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Spring/Summer Budget Beauty Buys

My god,Β there’s so much new budget beauty hurtling towards us. Honestly, we’re spoilt for choice. If you feel an itch only a rummage on a makeup stand can scratch but didn’t have the funds for my luxury Spring/Summer buys post earlier this week, hopefully this will help make up your mind about a lot of budget friendly products currently out. Some is good, some is mediocre but there are a few gems worth investing in. Continue Reading

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Spring/Summer 2017 Luxury Beauty Buys

My God there’s a lot of new beauty products out lately. Honestly, I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with new releases and I’ve only been sent a slice of what’s actually out there. It’s slightly mindbogglingΒ if you have a little set aside for a bigger budget buy and you don’t know where the hell to funnel it because there’s a crazy amount of new collections being flung at you dodgeball style. Continue Reading

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Stila Matte N Metal Palette

Everyone has been going coo coo bananas over the latest Stila release, or more specifically, the liquid metal eyeshadows from the latest collection. Β I haven’t tried them myself but they do look bloody gorgeous, giving a huge injection of metallic, sparkly colour in a range of pitch perfect shades. So as there’s enough expert voices giving you their two cents on which shade to opt for I am instead shining a wee spotlight on another beauty from the same collection which has been standing awkwardly in the shadows whispering ‘I’m gorgeous too, love me’! And here it is – the Matte n Metals Palette. Continue Reading