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Is trust in bloggers fading?

makeup monster trust in bloggers irish

I hope this question will feel as valid to you whether you have your own blog or whether you just love to read them (I fall into both categories like a lot of people). Either way, it’s hard to ignore the bubbling feeling of animosity and distrust that’s starting to permeate the world of blogging. At the start, blogging seemed to offer a fresh, detailed look at beauty (and everything else) that was distinct from what magazines could offer and as a result, girls quickly became hooked on the content and often, the bloggers themselves.  Continue Reading

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What’s your favourite form of social media for blogs?

best social media for blogging

Social media is undeniably the perfect partner to blogging. Where your blog is the heart of your work, social media is the big brains, spouting nonsense, interesting titbits, cute pictures, videos and anything else you can think of. I love social media for its randomness, where you can take a 60 second peek and find a hilarious gif, a quiz on how well you know Sabrina the Teenage Witch (VERY well it turns out and here’s the link), stick up pretty photos of random loveliness you spy around the place or just throw a question out into the ether or help answer someone else’s. Continue Reading

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What were your Childhood Obsessions?

childhood in ireland obsessionsYou see a lot of comments about the fact girls nowadays go straight from kid life into glamorous teenage life with no room left for that horrifically awkward stage where you had no idea what your body was doing and made style and makeup choices that the mere thought of now makes you shudder. Anyway that reminded me of all sorts of weird little things I was obsessed with from about 12 onwards until I became a party going teenager and finally came out the other side unscathed and (if I do say so myself) a pretty well rounded person. So I thought I’d share my weird little kid obsessions with you and hopefully, regardless of where you’re from, you could share your weird childhood obsessions that you thought were everything when you were a kid. Continue Reading