Today marks a year since our son Oscar was diagnosed with terminal cancer. That sentence makes no sense to us. It sits on the surface, like oil on water. The truth is, his diagnosis is no more real to us now than it was one year ago. It is a bigger truth to you reading this than to us. Continue Reading


Oscar’s Story

(Oscar in hospital with his new Elmo toy he fell madly in love with)

I would give anything not to be writing these words. Oscar keeps grabbing my hand every time I start to type and I’m happy for the distraction. He’s sitting here beside me, watching cartoons and digging out an array of toys. He likes to wrap his small fingers around mine while he plays. It’s a normal Sunday afternoon affair for him and he is blissfully unaware that anything is wrong. That is the only comfort my husband Lar and I have. But while he sits contentedly, my husband Lar is sorting out hospital forms and I’m wondering how to write this because just over a week ago we were told Oscar, our beautiful, talented, clever, unique little 3 1/2 year old has a brain tumour. Continue Reading