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The Experiment

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I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now which equates an enormous amount of makeup, a novels worth of writing and enough photographs to cover the walls of the house with. Blogging is amazing, but it takes a lot to maintain in terms of time and effort, especially when you stick to a strict schedule of how often you post. Taking a break over the summer was blissful and it got me thinking about how I wanted to tackle blogging when I returned. So I had a little idea. It’s only temporary but so far into the blogging journey I have to mix things up for myself now and again to keep things interesting or else it’s boring to blog and doubly boring for you to read. Continue Reading

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True Love Repurchases

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If you want to discoverΒ a good makeup product that’s worth hanging onto for dear life, ask a friendΒ what they repurchase most often. I’ve loved a lot of products and yet when it’s come to the push, I’ve ended up moving on to something else once they run out. To go back and choose the same product and not be tempted by everything new and shiny on the shelves is the definition of true makeup love so, in the interests of all of us, I’m delving into my most recent repurchases and (you know the drill) I want to hear what you love enough to hand over your hard earned cash for again and again. Here are myΒ most recent repurchases! Continue Reading

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Buy this and thank me later

hylamide ha blur review makeupmonster

Do you trust me? I’m hoping in your head you’re saying, ‘of course Yav, you talk about an awful lot of stuff and not everything you like will suit me but you seem pretty sound so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here.’ Ok, so go buy this and thank me later. Trust me, you want this in your life. Continue Reading