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New Beauty on the Block: Part 1

You may have noticed the flurry of new makeup out to coincide with the end of the Summer and the glorious entrance of Autumn. Frankly, I’m thrilled. I love Summer but give me gorgeous coats and beautiful scarves made for crisp mornings and a boat load of new makeup to fawn over and I’m skipping my way to Halloween and Christmas. So without totally overloading you, I’m going to talk about some of the new beauty buys I’ve been testing out and hopefully something will give you food for thought. To make sure this isn’t an exceptionally long post, this is a two parter post and I’ll be talking about 4 collections today and more in the next post which will hopefully be live later this week! Continue Reading

Cheap and Cheerful, Home, Reviews

New Budget Buys for June

Now that I’m blogging twice a week rather than four times a week (best decision ever by the way) I’ve been struggling to mention all the products I want to in a given month as I tend to write a lot of posts on individual products or collections. So I’ve realised posts like this are the way to do it so you can expect to see a lot more of them. They’re fun to write because I can condense my thoughts a little and they’re probably more fun to read as you’re more likely to see at least one thing that you’d like to try out. So meet this month’s contenders that are all new releases in the past month or so and nothing is over €20. Continue Reading

Cheap and Cheerful, Home, Reviews

Penneys Ps… Beauty Eye Candy Collection

Penneys know they have most of us over a barrel. You have to have some steely cajones to be able to wander into a Penneys and not emerge with at least socks, new pjs and their makeup remover pads (which are deadly). While I’m a divil for Penneys, their PS… Beauty Line is one I’m only starting to get to know better. I’ll admit it, I dismissed it as being a cheap line of beauty products that was grand for younger girls just starting out but not good enough for a seasoned makeup addict like myself. But fair play to Penneys, they’re releasing new products at a steady pace and gaining momentum with each new collection. Yup, some of it is just cheap, yes you’ll struggle to find an unused product because some lads and ladies seem to think every product is a tester in Penneys but I have to say, there’s some fun things worth trying. I was at the Penneys A/W clothes event recently and you’re given a gift card at the end so I wandered into the Mary Street Penneys for a gander that weekend and emerged with a crap load of stuff including some of their brand new Eye Candy beauty release.  Continue Reading