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Sweet Dreams

models own lip gunk sweet dreams palette review makeupmonster

First off, I’m getting married in 7 days people!! Seriously how amazing is that? Expect a lot of random lovey dovey/wedding talk from now on but I promise I’ll try not to be too annoying! Anyway to get back on track, let me introduce you to these colourful beauties. Summer attracts the most colourful posts of the year on the blog and today is a prime example. Model’s Own are branching out from being permanently under my radar to being bang smack in my face with this fluro, candy inspired collection. There’s a whopping line of products being added to the range with loads of eyeshadow, lipsticks, nail polishes and everything in between. I’ve been busy trialing a good few bits but today I’m focusing on two releases, the Sweet Candy Palette and the Lip Gunk Lip Paint Kits, to give you a taster of what’s on offer. Continue Reading

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The Bobbi Brown Lipstick you’ll want to try

bobbi brown nourishing lip colours

Bobbi Brown are one of the first luxury brands that really excited me as a teenager. The beautiful subtle colours and achingly chic models promised a perfect face of products that would give me that magical ‘no makeup’ makeup look. That promise didn’t stop me trowling on Rimmel Sunshimmer like my life depended on it, but I did save up and buy a few of their products, falling hard for their eye palettes in particular. Today, further down the line of life and approximately 5 billion makeup products later, my knowledge of makeup is slightly broader and therefore pickier. I still think Bobbi Brown has one of the prettiest counter displays you can find, but I don’t fall for them in the same way. However, I really need to tell you about these two because lads, the formula here is something really special. Continue Reading

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NARS Impassioned

nars impassioned blush

NARS has the ability to either turn you off with high prices and so so products or elicit an unquenchable desire to try their latest collections. I used to be in the last camp, but then I got a little bored and didn’t bother with them as much. That was until recently when I was pulled back in by their gorgeous Velvet Matte Skin Tint and since then I’ve been showing them a little more interest. The newest NARS booty in my house is this little blush ‘Impassioned’ which is part of their current Spring line and an instant winner for pale skin tones which means it’s won me over straight away. Continue Reading