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Soap and Glory for Spring

soap and glory spring 2015 archery brow putty

As you’ll see on the blog in the next few weeks, the onset of Springtime means shed loads of new beauty releases. I ain’t complaining, I love trying out new products as much as the next person and getting to talk to you about them all makes it twice as nice. So I’m starting the onslaught of new season collections with some of what Soap & Glory have coming your way very shortly and I’m giving my humble verdict on what pieces are worth picking up if you fancy a little treat. Continue Reading

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Hourglass Incandescent Light Strobe Powder

hourglass incandescent strobe powder review ireland makeupmonster

You know I’m addicted to anything that promises to illuminate my skin right? So even though this is expensive, even though I like the Hourglass powders but also find them slightly underwhelming, even though I have my beloved Guerlain Meteorites, I needed this. This is absolutely a first impressions post as I only got this in my hot little hands on Monday, but as I know many of you are going to be adding it to your online cart and then panicking over the weekend, a little helpful first impressions post was in order. Ladies and gents, meet the Hourglass Incandescent Light Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder (that name is way too long and confusing). Continue Reading

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The Stupidly Expensive Glow Spray

tatcha luminous dewy skin spray review tatcha beauty papers

I know I’m not the only one. You know when you just get your heart and hopes set on one product and can’t rest until it’s in your clammy hands? Well that’s what happened with this Tatcha spray because I apparently have as much self-control as a five year old left with a box of open sweets. This is one of those hard to get products that makes it infinitely more desirable than even the most beautiful regular product. It’s hard to get, ridiculously expensive (€60 in the end) and has reviews which either dub it the elixir of the gods or a bit of a disappointment. Ah Yav, you should have known better. Continue Reading