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Perfume P**n

luxury perfume ireland review dkny michael kors juicy couture makeupmonsterLads I love a good perfume. And when I find one I need 3 more. I’m a glutton for perfumes and I hoard pretty bottles like no man’s business. Wearing a crap outfit because everything else is in the wash? A dash of great perfume and you feel a million dollars (a million euro doesn’t sound as good). Has your baby mashed some potato into your hair or possibly wiped a little poo on you? Who cares you smell like a freakin’ sex symbol! Now I’m not going to pretend all the bottles in these pictures are bought by me because I have some magical, lavish lifestyle. I don’t. I’m very lucky to be sent products to review which brings about my often used phrase, that I’m ‘fur coat and no knickers’ which basically means I have the loot but I’m in no way better off than any average gal. Actually between saving for our house and wedding, I’m more careful with money than I’ve ever been. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, I get gifted products, but my job is to tell you if they really are worth buying. So here’s my picks of the sexiest luxury perfumes that were nearly all new to this year and absolutely worth splurging on or writing to Santa about. Continue Reading

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The Tricky Customer…

lioele dollish cera v cc review ireland makeup monsterAhh lads I’m torn over this. My skin is cranky at the best of times so every makeup relationship is a bit tumultuous at the moment. I’m actually trying to work out whether my t-zone is oily or dehydrated as everything, even the sample I got of Double Wear recently from the Estée Lauder counter, is turning oily and slipping off my t-zone by the end of the day. Anyway I’m trying literally every base known to woman at the moment and it dawned on me that I used to adore and review a lot of Asian beauty products on the blog but then with saving and what not I lapsed for a while. That didn’t mean I didn’t research products, it was just rare I found anything that was worth splurging on when I had no idea what it was like and didn’t have a huge amount of funds to spare. However, it’s one of the aspects of blogging I really liked and I’ve been meaning to get back into it. So here we are and I’m starting off with an intriguing and frustrating product that I love some days and other days can’t stand. Excuse the long rambling review, this is what happens when I can’t make up my mind. Continue Reading

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Think Pink

l'oreal la vie en rose lipsticks

I’m a sucker for a good lipstick. This wasn’t always the case (I collect glosses like there’s a shortage in Ireland) but now I want all the colours in the world to play with even though I always revert back to a pretty pink. So the fact today’s collection is all full of newness and centred around my favourite colour means I’m doing a little Sound of Music number twirling and singing in the living room. Continue Reading