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Up to My Eyes review: Yumi Lashes vs Mink Lashes

Regardless of how you wear your makeup – red lips, a slick of balm, loads of contour, a little bit of eyeshadow – most of us can agree on the transformative powers of good lashes.ย I can’t even hazard a guess how much I’ve spent on mascaras over the years. And false lashes are a relatively new but equally addictive minefield. But either way, I can’t get enough of how a fan of lashes can make you look instantly more awake and more glamorous. I hadn’t tried anything in the way of eyelash treatments apart from the odd tint but I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about in terms of two particular treatments – lash perming and mink lashes. Continue Reading

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New from Benefit

Benefit are best when they’re knocking out a brow product or a dinky box of blush. I don’t have either here today, butย I seem to have caught Benefit in damn fine form when they’re focused on really clever, wearable new incarnations of existing products. All out at the end of last month, there’s a Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, a Hoola Lite (thank you from pale people everywhere) and a very intriguing Dandelion Twinkle Powder. Continue Reading

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Summer Blushes

Sometimes I just get the urge to pair a load of pretty products together in a post because, well, look at them! Today is all about summeryย blushes because the improving weather has me stepping away from nudes and roses and embracing pinks and peaches. There’s so many lovely releases out there and I’m touching on a few of them today if you fancy a wee splurge and a nudge in the right direction! Continue Reading