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New from Benefit

Benefit are best when they’re knocking out a brow product or a dinky box of blush. I don’t have either here today, but I seem to have caught Benefit in damn fine form when they’re focused on really clever, wearable new incarnations of existing products. All out at the end of last month, there’s a Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, a Hoola Lite (thank you from pale people everywhere) and a very intriguing Dandelion Twinkle Powder. Continue Reading

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Summer Blushes

Sometimes I just get the urge to pair a load of pretty products together in a post because, well, look at them! Today is all about summery blushes because the improving weather has me stepping away from nudes and roses and embracing pinks and peaches. There’s so many lovely releases out there and I’m touching on a few of them today if you fancy a wee splurge and a nudge in the right direction! Continue Reading

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Too Faced Natural Love (aka the €72 palette)

I hate reviews like this. Originally, when I was given this at the Too Faced event, I was stupidly excited once I got my mitts on it and skipped home like I’d won a little something on the lotto. There’s no getting away from it, it’s a sexy palette and it reduced nearly every blogger (including myself) I saw to quivering messes once they saw it. It swatches beautifully, it has a gorgeously soft and dreamy shade selection and come on,  it has freakin’ bunnies on the packaging.  Not to be blinded by its good looks, I remembered that it was (at the time) €62 which is a serious chunk of change and I kept in mind how I had dithered over it in Debenhams before being invited to the event and gifted it. So I began working hard over the last few weeks trying to figure out whether it was worth the money which I felt was possible considering you get 30 shades. But then a girl very kindly contacted me on Instagram to let me know she had gone to buy the palette and the price had changed to €72. And so, I’ve had to come back to this review because suddenly €72 seems like mad money. So here we are, my review of the seriously beautiful and seriously pricey Natural Love Palette. Continue Reading