, but a light touch looked pretty rather than crazy on my pale skin. The other two are easy winners. Luminous Pink is a soft satin pink that gives that nice natural pink perkiness that’s a godsend when my pale skin looks lifeless. Similarly, Luminous Coral gives a peachy version of that perkiness and all three shades sit on the right side of natural, skim over pores and last the day with ease.

The only potential bugbear here is the cushion style applicator. The actual blush is housed in the cap here while the main body of the product has a sponge applicator cushion that you can stamp onto your cheeks. I’m no great master at applying blushes so I was fearful of having two doll like circles of blush on my cheeks but these are easy to use and the subtle finish always helps. Still, I’ve found myself using my regular blush brush to sweep over after application or if I’m in a rush I just dip the brush in the blush itself and forgo the cushion altogether.

Either way, these are great little buys and the gorgeous colours and fun packaging will mean they’re going to sell really well and with good reason. If you have €20 to spare, you should definitely think of investing in one of them and if you’re feeling particularly spendy and are low in the blush department, Luminous Pink and Luminous Coral are staples that will keep you happy from Spring into Summer.

The Clarins Love Skin Illusions Blushes are €20 each from stands nationwide (I’ll add an online link once I find one).

*This review contains samples but no b******t

So girls are you tempted by these beauts?


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  • These are really pretty on your skin xx

  • Ah thanks a million, they really are gorgeous!

  • Ah glad you like the look of them!

  • I really liked these little blushes, apart from the sponge applicator which I can’t get my head around… 🙂
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • Wow these shades are so pretty!! Do you think the pink would show up on medium or dark skin tones?

    • They are buildable but still relatively tame, Golden Hervana would work well though!

  • The packaging is just stunning! The blushes look gorgeous shades too xx

  • Lauren Prenter

    Such pretty blushes, never tried anything from Clarins before xx
    Lauren Catherine

  • Beautyqueenuk

    They are just absolutely beautiful x

  • Aoife Mooney

    They are going on the list too! Love the look of the coral one

  • I was just reading about these on Gemma’s blog (Miss Makeup Magpie) and she loves these too! I am a blush hoarder so I think at least one of these have to be mine soon.

    • And you know Gemma has good taste so they must be good!

  • They look cute but the whole application process is a bit gimmicky to me, I would just use a brush 🙂 All three shades are so pretty though 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • The cushion applicator is definitely popular at the moment and a little gimmicky but even ignoring that, these are worth the price!

  • The baby pink shade looks gorgeous! Im all about pink blushers.

  • I think I’d end up having doll like blush circles as well if I use that sponge. I really like the packaging, it is so cute and also coral&pink would be perfect for upcoming months 🙂

    Ela BellaWorld

    • It’s ok if you pat it on but a brush is way easier!

  • They really are gorgeous xx

  • The packaging is so beautiful! I love the look of luminous pink especially! X

  • I think I’d be preferring a brush ober the cushion as well. All if them look pretty, but they don’t excite me by color. Nice, but not outstanding for me.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking