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by terry hyaluronic hydra powder review

Bloggers have been singing the praises of the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder for quite a while, so it has been on my radar and ever rotating wishlist for some time. I normally have a high threshold for spending too much money on powders in particular, but for every amazing review of this I scanned that fired me up to purchase it, I’d then read one filled with dejected disappointment and hold back a little. But in a happy moment of blogging jamminess, this was sent to me recently, which means I’m a very happy clam but also that I’m now (hopefully) in a position to point you in the right direction if you’re still sitting on the fence about this getting a sore arse in the meantime. 

I have a slight obsession with powders, loose ones in particular, and I’ve tried more than my fair share of them over the years. I don’t know why but they’re one of those products I just can’t get enough of and I’m always looking for the next greatest release. With something as hyped as this, you tend to forget you’re talking about a pot of powder at the end of the day and I’d read enough reviews of this where people felt slightly underwhelmed after the giddy thrill of expectancy to know that I needed to keep my hopes grounded in reality.

by terry hyaluronic hydra powder review makeupmonster

Well for starters, it’s nice to look at, in simple plastic packaging although I have to note it isn’t as fancy as some of the weighted, really expensive feelings goodies from By Terry I’ve tried in the past. The powder itself is a stark white and incredibly finely milled. This isn’t a powder to pack on, it’s something light and soft and soothing that only needs a delicate touch. On my skin, it’s invisible and softly blurring, giving a flattering hug to pores while setting my makeup without dulling it or looking even remotely unnatural. Its strengths are that it won’t look like you’ve really used much of anything but your skin will be a notch better looking than before. This is infused with hyaluronic acid so it aims to set your makeup without drying out your skin. Its oil control abilities are very good considering that and I found it performed very admirably on my combo skin while also being excellent at setting my undereye concealer. This may not be the strongest for incredibly oily skin but for everyone else I’d say this is pretty much a winner. The downsides are thankfully minimal but worth noting. The biggest hurdle is the price, this is £42 sterling which is a little crazy price for any powder. Also, the fact it’s so finely milled means it’s hard not to end up in a cloud of powder every time you use it, regardless of how careful you are so, if you own this, you will inhale quite a bit of it. And finally, this has a strong scent that hangs around for a good few minutes and may not suit those who are very sensitive to fragranced makeup. If you can get on board with those three facts, you’re in for a treat.

In short, this is a really well made and all round excellent powder. I really like it and I’ve been happily reaching for it again and again. This doesn’t mean you can’t find excellent powders at a fraction of the price and it still hasn’t bettered my current favourite Lush powder, but judging it on its own merits, it’s very easy to love. At the end of the day, with overhyped products you can end up feeling you’re buying something so magical that anything less than an overwhelming response makes it a dud. Here though, if you keep your expectations in check, what you will get is a wonderfully invisible powder that will improve the look of your makeup and perform really nicely throughout the day. It’s excellent but it’s pricey so you need to decide how much you really want it and then be ok with the fact this isn’t a wonder product, but rather a really excellent one that will take your whole look up a notch but not change your life.

The By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder is available from Space NK instore and online here

So girls have you tried this and what’s your current favourite powder?

*This review contains samples but it also contains no b******t

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  • Katie

    I don’t really use powder but this seems intriguing!


  • I’ve never tried anything from the brand before as they are quite out of budget for me, but it does sound like a winner. I have a few loose setting powders now and I find that I’m not using them as much as I’d like as I tend to opt for a pressed version instead x

    Beauty with charm

    • For some reason I never really used pressed powders, what ones do you rate?:)

  • I so love the sound of this but I just couldn’t warrant spending the money when I love my Vichy powder so much but maybe one day I’ll cave haha xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  • My favourite is the Vichy powder, it’s also super finely milled 🙂

    Velvet Blush

  • I love that this is supposed to hydrate your skin, pricey but I find loose powders last forever!! I have yet to try anything from By Terry!

    Emma x

    • Loose powders definitely last forever which is a big bonus!

  • The powder sounds great but I doubt I will splurge on it. Have you tried the RCMA No Colour powder? It’s really great, super finely milled and undetectable on the skin. I’m wondering how would it compare to the By Terry one. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • Ah, I’ve been way tempted by this too! I’m the same in that I rarely like to splurge on powders, but the texture of this one really is dreamy 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  • This reminds me of a loose powder that I have from Beautycounter which beautifully blurs out my pores but comes in a small fraction of byTerry price. I’m not much into powders so I’m more than happy to pass on this.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • You know I’m not a powder girl but this is one that I’d like to try because of the hyaluronic acid in it, but its so expensive that I don’t know that I want to risk spending so much on a product that I might not like! xx

    Beautylymin| Bobbi Brown Define & Glow Palette Gift Set Giveaway

    • I know it’s a tough one, it really is lovely but if you’re not crazy into your powders it may not be worth the splurge!

  • thepharmersjournal

    Afraid to invest in this – It’s so pricey. Sounds fab though. Will it be a part of your bridal makeup?! x

    • Actually no! It’s going to be my old reliable Lush powder but I’ll do a full post on what I use afterwards! Hope you and the bump are good:)

  • I would love to try it! But like you said, my expectations for raved about products like this are always so very high so it’s easy to end up feeling a bit disappointed.

    • I know it can be a tough one with expensive buys like this!