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Clarins Spring 2017 // Contouring Perfection

I have a soft spot for Clarins. In the past, itย was one of thoseย higher end brands that doesn’t seem quite as sexy as Urban Decay, Chanel or the like when I passed the counter, and so for years I neglected them thinking they wereย a little old fashioned. Then I slowly started reviewing products from them and I realised that they have bloody tons of great products hidden behind simple, sophisticated packaging. If you want somewhere to start, their concealer is literally the bee’s knees and the cat’s pyjamas and their other new release, the Love Blushes (review here) are adorable and gorgeous on. Today though, I’m talking about some of their other latest Spring releases from the Contouring Perfection Collection. Continue Reading

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Laura Mercier Candlelight Sheer Glow Powder

In case you don’t know, I’m obsessed about certain products, namely powders and primers. You see,  foundations by in large seem to do feck all for me. My best makeup pal is my Skin79 BB Cream and most regular foundations tend to accentuate my slightly bump skin, sit in my giant pores, or cling to my dry bits and separate in my oily bits. Therefore, primers and powders are my friends and I’ve spent so much bloody money over the years on trying different ones. Continue Reading

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Isadora Spring Releases

Would you believe that I haven’t reviewed IsaDora on the blog since 2015? I think IsaDora have possibly suffered from being one of those brands that isn’tย quite as sexy and stupendous as a lot of others and, rather unfairly, I’ve neglected them completely. It wasn’t even a matter of dismissing them, I think I’d become blind to their stands altogether. Sometimes as a blogger, being sent products makes you pay attention to a brand or a collection that normally may have passed you by and if I’m lucky enough to discover some great products I wouldn’t have normally stumbled upon, you can be damn sure I’m going to blog about them to make sure you know about them too. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do here. Continue Reading