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Blogging while keeping your sanity

blogging scheduleI love blogging but it’s a black hole for time. Honestly, between trialing products, taking photos, realising they’re crap and retaking them, writing a post, getting the links for products, crashing your site with some wordpress plugin update, figuring out how to sort it, updating social media, replying to emails and everything else in between, it’s a full time job within itself. I adore it, but blog life has the ability to creep into every spare minute if you allow it to. Continue Reading

Home, Opinions

Monetising your Blog

making money from blogging

Money can be a bit of a dirty word when it comes to blogging but really it shouldn’t be. If you run a blog, whether it’s as a hobby or as a career, earning a few quid can help you buy more makeup to review, pay for your blog running costs throughout the year or  help to make it a viable part time or full time career move. It doesn’t matter what your ambition is with your blog, if you want to see if you can make money from it, it’s your corner of the net to do so. Continue Reading