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16 Shades for Spring and Summer

Ah lads, there are so many amazing lipsticks on the market for Spring I’m not actually sure where to begin. My lips are knackered with the amount of colours and finishes I’ve been slapping on them over the last month but finally I’ve finished all the trialling (it’s a tough life) and I’ve a load of amazing Spring/Summer lipsticks for you to take a peek at. I’ve thrown in a few new glosses too as my heart belongs to them and some lipsticks that aren’t technically brand new but are new to me which I hope is good with you. I also have a nice balance of beautiful lipsticks here that are either super cheap or a bit posh so whatever the bank balance is, hopefully something here will suit. To ease you in gently, I’m starting with the cheapies and ramping up from there. Continue Reading

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Spring/Summer Budget Beauty Buys

My god, there’s so much new budget beauty hurtling towards us. Honestly, we’re spoilt for choice. If you feel an itch only a rummage on a makeup stand can scratch but didn’t have the funds for my luxury Spring/Summer buys post earlier this week, hopefully this will help make up your mind about a lot of budget friendly products currently out. Some is good, some is mediocre but there are a few gems worth investing in. Continue Reading

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Spring/Summer 2017 Luxury Beauty Buys

My God there’s a lot of new beauty products out lately. Honestly, I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with new releases and I’ve only been sent a slice of what’s actually out there. It’s slightly mindboggling if you have a little set aside for a bigger budget buy and you don’t know where the hell to funnel it because there’s a crazy amount of new collections being flung at you dodgeball style. Continue Reading