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Catrice x Marina Hoermanseder Spring 2017

I have to hand it to the Catrice creative team, they bang out a lot of great little collections every year for dirt cheap. I don’t love all their products (in fairness it’s the same with any brand), but I feel like they’re the most consistently good, (properly) budget brand out there. Their latest offering to our tired, empty wallets is the limited edition collaboration with designer Marina Hoermanseder, the second time she’s come on board for a collection. This time, it’s inspired by her own Spring/Summer collection with an emphasis on belts and pale pink which has filtered through to this release in all sorts of impossibly pretty ways.  Lads, it’s ALL sorts of gorgeous to look at so I was dying to get stuck in. Oh and today’s pictures are taken using my brand new lightbox which Lar treated me to which is amazing and actually allowed me to take these pictures late at night, woo hoo! I’m going to review it soon as I’ve been asked about it so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

I was all over the belt embossed palette first and it could easily fool me as a high-end purchase as it’s so nicely made. It looks the part (even the packaging is half decent and not crappy plastic) and would make anyone happy to purchase something so pretty for €5.50. Saying that, its good looks can only take it so far so I’ve been wearing this every day to see what it’s like in action. It’s grand but to be honest, it’s not great. With cheaper eyeshadows I don’t expect them to perform like my Urban Decay palettes but I still expect them to work their arses off to some extent or they’re not worth buying. All the shades here are well-chosen but the payoff isn’t great, they’re a bit powdery and bland and don’t look particularly vibrant on. I really wanted this to be spectacular but unfortunately it’s beautiful to look at it, not much else.

The lipstick (€5.50) is an unusual little number and looks almost translucent in the bullet. I’d love to try the darker pink shade to see if it’s more successful as this looked really odd on me, with a thick milky pink finish that drained all the colour from my already pale face. I just didn’t dig it and I think most people would struggle to make this work. By all means give it a swatch but I didn’t like it at all which is a shame.

The Cream Blush is €4.50 and comes in just one shade but even though I thought it was very cute to look at, I sensed straight away we weren’t going to get on. I’m not great with any cream products which I put down to a lack of skill so this relatively hard dome of bright pink was never going to be my best friend. It’s grand if you like that sort of thing but it needs to be really sheer and creamy for me to have any hope with it and this isn’t so we’re just not going to get on. On the upside, it has a lasting stain which makes it a good option to pat on your lips as well.

Finally, the two nail lacquers both called to me straight away as the sun has been out and I fancied a bit of colour. I tried the pink hued Fuchsia’s Flower first (there’s 4 shades in total) with zero expectations and was so damn impressed, it looked perfect with one coat and was thin and quick drying but fully opaque and bright as a button on. I used it without a topcoat and got 2 days before it chipped so next time I’ll pair it with something hardy to keep it in place. Either way, I love the colour and the finish so this will be getting a lot of wear. Similarly, the baby blue Côte D’Azur-Flair is also fabulous with the exact same beautiful finish on. I loved both and would easily recommend either considering they’re only €3.50 but you will definitely need a top coat with both of them to make them last.

All in all, although it’s the prettiest Catrice collection I’ve seen in a while, the only thing that really impressed me here were the nail polishes. I still want to check out the highlighting perles from the collection as Catrice know their way around a good highlighter, but just be warned that not everything here is as pretty to use as it is to look at.

If you want to get your mitts on some of the new Catrice Marina Hoermanseder collection, it’s limited edition from March – April from Penneys and Catrice stands nationwide. 

So girls, have you had your eye on any of this collection?


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  • Aw such a pity that the quality wasn’t great, the packaging is so nice! Those nail polishes are gorgeous though, I used to use Catrice nail polishes all the time but haven’t in ages, I must take a look at the stand next time I’m in Penneys!

  • thesundaygirluk

    I can’t believe this is Catrice, the packaging is incredible – so high end looking! x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    The packaging is beautiful and it isn’t a brand we can get so easy over here x

  • Thank you for the honest review, Yay and yes, they are so pretty to look at so what a huge shame that most are duds. 🙁

  • I adore that blue polish! X

  • Those are all lovely products, and the packaging is so pretty too xxx

  • Lovely post, although I’m not familiar with the brand at all. The packaging is super pretty x

  • I have never heard of this brand before but the products look so lovely x

  • fashion for lunch

    OMG! I love the packaging! I have never head of this brand!

  • Yeah the palette is very disappointing considering it looks so exciting and pretty!

  • Pharmer’s Journal

    The packaging of the palette looks so high end! I love the blue nail varnish, so summery x

  • Makeup Musings

    That compact has my name all over it. The lip colours look perfect for Summer tooxxx