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The Big Ol’ Annual Gift Guide


Honestly, I thought I had ages before the end of November approached. In fact I have no idea where the year has gone and since September hit, it feels like barely a week has passed. And so, in a slight manic panic, I realised it was time to dust off the old Santa’s hat and get my gift guide together for this year. I’ve tried to divide each section into budget friendly and blowout buys so hopefully you like it. As you’re reading this, it’s 2am the night before I post it and I’m knackered, so for the love of god pretend to me it was helpful! Also, before you start, you’ll notice almost everything is on sale, a sign of the Black Friday times. Regardless of a good deal, always try to do a bit of research so you don’t waste money on bargains you didn’t need in the first place. And for full disclosure, there are affiliate links in this post which are added automatically by Skimlinks, a service myself and a lot of bloggers use. You can see more info on Skimlinks in my ‘about page’ but it means for certain online stores, if you click-through and purchase anything on the site, I can get a teeny, tiny earning. It’s seriously tiny but of course it helps trickle some money towards my blogging costs. Just to be clear though, it in no way influenced what I linked to in this post. Hope that’s clear. Now enjoy! Continue Reading

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New Beauty on the Block: Part 1

You may have noticed the flurry of new makeup out to coincide with the end of the Summer and the glorious entrance of Autumn. Frankly, I’m thrilled. I love Summer but give me gorgeous coats and beautiful scarves made for crisp mornings and a boat load of new makeup to fawn over and I’m skipping my way to Halloween and Christmas. So without totally overloading you, I’m going to talk about some of the new beauty buys I’ve been testing out and hopefully something will give you food for thought. To make sure this isn’t an exceptionally long post, this is a two parter post and I’ll be talking about 4 collections today and more in the next post which will hopefully be live later this week! Continue Reading