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Essence Live. Laugh. Celebrate!

Well would you believe it, Essence have turned 15! I’m very partial to the achingly affordable and fun collections from the brand because at the end of the day, I think beauty should be accessible for every budget and they do a damn good job at that. They’re also especially good at catering for younger girls who are hungry for hauls but don’t have a lot of spare cash. I feature them a lot on the blog so I was thrilled when asked to collaborate with them on some reviews this year to celebrate their birthday. So here’s the first one! Continue Reading

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Beauty Bakerie So Icy Illuminator Review

Makeup dressed up as food? Beauty Bakerie clearly understand me. I’ll admit it. I have a slight weakness for quirky, gimmicky beauty, although it’s coupled with a good dose of cynicism after many purchases that were all looks and no substance. Beauty Bakerie, whose entire line of products centre around food based puns and packaging, had me on two counts – one for having a range of delectable sounding highlighters which are one of my beauty weaknesses and two – for dressing it up like a tub of ice cream. Oh and the brand are vegan and cruelty free for bonus points. Continue Reading