Budget Autumn Releases worth checking out

With so many product releases since September it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest, so even though I’ve covered some of these in separate reviews, I thought a little post might be helpful if you fancy a new Autumnal acquisition for your makeup bag. Most importantly, if your budget is as tight as my jeans after finishing the Halloween sweets, you can breathe a sigh of relief as it isn’t going to stand in the way of a nice new purchase in these parts. However, I’m thinking of doing a luxury Autumn releases post next week so brave yourselves for that!

L’Oreal have a rake of new releases and I’ve been busy trying three – the Gold Obsession Lipsticks, Million Lashes Fatale Mascara and Fibrology Air shampoo and conditioner. The Gold Obsession lipsticks (11.99 each) are a great little buy if you only currently own 5,476 lipsticks like myself and feel like a new one. Infused with 24k gold, the concept may seem a little gimmicky but the actual lipsticks are great, super glossy (despite looking matte in the bullet) and in 5 great shades. Wear time isn’t going to be exceptional with such a light, glossy lipstick but I’m addicted to this type of finish so I don’t mind. While the wear time is worth keeping in mind if you get fed up touching up your lipstick all day, the upside is these oil infused lippies are a great match for dry lips which you’ll be thankful for in the dead of Winter. My vote goes to the seriously lovely Rose Gold (Plum Gold and Nude Gold are the other two shades on show here). Buy online here

The Volume Million Lashes Fatale Mascara (14.99) is a definite budget winner for Christmas, giving really impressive length and lift that’s dramatic enough for night time. It needs a slight bit of care to ensure it doesn’t clump but otherwise I love the big, bold lashes it gives, especially for the price. Crucially, it won’t budge all day but isn’t a nightmare to take off. I also found it was slightly clumpier when I first start using it but several weeks of use in it’s pretty much perfect every time. I’m actually slightly addicted to this at the moment and if people are asking you what mascara you’re using, you know you’re on to a good thing. This is a great buy for dodgy Winter weather or nights out as it combines drama with staying power and I’ll absolutely repurchase this. Buy online here

Finally, I’ve been really impressed with the Fibrology Air shampoo and conditioner (4.29). My hair is fine, has zero volume and seems to get greasy at an abnormal rate so I need products that will keep it light and clean without stripping it. This range is therefore right up my street. The shampoo leaves my hair bouncy and squeaky clean and I’ve already repurchased it and managed to get my mam hooked on it in the past few weeks. The conditioner is exceptionally light too and although it is easily confused with the shampoo as it’s in a clear formula, it provides a light dose of conditioning without weighing down my hair. I like something a little more substantial for my dry ends so I wouldn’t rely on this solely to condition my hair, but it’s a nice one to mix into my routine. If you’re in the market for a new shampoo and like me you can rival a chipper bag for greasiness, this is a brilliant budget buy. Buy online here

In a rare occurrence, I found a second budget haircare range I’m loving in the shape of the Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo and Conditioner, which are the definition of a steal for just 2.95 each. I have to admit I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this set as I figured tan was the Cocoa Brown area of expertise but I quickly changed my mind as these two are great little buys (of course I chucked the empty shampoo bottle before I photographed it but never mind). They’re lightweight but leave my hair soft and silky and they smell absolutely gorgeous. Throw in the fact they’re only €3 each and they’re definitely worth throwing into your basket the next time you’re shopping. I’m really pleasantly surprised with these two and will be repurchasing both this week. Buy here (ships worldwide)

Essence are on the ball with their Christmas releases and have a cheap as chips gem on the stands this month. The Little Xmas Factory collection has two particularly good looking products both of which are here looking gorgeous. The contour/highlight palette is a very handy little product and came at the exact moment I needed a pale contour shade. It’s just dark enough to show up on my skin without looking orange or muddy. The tone is spot on and while I can take or leave the highlighting half, it’s well worth €4.10 for a great little contour shade. Bonus points are also awarded for the gorgeous design still looking perfect despite me using it every day.

The palette (4.95) is another really pretty thing and would make a very cute pressie for a younger girl but probably not for an ol’ seasoned eyeshadow addict like myself. The eyeshadows are quite firm so these have a relatively sheer shimmering finish. It’s not going to make you cast your Urban Decay palette aside but again, for younger girls it’s a cute pressie that’s less than the price of a tall caramel frappuccino and those little gluten-free muffins that I inhale, only to be left with nothing but the taste of delicious regret.

I covered all this prettiness in a review just last week, but for the uninitiated, this is the Catrice Victorian Poetry collection which is out this month until January. Not everything is a stone cold winner but both the lipsticks and highlighting pebbles are seriously beautiful bargains for a fiver. You can see everything in action in my last post and I suspect the highlighter will sell out quickly so act fast if you want to nab these.

I seem to be trying out a crazy amount of highlighters, not that I’m complaining. The latest two are these budget Master Strobing Sticks from Maybelline which come in shades 200 gold and 100 silver (10.75 each). I’m not the ideal audience for cream highlighters but I’ll let you know my thoughts from a dry skinned, pores a plenty perspective. The shades are great, straddling a reflective shimmering line nicely without straying into glitter territory. My problem with them is just that they’re not made for my cranky skin. They’re a doddle to apply but they can’t compete with powder highlighters for me simply because they don’t suit my skin type. As far as cream highlighters go though, I think the formulation and shades are absolutely spot on and if you love your cream highlighters, you need to swatch both as they rival any similar high end ones I’ve tried. For poretastic ladies like myself though, the Catrice highlighting pebbles are a better option.

Finally, I’m a sucker for a good Essie polish and I’ve been trying out plenty of them in the shape of their new Winter collection. There’s a great selection of shades and finishes (9.99 each) and while the lasting power of these on their own does my nut in, I have just started retesting them with the Essie Gel Topcoat and my sanity is restored. You can see them all in action in last week’s post. Buy online here

So ladies and gents that’s your lot! If you fancy throwing a few more euro around the place, keep an eye out for next week’s post where I’ll cover more Autumn releases that are a little pricier.

So is anything here catching your eye?

*Samples but no b******t

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