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Essence Live. Laugh. Celebrate!

Well would you believe it, Essence have turned 15! I’m very partial to the achingly affordable and fun collections from the brand because at the end of the day, I think beauty should be accessible for every budget and they do a damn good job at that. They’re also especially good at catering for younger girls who are hungry for hauls but don’t have a lot of spare cash. I feature them a lot on the blog so I was thrilled when asked to collaborate with them on some reviews this year to celebrate their birthday. So here’s the first one! Continue Reading

Cheap and Cheerful, Home, Reviews

Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Meet your next lipstick. Oh yes, I’m that confident you’re going to like these. I’m all for pricey lipsticks in their weighted, shiny packaging that feel like silky magic on the lips and warrant their own little bag with a bow on top but good god, give me something budget friendly, with cheap and slightly uninspired packaging with a magical little product inside and I’m twice as excited. Maybe thrice. Continue Reading

Cheap and Cheerful, Home, Reviews

Neigh! The €2 Penneys Unicorn Tears Dupe and Unicorn Brushes!

You know the deal with dupes nowadays. Years ago, it was pure divine magic when a cheaper product managed to emulate and sometimes even surpass a product that was at least twice the price. Nowadays, brands make a living reproducing products that look like higher end purchases, similar to me buying Tesco Weetabix instead of the real thing when we’re on a tight food budget. I’m not going to dissect the whole trend of making such similar copies, but you get good copies and you get down right stinkers. Therefore I don’t cover a lot of dupes posts but this one kind of fell in my lap. For full disclosure, Penneys sentΒ me a voucher to buy some of their makeup of my choice at my leisure and review what I fancied. Yes, I know this is stupidly jammy but it also makes a lot more sense review wise than sending me products blind as it means I can zoom in on products I’m really interested in. So I have a few reviews coming up and these are the first because hey, they’re pretty gorgeous. Continue Reading